Mount Menalo


Like The Mysteries of the Papyrus from AC: Origins, ostracons in the Odyssey are mysterious clues located on stone tablets in various places of interest that guide you in search of treasures hidden throughout ancient Greece.

Each ostracone found gives you clues about the location of the treasure, usually in the same region or in a neighboring area. Searches can reward you with special engravings that allow you to apply unique buffs to your weapons and armor. Below is a list of the regions in which they are located and where the tips will lead you.

Bottomless lake

  • Reward: + 10% crit damage. stroke in full health

Hint: found in the cave of Melissani (north of the city of Sami), at the bottom of the pool.

Are you going to dive? All the inhabitants of the island believe that this is the deepest place, but legend goes that the lake on the coast of Kolias is completely bottomless. You will find me if you can dive as deep as a marble woman.

Engraving: the riddle points to the historical site of Lake Abitos in the center of the coast of Koliada.

Plunging into the lake, hold on to the edge until you find a statue of a woman on one of the rocky ledges.

Dust to dust

  • Reward: + 3% adrenaline per hit

Hint: found in the vineyard of Marcos, near the center of the island, south of Mount Ainos and the statue of Zeus.

In the vineyard, the ostracone lies in a barn on the eastern side of the estate, located on the balcony of the second floor.

When hard times come, it is so easy to turn away from the gods. Go to the burnt temple in Kausos, in the Cursed Valley of Pali, where the minister once renounced faith for the sake of the new life of a pirate. You will find me in a heap of ashes.

Engraving: the riddle points to the village of Kausos in the southwest. This burnt city has a ruined temple on the north side of the village, and inside there is a large smoldering pile of garbage that you can inspect to find the engraving.

Fatal attraction

  • Reward: + 2% damage from swords and daggers

Hint: located on the smaller island of Ithaca at the ruins of the Odyssey Palace.

Once in the Odyssey Palace, get rid of the guard and find the tallest building on the north side and look at the roof to find a sign.

If you go north in the wake of the Odyssey, you will find the goat-breeder’s house in Ithaca, where Odysseus met Athena. She helped him change his appearance and get rid of his wife's suitors. Find the reward on a slaughtered goat.

Hint: the riddle will show you the path to the historical site of the goat farm Melanfius, down the road north of the Odyssey Palace.

At the entrance to the farm, look at the right side of the building, there will be a slaughtered goat, inspect it to take an engraving.

Photo and description

Mount Menalo is located in the Greek region of Arcadia, the central region of the Peloponnese, and takes its name from the character of Greek mythology. According to some mythologists, Menalo was the eldest son of Lycaon, king of Arcadia, and therefore brother of Callisto and uncle of his son Arcade. Others, by contrast, believe that he was the son of Arcade and the grandson of Callisto. Regardless of the version, Menalo named the mountains of Arcadia as his name and founded the city of Menalon.

The mountain was a place of worship to the god Pan. Ovid in his “Metamorphoses” describes this territory as inhabited by many wild animals and one of the favorite hunting areas of the goddess Diana and her retinue.

Once a forest reserve, Menalo Mountain today suffers from forest fires, unauthorized dumping of garbage and a barbaric attitude towards nature. Government measures are insufficient to protect the territory. Nevertheless, a picturesque panorama of the city and its environs opens from its top.