Sights of Budva: Top-15 (MANY PHOTOS)


I live in Budva for 8 years, I have studied every corner thoroughly. This is the main resort of Montenegro, and its attractions can be spent from 1 hour, capturing only the old city, and up to a couple of days, if you visit all the beaches, monasteries, fortresses and go on tracks to the mountains. Follow my tips and download a map with the sights of Budva and the surrounding area. There is no public transport here, but you can get to the neighboring towns - Becici, Rafailovichi, Sveti Stefan by local bus (runs along the promenade every 15 minutes) or I advise you to rent a car.

My TOP Budva Attractions

  1. Old Town - church square, Citadel, door to the sea, museum, beach cafe
  2. Wall climbing over the old town
  3. Gymnast - the main symbol of the city
  4. Mogren Beach - the best within walking distance
  5. Coffee-break in the panoramic cafe Vista Vidikovac
  6. The ruins of the Mogren fortress over the city
  7. Park zone of the Slovenska Plaza hotel
  8. Take a boat trip to the island of St. Nikola to the beach
  9. Podmayne Male Orthodox Monastery
  10. Water park (summer only)
  11. Hiking trail from Budva to Becici, as well as to Kamenovo beach through tunnels
  12. Mini zoo at the bus station at the cafe Mercur
  13. Visiting Ploce beach and foam disco by boat or car
  14. Fish farm with restaurant and mountain waterfall - Rybnyak
  15. 2000 year old olive and old oil mill in Becici
  16. St. Stephen and a walk in the Royal Park Milocer
  17. Panorama of Chelobrdo and the footpath of the monk Yegor Stroganov
  18. Convent of Rustovo
  19. Round panoramic platform at the Church of St. Sava
  20. Austrian fortress Kosmach over the Budva Riviera

Map of Budva sights

By link can open and download All locations to open the file in the or MapsGo application on the phone. Find 3 vertical points, a window will drop out there - "Export file to KML"If you download from the phone, then find for a start PC mode

1. The Old Town of Budva
This is a bright town with a dozen streets, where about 300 residents live today, the rest of the apartments are rented to tourists, they have restaurants, souvenir shops and fashion boutiques. The little rooms are small, the ceilings are low, it’s quite noisy to live here in the summer ... But how colorful it looks! Great locations for photographers. Walk on church squares - consists of old buildings and existing ones - the Catholic Church of St. Ivan with the bell tower and the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity. Both work daily, services are held.

In the extreme street closer to the sea, find The Prince English pub, in front of it there is a perpendicular path where they are hidden picturesque doors to the sea. Take a peek at Citadel (about 3 euros). Find there a sign with crossed fish, put your hand and ask for eternal love 🙂

History buffs in Archaeological Museum in Budva, he talks about all eras, because the city is already 2500 years old. And read my article How Budva Has Changed in 100 Years

Enjoy the sea breeze at the ramparts Richard's beach head over a coffee or glass of wine.

2. You don’t even have to walk along the streets of the old city, it is better to walk along its perimeter along the walls, looking down at the courtyards, yachts and the sea ⛵ There are 3 entrances to walls of Budva, the most accessible gate at the Citadel is on the map. If the gates are locked - it doesn’t matter, boldly climb over! And in the summer in the daytime they charge 2 euros for admission.

3. The sculpture of the gymnast You will find it if you turn right from the Old Town and Hotel Avala and go along the sea and the green fence. The main symbol of the city is hiding on the way to Mogren Beach. To whom the statue is dedicated - read the story here

4. Mogren Beach - The most popular, pebble and walking distance beach in Budva. The path goes from the gymnast along the sea, the beach is divided into 2 parts, but there is a passage in the rock. In the summer there will be sun loungers, umbrellas for money and part of the free beach, some with towels.

5. Want to see the best panorama of the old town of Budva and Mogren beach? Head to Restaurant Vista Vidikovac, In the photo with the beach you can just see its terrace on the hill. The institution in terms of food I do not think is successful, but for the aperol, coffee is super!

On the other side of the cafe, a panorama of Mogren Beach opens.

6. On the same hill are ruins Mogren fortress, built 150 years ago during the era of Austria-Hungary. Abandoned and accessible, but as a fort, little interesting. But you can come at sunset with a bottle of champagne and meditate while looking at the sea, the island of Nikola and Budva

7. Hotel grounds Slovenska Plaza - a quiet and green place, nice to walk with the children. This hotel area is accessible to everyone, even in the time of Yugoslavia, these white villas with blue shutters were built. There are funny graffiti on a tourist theme and a sculpture of a bather

8. Hawaii Beach on the island of St. Nicholas You will enjoy the peak of the summer season. Still, in July and August Budva is crowded with vacationers, for this I advise you to choose a beach in the distance, you can swim to the island by boat for 3 euros round-trip. From all the piers of the city you will find the barkers on Hawaii, on the island there is a restaurant, dressing rooms, toilets. Or study the article - the best beaches of the Budva Riviera, which can be reached by car, bus.

9. Male Podmaine Monastery - a quiet and pleasant place for believers, you can visit the morning service at 8 in the morning. There are two churches of the Assumption of the Virgin, one of them is very old, on a panoramic platform hidden underground, where you can see the tree in the photo.

10. Water park in Budva works in the summer season until the end of September, as he is open. You can get there on foot, but the hill ... Or by free bus, taxi for a few euros. Read more on the website

Nearby is the best disco in Budva - Top Hill. It works only during the peak season - from mid-July to September, but until the morning!

11. From Budva on foot to Becici You can get by walking along the promenade. Near the Dukley Gardens apartment complex there is a tunnel in the mountain, it is lit and even painted by Russian artists. After the resort Rafailovici there is another tunnel in the mountain, it leads to Kamenovo beach - my favorite in the Budva riviera! There are fewer people here, the water is cleaner, and the sun shines for a very long time.

12. Mini Zoo in Budva at the bus station at Cafe Mercur - salvation for parents of young children.
Approaching the bus station, you will be surprised by a green oasis in the depths of the city, to the right of the entrance is a mini-zoo. The cafe can be smoked, but there is a saving terrace, a gazebo and fountains. Also, up to 7 years, children can go to the games room at the cafe for free. There used to be bambi and goats in the Budva Zoo, but now there is a white and colored peacock, two swans in the pond, rabbits and turtles.

13. One of the cleanest beaches in the Budva Riviera is considered Ploce beach. There is no sand, but a place remote from the city and with a foamy disco in broad daylight! Hookahs, watermelon cocktails, fiery music right by the emerald sea! Of course, the part of the beach is calm, with sunbeds, a restaurant and children's pools. In the summer, in Budva, on the promenade near the Olimp restaurant, they sell a ticket for a boat for 5 euros on Ploce from Budva in both directions. Buses from Budva also go to Ploce in the summer (the old school stop is on the map), I don’t know the schedule, you can take a taxi for 10 euros

14. Rybnyak with a mountain waterfall - a place where you want to escape in the summer heat from Budva. Drive 15 minutes, the asphalt road leads to the hilly area, where the local people built a fish farm to grow trout, carp and eel on a natural waterfall. There is also a restaurant (not tasty and expensive), in the summer they will fill the pool, eat geese, a donkey, rabbits, pigs - it will be interesting for children. And to the left goes the wooden path to the mountain waterfall, where you can swim in a natural pool

15. In Montenegro, they will tell you about the old olive in the city of Bar, that it is worth seeing it ... but closer to Budva there is a much prettier old olive that still gives the crop, and even they allow it to be seen together with the mill for free! 2000-year-old olive tree over Becici, known as Velja maslinayou will be impressed by the thickness of the trunk! A trail leads from the parking lot to the cave with the bats, and nearby houses have pointers to the old olive oil mill. You need to go behind the "back" of the building, turn on the light on the right, and then you will read the information

16. Rest in Buvda and not visit St. Stephen - it is a crime! Although everyone will tell you that the island is a closed hotel, this is not entirely true. There are daily excursions, from May to October at 11-00 and 14-00 for 20 euros, in winter - more often and 2 times cheaper. To the left of the island, the beach is accessible to everyone and free of charge (with towels).

I also advise you to walk along the beaches at St. Stephen's Royal Milocer Park, breathe in the smell of needles, find an old stone bridge and a rock on which a cool photo comes out on a dried up river. Read about St. Stephen in detail article here

17. Climb on foot from the Praskvitsa Monastery along the panoramic Egor Trail Chelobrdo site either by car. From here you can see St. Stephen with the beaches and the Budva Riviera. A very romantic place! Especially at sunset

18. People of believers will be interested to see a female next to Budva Rustovo Monastery, where 15 nuns serve, one of them is Russian. Ring the bell loudly at the gate, don’t worry about the clothes — you will be allowed to cover your legs and head, if necessary. You will be shown 2 churches with myrrh-streaming icons, where they come with prayers for children and health. And it is precisely in Rustovo that the only church of the Romanov martyrs is located in Montenegro, and on July 17, on the day of the execution of the royal family, Glory will be here.

19. Panoramic platform on St. Stephen from the church of St. Sava. Perhaps this is the most romantic place in the Budva Riviera, all the more deserted. Wedding photographers occasionally come here, sometimes they organize weddings in agreement with the minister of the church. Well, I advise you to come at least once to a couple in love and enjoy the beauty of nature with red roofs. Read more here.

20. Kosmach fortress - Another of the sights of Budva, although it is located on a mountain, there is a view of the city and the riviera! Built in ser. 19th century at an altitude of 860 m above sea level during the reign of Austria-Hungary. Then on this place the border passed between the mighty Empire and the old mountainous Montenegro. You can get to it by car or bus, the landmark is the village of Braichi. From the sea coast there is a trekking path to the Kosmach fortress from the village of Kulace or the Praskvitsa monastery - details of the trip here

Near Kosmachy you can arrange gatherings with wine and sandwiches, enjoy the sunset in the sea

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1. The old city

The few sights of Montenegro can boast as rich and long history as the "heart" of the Montenegrin city. You will be transported into the world of Mediterranean and Venetian architecture. In the old days, the Old City was on an island, but later it was connected to the mainland, turning it into a sandy peninsula. When exploring this landmark of Budva, you can enjoy the view of charming old buildings with red tiled roofs. And also visit numerous museums and temples surrounded by thick ramparts of Stari grad.

2. The Citadel

The former fortress of St. Mary, and the main monument of the history of the city. You can take wonderful photographs against the background of dilapidated walls, thanks to which you will remember this trip for many years. What to visit in Budva if you are hungry? Also a citadel: here you can order a delicious lunch or a hearty dinner in her restaurant, and eat dishes right at the table on top of the cliff.

3. The sculpture "Dancer from Budva"

An elegant and beautiful sculpture depicting a gymnast. We included her in our rating, including because the locals insist: touch the girl and make a wish, and it will certainly come true. This attraction of Budva has one more purpose - it symbolizes love.

4. Mogren Beach

Our list of what to visit in Budva should be complete without the famous Montenegrin beach. In fact, we are talking about two separate small beaches covered with sand and small pebbles (a picturesque cliff separates the territory). The passage to the second beach (Mogren 2) is accessible through a through cave. Inside the cave there are beautiful wooden bridges, on which every tourist considers it his duty to take pictures.

5. Waterpark Budva

Not so long ago numerous excursions in Budva replenished with a new tourist attraction - a water park located on the top of Mount Toplish. On the territory of more than 41.5 thousand “squares” there is a free car park, a photo studio, a souvenir shop, a cafe for children, adult bars, a huge restaurant with panoramic windows through which you can watch the city and the Riviera, and most importantly - more 50 attractions for children of all ages, swimming pools, water slides of various difficulty levels. Where to go in Budva if you want to relax and have fun? Now you are in the know.

Feel the atmosphere of Budva in this beautiful video!

6. City Museum of Budva

Do not know what to see in Budva, and are interested in history? Come to this four-story museum and you will see collections spanning from the 5th century BC. until this century. Many exhibits date back to the Byzantine, Roman and even later eras. There are artifacts of the Hellenistic period, funeral urns made of glass, stone slabs depicting ancient writing - the number and type of expositions can pleasantly surprise even the discerning connoisseur of cultural values ​​and traditions.

7. Library of Budva

Located in the historical center of the city, the building stores over 60 thousand printed publications - this is one of the richest collections of books in the whole country. Speaking about interesting places in Budva, this library could be put at the top of the list: it is located in a ruined fortress and resembles a magical palace. Instead of a traditional library interior, luxurious ruby-leather armchairs, chic desks and glazed cabinets with antique toms are waiting for you inside.

8. Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The magnificent building with a vaulted roof, as well as many other best sights of Budva, is made in the Gothic style. Its high bell tower can be seen literally from any corner of the city. In previous years, this temple complex served as the residence of the bishop. The rich interior of the medieval cathedral is complemented by an ascetic facade.You can see here: a valuable library with extremely rare documents, manuscripts and prints, paintings of the 16-17th century, the figure of John the Baptist, made in mosaic technique from Murano glass.

9. Church of the Holy Trinity

A relatively young temple, erected at the beginning of the 19th century. Talking about the main attractions of Budva briefly to Russians, local guides always mention this cathedral, as one of the entrance mosaics is in the form of a reproduction of a painting by A. Rublev. Note that in this case, too, a rather modest facade with stones and a large dome is “compensated” by the rich interior.

12. Mogren Fortress

The construction was only partially preserved; some architectural elements still have an abandoned and ruined look. The complex is located near the beach of the same name. You can get to it by going through the forest. Unfortunately, excursions are not organized to the ancient attractions. Therefore, you need to get acquainted and get to it on your own. However, traveler reviews suggest that such efforts more than pay off for impressions.

13. Club "Top Hill"

At night, all night clubs are closed in the city, in addition to this huge entertainment venue. Pompous club-bar is located on the top of the mountain. The giant dance floor is right in the open. Several times a week in “Top Hill” the most famous artists of the country and world famous DJs certainly give performances. The interior is represented by a stage, a fountain, small but numerous tables, a VIP zone with sofas, bar counters.

14. Island of St. Nicholas

The island of St. Nicholas is located opposite Budva in the Gulf of Budva (sections are connected by a sand embankment). Locals call this island Hawaii. The fact is that its beaches are as beautiful and well-maintained as the beaches on the islands of the Pacific Ocean. In the tourist season, you can get to the island by boat. The duration of a pleasant walk on the water will not exceed 5 minutes. Entrance to the island is free at any time of the year.

15. Resort Sveti Stefan

The entrance to the resort (the whole island) is available only to guests at the Aman Sveti Stefan. However, you can also get here if you reserve a table in a restaurant in advance. We drew your attention to this resort because it is the most chic and expensive in all of Montenegro. In previous years there was an ordinary fishing village. Today it is a paradise tourist corner with Mediterranean restaurants, natural parks, museums, a large water park and clubs. It is believed that each building of Sveti Stefan is an architectural monument of history, characteristic of a particular era.

We hope that our review about the sights of Budva, a photo with names and descriptions, will allow you to spend time in this hospitable city brightly, cheerfully and fascinatingly.