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The Hammetschwand elevator is located near Lucerne in the picturesque resort area of ​​Switzerland. This spacious panoramic elevator with a translucent cabin is today considered one of the fastest external elevators of this type. It raises tourists to a height of 1 km. 32 meters -. read more

Burgenstock is a resort located in the center of Switzerland, completely covered by forests and occupying a height of 950 meters above the sea. Relaxation at the resort is high quality and therefore not cheap. Many ministers and stars of the first magnitude (Sophia Loren and others) rested on a peninsula covered not only with lush vegetation, but also with high mountains. Burgenstock has earned the status of one of the most beautiful places on the planet. In modern times is the pride of the country. The oldest European hotel complex was founded at the end of the 19th century in these picturesque places.

The best attractions on the peninsula are cycling, walking. The air here is clean and slightly discharged, which helps relieve fatigue, stress, and insomnia.

The resort's attractions include Europe’s highest open elevator, which can cover a distance of more than 150 meters in a minute. Having climbed the mountain, 12 routes will appear before the tourist, each of which is unique and interesting.

How to get there

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Lucerne Train StationBurgenstockfrom 8873 p.
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BurgenstockLucerne Train Stationfrom 8873 p.
BurgenstockLucerneSwitzerlandfrom 8945 p.
BurgenstockZurich Airportfrom 17745 p.
BurgenstockZurichfrom 17745 p.
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You can get to Bürgenstock by train from Lucerne Central Station (to Stansstad Station). From Stansstadt station to the main square of Bürgenstock, a free shuttle bus runs for resort guests (travel time is 5 minutes).

When leaving for Burgenstock, you should take the A2 motorway (Basel-Lucerne-St. Gottard). Of all the largest cities in Switzerland (Basel, Zurich, Bern), Burgenstock is only 1 hour away by car, from Lucerne - only 20 minutes.

Tourists often get to Burgenstock by water from cities located on the shores of Lake Lucerne on Schifffahrtsgesellschaft des Vierwaldstättersees boats.

There is no public transport at the resort, with the exception of the funicular and high-speed elevator. The funicular is a local attraction and runs from the marina to the central square of Burgenstock. This cable car was opened in 1888, but was completely reconstructed in 2002, although the historic red cars and lacquered benches were left unchanged. The cost of the trip is 13 CHF.

A high-speed elevator to Mount Hammetschwand delivers passengers to the summit (1,132 m), overcoming a vertical height of 152 m in less than a minute. It was built a century ago, and is the highest open elevator in Europe. Also, the elevator is famous for the fact that it was James Bond who climbed it in 1967 in the film "Goldfinger". The cost of the trip is 10 CHF.

Hotels in Burgenstock

Hotels in the city range in price from 150 to 400 francs, among which it is worth noting Buergenstock Park, Buergenstock Hotel & Resort and Waldhotel.

The 5-star Park Hotel (included in the Swiss Deluxe Hotels rating) offers all components of Swiss comfort: four restaurants, magnificent terraces with breathtaking panoramas, SPA and other pleasures of life.

Attractions and attractions in Burgenstock

The main pleasure in Burgenstock is walking, cycling along the high mountains and along a beautiful lake. It is believed that the air of Burgenstock - light, clean and slightly discharged - is a universal remedy for insomnia, fatigue and depression.

The Burgershock funicular was opened in 1888 and completely rebuilt in 2002 (although authentic red cars and lacquered benches have been preserved). For a complete immersion in the atmosphere, we recommend sailing from Lucerne and taking the cable car. Enjoy the rapidly opening views and the horizon for 13 francs.

Hammetschwand elevator. The elevator leading to the top of the mountain (1132 m high), built 105 years ago, is the highest open elevator in Europe. His current reconstructed descendant raises passengers vertically to a height of 152 m in less than a minute. A short trip is breathtaking. At the end of the trip you will find yourself on the highest point of Lucerne - Mount Hammetschwand (trip cost - 10 CHF).

James Bond himself rode this elevator in 1967 during a chase in the movie Goldfinger.

Once on the mountain, you can choose one of twelve walking routes. The singing of blackbirds and the ringing of bells will accompany your journey. The panorama lying in front of you will allow you to see all the Five Lakes and all of Central Switzerland to the Bernese Alps.

On the hills of the peninsula you can ride a mountain bike or take a tour of the lake on a paddle boat - a successful stylization for the 19th century. For active summer vacations, the Bürgenstock Club sports and fitness complex offers indoor and outdoor heated swimming pools, tennis courts, a 9-hole alpine golf course, a fitness center, a sauna, a steam bath, a solarium and a beauty salon.