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The page presents the most interesting sights of Pattaya, among which are dominated by Zoos, Circuses, Streets and Temples. In total, the list contains 11 objects that can be sorted alphabetically and by tags at the top of the site. The most popular attractions in Pattaya are Walking Street, Temple of Truth, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Crocodile Farm and Pattaya Snake Farm. The pages of the sights contain useful information for tourists, as well as photos and videos. In addition to this list, you can find all the objects on the map of Pattaya

Temple of Truth

If you do not know what to see in Pattaya on your own, start your walk from this place. The Temple of Truth is a bizarre wooden structure located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal and surrounded by a huge park area.

Despite the fact that its construction, which began in the early 80s. 20 century, continues until then, tourists are happy to come to admire the ancient Thai carvings and numerous sculptures depicting ancient mythical creatures. Want to know more? Follow the link.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

If you carefully look at the map of Pattaya with attractions in Russian, located at the bottom of this page, you will surely notice Madame Nong Nooch Tropical Park, whose territory covers more than 2 square meters. km The history of this place began with an ordinary fruit plantation, from which a large complex was obtained.

Today you can see more than 10 gardens, a unique zoo, a car park, an elephant farm, as well as several shows. In addition, the park has a developed tourist infrastructure, so if you wish, you can spend here, if not the whole vacation, then at least a weekend. Learn more about Nong Nooch on this page.

Temple of the Big Buddha

Tourists coming to Thailand often ask where to go and what to see in Pattaya on their own. Among the must-see places is the Buddha Temple located in the very center of the city. This temple can be literally called the most visited local attraction.

On its territory there are 16 divine sculptures, the main of which is a gilded statue of the Big Buddha. The height of this monument, the construction of which lasted as long as 18 years, is about 15 m, so it can be seen from all over Pattaya. Near the temple, small birds are sold, which are bought in order to be released and make a wish. For more information about the Big Buddha, see here.

3D gallery Art in Paradise

Sights of Pattaya, the photo with the description of which adorn many tourist avenues, includes another interesting place. It's about the 3D gallery Art in Paradise.

The construction of this museum, open to the public in the spring of 2012, cost Thai businessman Shin Jae Joule 50 million baht. The result of such a significant investment was a huge three-story building, covering an area of ​​5800 square meters. m. and has gathered a lot of different exhibits. Each of these paintings is located in a specific thematic area - dinosaurs, art, the underwater world, safari, ancient buildings, landscapes, animals, etc.

At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing unusual in these canvases, but this is not at all true. Having taken a couple of shots, you will understand what all the salt is! Firstly, most of the paintings are painted not only on the walls, but also on the floor, and secondly, various blackouts and spatial images were used to paint them. All this creates a beautiful 3D effect, which will be best seen in the photo. It seems that a person is an important part of a job. Here he runs away from a herd of bison, catches a fairy bird by the tail, rises up the magic stairs, holds the elephant’s trunk

  • Located at 78/34 Moo 9 Pattaya Second Road | Nongprue, Banglamung, Pattaya 20150, Thailand.
  • Art Gallery "Art in Paradise" is open to the public from 9 am to 9 pm. You can come here both together and with a large company, because most of the three-dimensional paintings involve collective photographs.
  • Ticket price is 400 TNV for adults and 200 TNV for children.

Pattaya Floating Market

Are you interested in what to see and where to go to Pattaya on your own? Without fail, take a look at the floating bazaar, which is one of the modern attractions of Thailand (it was built at the end of 2008). The market, which occupies a very small area, is divided into 4 zones, each of which corresponds to a specific region of the country.

On its territory there are about 100 shops, restaurants and cafes, between which bridges and boat tracks are laid. In addition, you can see boxing fights and national dances, buy works by local artists and undergo a massage. For more information on Pattaya's floating market, see this article.

Volkin Street (Walking Street Pattaya)

Having decided to explore the sights of Pattaya on your own, walk along Volkin Street, the most famous street of the city. It is better to come here at 5 o’clock in the afternoon - in the daytime the avenue is open for traffic, and therefore does not represent a special tourist interest.

But with the onset of the evening, Walking Street becomes an exclusively pedestrian zone, inside of which serious passions are seething. The fact is that in addition to traditional cafes, restaurants, nightclubs, discos, cinemas, you can find a lot of purely adult entertainment - “massages with continuation”, Go Go bars with striptease, etc. Walking continues until 2 am, until the last drinking establishments will be closed, and tourists will not spend all the remaining money. See this article for a more detailed description of this attraction.

Embankment (Beach road)

What can you see in Pattaya on your own so that the impressions of what you see remain in your memory for a long time? Among such objects is the beach street of Beach Road, which originates from a fountain with dolphins and runs all the way to Walking Street. As in any other resort town, the “road along the beach”, as this embankment is often called, is one of the most visited tourist places. And all because precisely on it are the most famous institutions of the city. It is crowded at any time of the day, so it seems that the Beach road never sleeps.

During the day you can swim and sunbathe on the beach (though it’s not very clean), ride on bananas, water skis and scooters, enjoy fresh seafood, enjoy the famous Thai massage, make a “fish” peeling and also buy souvenirs for relatives and friends.

At dusk, life on the waterfront becomes even more interesting. Scraps of music come from nightclubs, showcases of boutiques and shopping centers shimmery invitingly, numerous discos shimmer with colorful lights, enticing aromas of cafes and restaurants soar in the air, and brisk trade unfolds from street shelves. In general, holiday reigns everywhere! In addition, transvestite shows are regularly held here, so it is highly not recommended to come to the nightly Beach road with children.

Mini-Siam Miniature Park

Among the most popular Pattaya attractions in Thailand available for self-examination, it is worth noting the Mini Siam Park. It was opened in 1986 and was almost immediately divided into 2 parts - Thai and European.

The main highlight of this place are miniature copies of the most famous cultural and historical objects of the world - the Kremlin, the Leaning Tower and the Eiffel Towers, St. Basil's Cathedral, Versailles Palace, etc. It is very beautiful in the afternoon, but in the evening when the LED lights turn on, the park changes beyond recognition . To learn more about him, follow the link.

Koh Lan Island

On the map of Pattaya with attractions that are worth seeing on their own, there is another route that is very popular among beach lovers. The island of Ko Lan, and we are talking about it, is located a few kilometers from the city on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. Its main characteristic feature is 6 comfortable beaches and well-developed infrastructure, which allows you to spend some wonderful days away from the noisy metropolis. And on this island, the cleanest water and sand in the entire bay.

You can get to Koh Lan by boat or ferry. In addition to swimming and sunbathing, tourists are offered active sports - parachuting, diving, water skiing, paragliding and snorkeling. More information is available in this article.

Pattaya City Sign Lookout

You came to rest in Pattaya and do not know where to go and what to see on your own? Take a walk to the symbol of this city - the observation deck with the inscription Pattaya City, which is clearly visible both day and night. The huge letters set on Pratamnak hill are a favorite place for photo shoots not only for visitors, but also for local residents. But this is far from the only reason Pattaya City Sign is considered the resort's best esplanade.

Its popularity is also facilitated by the beautiful views opening onto Walking Street, Bali Hai pier, Jomtien and Pattaya Beach beaches, as well as Pattaya Bay, the shape of which resembles a crescent moon. In addition to the letters on the top of the hill, there are a couple of objects - the sacred temple of Wat Kho Phra Bat and a sculpture of his royal highness Prince Jumborn. With all this, the observation platform has a rather impressive size, avoiding a large crowd of people.

Pattaya City Sign is open around the clock. The only exception is the zone in which the monument to the prince is installed - it is open from 07.30 to 21.00. The visit is free. Municipal transport does not go here, so you have to get either on foot, or by taxi, or by car (private or rented). Climbing the hill is most convenient from the side of the central part of Pattaya or the Pratamnak district. It is better to leave the car in the lower parking lot next to the tourist buses - there are very few parking spaces on the top of the hill.

Water park Ramayana

Another important attraction of Pattaya in Thailand is the Ramayana Water Park, which opened in 2016 and won the title of the resort's largest water park. On its territory there are more than 50 attractions, among which there are both extreme roller coasters and calm and absolutely safe zones for the youngest visitors.

In addition, a lazy river flows through Ramayana, along which you can go down on an inflatable raft, and a wave pool with sun loungers and umbrellas that can replace the sea. And, of course, one cannot fail to note the landscape of the park with its unique artifacts. Detailed description see here.

Waterpark Cartoon Network Amazone

What else to see in Pattaya on your own? Finally, visit another water park - Cartoon Network Amazone, built in 2014 by the eponymous animated channel. It occupies a huge area, divided into several sections. In each of them are attractions of varying degrees of difficulty - from small to extreme. At the same time, parents can be absolutely calm - children below 140 cm will not be allowed to the adult slides. In addition, the water park has a special area for surfing and other water sports. To learn more about them, go here.

Sights of Pattaya delight with its versatility and diversity. They will be interesting not only for young people, but also for older people, as well as couples who come to rest with their children. Everyone will find their favorite place here.

All the attractions described in the article are marked on the map in Russian.

Video: tour of the Temple of Truth.

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Pattaya inscription

Not only Hollywood has its own legendary inscription on the hill - on Pratamnak Hill in Pattaya there is a similar installation, and it is very impressive in size. You can take pictures at the inscription for free, and the view from the hill offers a wonderful view: you can see the Gulf of Thailand, sea piers with fisherman boats and a city panorama. This inscription can be viewed for free and on your own.

Temple complex Wat Yang

Wat Yang, of course, is one of the most protected places in Pattaya, it is under the special supervision of the royal family, as it was created to express respect and love for the Chakri dynasty.

The complex is huge: there are several dozen different buildings, and sometimes they are very different in style and design: you can feel the trends of Thailand itself, and India, China, Cambodia, and even Sri Lanka.

Buddha Mountain

The mountain is located about 20 kilometers from Pattaya, but public transport goes here, and this is the only thing that tourists will have to spend on, because entrance tickets themselves on the approaches to the famous mountain are free!

The Buddha is carved on a steep rock with pure gold - and this is a completely unique, one-of-a-kind installation. The locals, of course, would never even think of encroaching on the sacred, because this is an image of their main and infinitely revered god, but tourists sometimes try to uncover a piece of gold from a relief image, so that security and police are always on duty next to the Buddha.

This marvelous botanical garden attracts thousands of tourists every year, and not surprisingly: a huge territory, tropical plants, beautiful design, sensible guides - here you can not only admire unusual specimens of flora, but also get a lot of interesting knowledge.

It is quite difficult to move around here yourself, you can get lost, although everyone is offered a detailed map of the park, or it can be downloaded on the Internet. But it’s better after all with an organized excursion on an electric car, especially since the prices here are small - about 100 baht (3.32 USD) per person - and the format itself is suitable for the whole family, both children and adults will like it.

Miniature parks are always fun. In Pattaya there is also such a park: here you can find small copies of hundreds of attractions from all over the globe, including from Russia (St. Basil's Cathedral, for example).

Not only children will be delighted (tickets cost 150 baht for them (4.97 USD)), but also adults (300 baht (9.95 USD))!

Khao Kheo Zoo

One of Pattaya's favorite tourist spots is the Khao Kheo Zoo. It is located 45 kilometers from the city, but it is worth it to get out here with the whole family! A remarkable feature of “Khao-Kheo” is that there are no cages here: all the enclosures are arranged so that there is no need to put gratings, for example, there are ditches to separate predators from the audience, and some animals do walk around the territory completely, so you can take a picture and chat closely.

There are lions and tigers, elephants and giraffes, camels and hippos, monkeys and crocodiles. Separate pavilions are the terrarium and aviary for penguins. Moving on your own, especially with young children, is stressful here, so you can rent an electric car or ... an elephant.Yes, you heard right! You can get around the zoo sitting on an elephant.

In the evening, a safari is held here. Tickets are not very expensive - 400 baht (13.26 USD), and if you will be part of an excursion - then even 300 (9.95 USD).

Underwater world pattaya

There are several thematic zones, there is a huge giant pool, the inhabitants of which can be touched with hands, and ponds with fish that grab food directly from human hands, and open-air cages with otters, and a huge tunnel in which you can view sharks and rays and other large marine inhabitants. In addition, the aquarium offers several particularly interesting services: immersion in an aquarium with sharks, for example, as well as various show programs.

You can go here as a family, for children it will be especially interesting and informative. Children's tickets cost 300 baht (9.95 USD), adults - 500 (16.58 USD) You can study the marine life on your own, or you can join the detailed excursion in any language. Such excursions are offered by most hotels.

Chicken King Farm

First you need to identify who it is - the chicken king? This is the nickname of Panya Choititavan, a well-known Thai businessman. His company is engaged in the breeding and sale of chicken, and in Pattaya this is a real monopoly. Panya is respected and very rich, and therefore received such an unusual nickname.

But his farm is not chicken enclosures at all, it is a real tourist paradise: a huge palace and park complex with fountains, exotic trees and peacocks freely walking. Self-guided visits cost 1000 baht (33.15 USD), and as part of the tour - from 1150 (38.13 USD) up to 1700 baht (56.36 USD).

Please note: the territory of the palace and the adjacent parks is quite large, so it takes a lot of time for the tour and the round-trip, it is better to immediately set aside for a visit to the farm all day and not plan other excursions and entertainment.

Museum of 3D paintings (Art paradise Pattaya)

There are a huge number of 3D displays and museums of illusions in the world, but the Pattaya Art Paradise is certainly one of the largest, brightest and most interesting. Do you like to take creative photos and then count likes on Instagram? That way!

The cost of adult tickets is 400 baht (13.26 USD), children - 200 baht (6.63 USD), but it should be borne in mind that in the high season, rates may increase slightly. By the way, the exhibits here are divided into several thematic zones: there are animals, and dinosaurs, and classical painting, and folklore motifs, and much more.

Pattaya beaches

Many tourists complain that the water of the Gulf of Thailand is muddy, there is a lot of garbage in it, the same is said about beach sand. But Koh Lan is the very paradise island where the cleanest water and sand in Pattaya are.

You can get here by ferry or boat, and on the island itself you can do not only swimming and lying on the sand, but also active sports: water skiing, snorkeling, diving, parachuting and paragliding.

One of the most famous beaches of Pattaya and at the same time one of the cleanest. On Jomtien generally solid benefits:

  • There is no active traffic on the road running along the sea coast, so it’s safe to relax with children,
  • the sea is quite transparent, the sand is clean, and trash is carried out by waves very rarely, only during periods of high tides or storms,
  • excellent, well-developed infrastructure,
  • scenic views
  • many cafes, shops, massage parlors.

Military beach

It has other names: Military Beach, Blue Lagoon, Sai Keo. Be sure: we are talking about the same place! The military beach is located on the territory of the former military base, but the entrance here is open to all comers. The only thing is that you have to pay 100 baht (3.32 USD).

Otherwise, it is also a very good place to stay:

  • gentle entrance to the sea,
  • very clean, since the base’s staff are monitoring the territory,
  • infrastructure is actively developing
  • there is a rental of beach equipment, bananas, kayaks and water scooters,
  • various excursions on boats and boats are held,
  • toilets and showers are free of charge.

5. Mini Siam

Miniature Park, which houses more than 100 miniature copies of famous Thai and world attractions. The territory is divided into two parts. The first is called “Mini Siam”, here you can admire copies of famous architectural objects located in different parts of Thailand. In the second part, entitled “Mini Europe”, copies of famous European (and not only) cathedrals, statues and other monuments are exhibited.

6. Park of millionth stones and a crocodile farm

Amusement park, created in 1992 according to the project and at the expense of a local businessman. The park has three thematic parts - a small zoo, a rock garden and a crocodile farm. In the menagerie live peacocks, zebras, giraffes, tigers, bears. In the crocodile lake there are several species of toothy predator - guial, Siamese and combed crocodile. Especially for tourists, an eerie show is organized, during which local animators put their hands in the jaws of the beasts.

7. Three Kingdoms Park

Chinese park, organized by the laws of Feng Shui. The project was created by a businessman of Chinese descent K. Sri Fueng Fung, as the basis he took the plot of the book “Three Kingdoms”. This work describes a certain period in the history of the Middle Kingdom, when it was divided into three parts - the kingdoms of Wu, Shu, and Wei. The park has an art gallery and a museum of petrified trees. The design of the area is made in a mixed Chinese and Thai style.

8. Golden Buddha Mountain

A sheer cliff 130 meters high with a flat face, on which a Buddha image is displayed in gold. The place is carefully guarded, as a precious metal worth $ 3 million was purchased for this purpose. It doesn’t even occur to local Thais to “get” a piece of gold from a sacred image, apparently, the authorities are afraid of numerous tourists. Around the cliff there is a small cozy square equipped with benches and gazebos.

9. Vineyard Silver Lake

Grape plantation and landscape park in the vicinity of Pattaya. The place belongs to one influential and wealthy family. Silver Lake or Silver Lake is, rather, a popular place to visit with Thais, there are very few foreigners here. The territory of the park is decorated with windmills, sculptures, gazebos, pavilions and flower paths. Inside the pavilions there are shops and restaurants.

10. 3D Gallery "Art in Paradise"

The gallery opened recently - in 2012. The exposition consists of paintings created in 3D projection. There are a lot of exhibits, they are located on an area of ​​5.8 thousand m². The most popular entertainment among tourists is to take pictures with pictures so that it would appear in the photo as if a person is a full-fledged participant in the action. You can "run away" from the tyrannosaurus, climb the fairy stairs to the sky or grab the tail of giant birds.

11. Teddy Bears Museum

The young museum, which opened in 2013. The exposition is dedicated to the teddy bear, whose prototype was the American president Theodore Roosevelt. There are similar museums in many countries, since this bear has taken a firm place in the hearts of people. The place will be especially interesting for children. The territory of the gallery is divided into thematic zones in which Teddy is represented in different images - a traveler, explorer, astronaut and even a vampire.

12. Alangkarn Theater

The famous Thai theater show, which involves actors, animals and musicians. The plot of the colorful performance is the rich history of Thailand, a story about ancient traditions and national art. The place where the performance takes place can be called a theater conditionally, since it is an open space with magnificent scenery, alleys along which elephants walk, and souvenir shops. Before the performance, viewers attend a gala dinner at a local restaurant.

13. Jewelry factory "Gems Gallery"

In Thailand, there are several jewelry concerns that manufacture jewelry from the famous Thai pearls, as well as from rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. One of them is Gems Gallery. The company has existed for over 20 years. There are more than 2 thousand employees at the branch of the company’s factory in Pattaya. During the production, a huge trading room was opened, where managers communicate with customers in 17 languages.

15. Pattaya Park Tower

The construction is located on site, which in the 90s. XX century was firmly "occupied" by Russian tourists. Now they are gradually being replaced by the Chinese. The tower is the tallest building on the coast. The descent from the 56th floor of the structure is a popular tourist attraction. For the most timid, tickets to closed booths are offered, in which it is not so scary to fly down.

16. Village of elephants

The attraction is located about 7 km. from Pattaya. This is a small village where elephants and drovers harmoniously coexist. Visitors are invited to observe the daily lives of these huge animals, as well as watch the performances where they play elephant football or parade. There is also a special show where wild elephants are played in the jungle.

17. Snake Farm

A place where snakes are kept for the purpose of producing medicinal potions from their blood and poison. The farm does not breed reptiles, they are all caught in swamps or in the jungle. In total, 15 species of snakes live in the cages, among them - the viper, king cobra, Indian kraut. At the end of the tour, a tourist can take a picture with a harmless python or buy a snake tincture in a souvenir shop. There is also the opportunity to watch a show during which an experienced trainer dodges fatal bites.

18. Sheep farm

Very nice and cozy place, located 12 km. from the city on the road leading to Bangkok. The farm is a park with a mini zoo and with excellent infrastructure for a relaxing family vacation. The whole territory is lined with funny sculptures, painted in bright colors and equipped with places for relaxation. In addition to lambs, rabbits, turtles, peacocks, parrots and turkeys live here.

19. The floating market in Pattaya

Floating markets are a unique phenomenon common in Thailand. Merchants' counters are located on boats that slowly sail along a canal or river past buyers. Pattaya water bazaar was created specifically for numerous tourists. Here you can admire the traditional boats, littered with exotic fruits and hung with bright colors. On the market you can buy souvenirs, food, clothes, jewelry and shoes.

20. Beach Road

Walking street that stretches along the city beach. Over the years of mass tourism, she managed to gain the fame of almost the most vicious place in Pattaya. What is there just here - and the abundance of priestesses of love, and transvestite shows, and numerous massage rooms. In the afternoon, the place looks more respectable. Tourists sunbathe on the beach, visit the many shops and stroll along the palm alleys.

21. Walking Street

Pattaya Central Walking Street, the quintessence of all that the city has to offer the sophisticated tourist. In the evening, the street is blocked for traffic and numerous streams of people fill the sidewalks and the roadway. Walking Street is famous throughout Thailand as a center of nightlife. There are numerous restaurants where you can try all the cuisines of the world, night bars, entertainment shows, cinemas, shops and massage parlors.

22. Tiffany and Alcazar Show

Famous transvestite shows that take place several times a week at night. Actors give performances in colorful costumes against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery. According to many viewers, the transvestites participating in the show are much more attractive than Thai women. The Tiffany Show takes place in a more classical manner with observance of decency, on Alcazar, the actors allow themselves some liberties.

23. Wongamat Beach

The beach is about 4 km long, which is considered one of the best in Pattaya and the surrounding area. On its perimeter, mainly 5-star hotels settled. Wongamat - the place is quite calm with relatively clean water, there is no noise and fuss, like on other city beaches. It is located away from shops, so there is not much garbage. Wongamat is also a popular beach volleyball court.

24. Jomtien Beach

One of the city beaches, very popular with tourists. Because of this, it is always crowded and noisy. The promenade along the beach is full of shops and cafes. Unfortunately, over the long years of operation, this place has gained the fame of a beach not very suitable for swimming due to water pollution, but many tourists like to swim here. Most people stroll along the promenade among palm trees, or sunbathe on sun loungers.

26. Tiger Zoo Siracha

The zoo was opened in 1997 and since then has already received about 10 million visitors. About 450 Bengal tigers live in the menagerie. In addition to representatives of the cat family, elephants, donkeys, crocodiles, giraffes and other animals live here. Visitors are allowed to hold a small tiger cub in their arms and feed it from a bottle. You can also take a newborn crocodile, which is an exact copy of an adult beast, only fits on one palm.

27. Khao Kheo Zoo

Khao Kheo is one of Thailand's largest and most popular zoos. On its territory, animals live in open spacious enclosures, they are not locked in cages. Dangerous predators are fenced with a grate or wide ditches with water for the safety of visitors. It is convenient to travel along the paths by electric car in order to be able to see more, since the zoo is really huge.

29. Waterpark "Cartoon Network Amazone"

The new water park in Pattaya, which opened in 2014. The project was funded by the popular children's channel Cartoon Network. On the territory of the water park there are 10 thematic zones with slides of varying complexity - from extreme to safer. Daily at special venues, shows are held with the participation of popular cartoon characters. The water park is located near Nong Nooch Park.

30. Observation deck on Pratumnak hill

Pratamnak Hill rises 98 meters above the city. You can get to the observation deck by overcoming a not very long, but rather steep climb. There are two points on the hill from where you can look at the panorama of Pattaya. They are located at different heights. From there, you can take great photos against the blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

7. Park of millionth stones and a crocodile farm

The best option is to see in Pattaya for 1 day those who want to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature. You will see artificial waterfalls and lakes, beautiful clubs and flower beds, boulders of an original form and stone installations. On the lawns are allowed to relax and have picnics. A crocodile farm is located in the park, and regularly organizes extreme shows with predators. Farm guests are also offered extraordinary fishing for dangerous animals using chicken carcasses and fishing rods. Plus - breakfasts and dinners in a small restaurant, among other treats - fried crocodile meat.

12. Cat's cafe

The original version of the cafe, the guests of which are offered not only the dishes of the menu, but also communication with cats - photos and games. In the countries of the East, such establishments are very successful, since pets are prohibited here in high-rise buildings. Owners of the "tailed" can only be residents of the private sector.

13. Alangkarn Theater

In theatrical productions involved animals, musicians and actors. The show tells about the life of Aboriginal people, their arts and traditions from ancient times to the present. The venue is a theater only in words.In fact, this is an open area with souvenir shops, trails along which elephants walk, and luxurious decorations. Before the start of the show, a gala dinner is offered at the restaurant.

15. Beach Road

A pedestrian boulevard stretched along the line of the city beach. Touristic street is famous as a rather “hot spot”. Many night butterflies and Thai massage rooms work here, transvestite shows are held. In the daytime, Beach Road looks more respectable. Travelers walk among the alleys with palm trees, go shopping and relax on the beach.

16. Walking Street

If you come to Pattaya for nightly entertainment, go to Woking Street, which is considered the local "citadel of debauchery." On the boulevard there is a cabaret with a show of transvestites, brothels, strip clubs and other points of rest for adults. From 18 o’clock in the evening, roads are blocked for cars to travel, and time begins for illumination, music and call girls.

17. Pattaya Park Tower

The most high-rise and famous city building erected in the Pattaya Park Hotel. Here you will find extreme relaxation options, restaurants and cafes with panoramic windows that rotate around their axis, observation platforms. However, the main fun is to jump from a height of 170 meters in an open cradle or in a bandage. A lot of tourists are attracted by the cable car, stretching to Jomtien Beach from the highest level of the skyscraper.

18. Wongamat Beach

The beach line is approximately 4 km long. Due to the distance from shops, the lack of noise and din, and relatively clear water, Wongamat deservedly bears the title of one of the best Pattaya beaches. Several five-star hotels are open here and there is a large volleyball court.

19. Jomtien Beach

The city beach, which is popular with both guests and residents. Please note that it is always noisy, crowded and fun. Restaurants and boutiques are open. The only negative is the rather dirty water. Instead of swimming, vacationers sunbathe on sunbeds and walk among palm alleys along the promenade.

21. Khao Kheo Zoo

The most famous and large-scale zoo of the state. On its square, animals and birds are in huge open-air cages. You will not see any locked cells here. For safety reasons, areas with predators are surrounded by ditches with water or fenced in by bars. To explore the vast territory it is recommended to rent an electric car.

23. Snake Farm

The attraction is known for its extreme productions. The hosts of the show tell and demonstrate poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. At the end of the trainers' performance, you can try cocktails with snake bile and blood, which are good for your health, as well as taste snake meat treats.

24. Elephant Village

Opening date - 1973. At first, the reserve worked to care for sick and old animals. However, later on, young individuals appeared in the village; a center for tourists was organized for Villa Elephants. If you want to communicate with elephants as closely as possible, be sure to come here. You will have the opportunity to arrange a photo shoot with them, feed and wash them, ride on the back through the jungle.

25. Sheep farm

Incredibly nice sight, located ten kilometers from Pattaya. In fact, we are talking about a zoo and a park, combined into a farm and intended for a cozy holiday with the whole family. There are funny sculptural groups, alleys and benches in the square. The local inhabitants are not only lambs, but also turkeys, parrots, peacocks, turtles and rabbits.

27. Vineyard Silver Lake

A landscaped park complex and a giant grape plantation belonging to the Lake family. Despite the fact that the number of tourists here is minimal, you should definitely visit Silver Lake. The area is decorated with flower beds, pavilions, gazebos and windmills. Cafes and souvenir shops are open.

28. Tiffany and Alcazar Show

A popular transvestite performance performed exclusively at night. Against the backdrop of stunning scenery, artists in colorful dresses and wigs perform. An interesting point is that the "workers" Tiffany and Alcazar look much better than the local Thai people. Keep in mind that Alcazare actors can take liberties. If you are interested in decency shows, head off to watch Tiffany.