Sights of the resort island of Sardinia


Sardinia (Italy) includes all the Mediterranean beauty. Holidays in this country are preferred by tourists who like swimming, boating, windsurfing, hiking, rock climbing and hiking. August is considered the warmest month. It was during this period that Italian beaches were crammed with foreign tourists. And the inner life of the island, remote from the tropics, is very interesting and original.

How to get to the island

Costa Smeralda is the famous international airport of Sardegna in Italy. It is very close to the famous resorts: Porto Cherevo, Bahia Sardinia, Porto Rotondo. The entire summer season from Moscow Domodedovo Airport directly flies the Italian "Meridiana Fly" - 1 time per week and the Russian "Es Seven" - 3 times a week.

Costa Smeralda is located in the city of Olbia, where it is convenient to get on Alitalia flights with a change in Rome or Milan. The cost of a taxi ride is 36 euros *.

Cagliari Elmas Airport is convenient for tourists who prefer to relax in Costa Rei or Villasimius. In summer, Es Seven flies here - 2 times a week. There are also flight options with connecting flights "Alitalia", "Kay-El-Em". Cagliari city center is reached by public transport (bus or train).

Additional Information! The cost of a taxi from any Sardinian airport to nearby resorts costs between 90-130 euros. *

Sardinia island in Italy is connected by ferries of shipping companies. Water vessels leave from Naples, Palermo, Livorno, Genoa. The shortest route is Civitavecchia-Olbia. During the day, 5 hour tours are held, at night - 8. A one-way ticket costs 40 euros. *

7 most beautiful places

The island of Sardinia is simply created for a paradise holiday. Tourists are inspired by infrastructure, hotels, beaches, thermal springs and a pleasant climate.

Important! It is advisable to come to the island in May or June, in September or October, since during this period housing prices are lower than in the season (July, August), and tourists are much less.


This city has a beach, the distance is only 2 km from the center. A castle rises above Castelsardo, from which the whole city is visible. Tourists are offered yachts for rent to take boat trips along the north coast.

There are no beaches, but the inhabitants of the city can boast of beautiful buildings in the Baroque, Gothic and neoclassical style. Also in Sassari there are ancient ports, the National Museum, the Duomo, the shrines of Pisa architecture.

Cagliari has a beach. Its distance from the center is 1.5 km. Here is the best beach - Poetto. Tourists are also invited to see historical monuments, buildings and parks. You should definitely visit the Cathedral, the Bastion, the fortress of San Miqule, the park of Molentargius, the Roman amphitheater, the Cathedral of Santa Maria.


There are 3 beaches on site. Only 6,500 inhabitants live in this village. Pretty calm place, suitable for families. All residents speak their own language.

The city has 2 beaches. Walking around the city, you can see the majestic stone buildings. On the outskirts of the city there is a beautiful promenade with small cafes. On the beaches, few people sunbathe and swim, as there is no convenient entry into the water, but there are caves.

In the village there are 3 beaches. In the town, tourists can visit local attractions: Cathedral, defensive fort. A favorite event for tourists is climbing the bastion wall to meet the sunset over the Mediterranean.

Island vehicles

The main transport on the island is buses and trains. The regional transport company ARST controls all city and intercity bus services connecting all the settlements of the island. The only negative is the low frequency of flights. Tickets can be purchased at:

Important! Traveling without a ticket is not possible. This is considered an offense and is punishable by a fine.

Single tickets are valid for 90 minutes. Large cities are connected by lines of the State Railway. In summer, tourists can ride on the unusual “Green Train” in retro style, plying several routes through the reserved corners of the island.

Ferries pay special attention, as they connect the main island ports. Detailed information can be checked with the tour operator. Many hotels offer bike rental. But there will be a big difference in the cost of such a transport. It will be comparable to renting a compact car.

Sardinia Hotels

Where is Sardinia, see on the map of Italy in Russian. There are many hotels. The most fashionable are:

The most reliable option with a decent level of service are hotels with 4 *.

Important! The cost in the northeast of the island is 20-30% higher than in the southwest.

Sardinia on a map of Italy show a clear border of the island. Here hotels are located not only for wealthy tourists. The most popular hotels on the coast. They are assigned 2 * and 3 *. In such housing you can get for 50-100 euros per day. And ordinary people can live in rooms that offer them wineries and farms, for 50 euros.

Sardinian beaches

The favorable weather of Sardinia allows you to spend most of the time on the beaches. Stars love to relax on the Costa Smeralda. The most popular are the beach of Prince and Liscia Rouge. Porto Rotondo has become a favorite spot for divers. The noisiest resort is Bahia Sardini. Here, mainly all young people gather.

Important! It is forbidden to land tourists on Rosa Beach on Budelli Island, since the coast is covered with pink shells of mollusks. They can only be admired from the water.

2 sun loungers and an umbrella cost from 8 to 19 euros (depending on the place of rest). Shower can also be paid - 1 euro.

Doctors Marie Ermi and Is Arutas, where the coast is covered with white quartz sand and sandbanks, doctors advise visiting with children. To the south begins Green Beach with sparsely populated beaches.

Each beach area in the south and east is good in its own way. The coast of Poetto invites tourists to visit bars, restaurants, as well as use the services of a peddler or rental of beach equipment.

Fascinating diving

The underwater part of Sardinia is no less exciting. Holidays on the island have become popular due to the clear water, the abundance of flora and fauna, bizarre underwater terrain, diving centers and other island attractions.

Diving in Sardinia

In the south of the coast, in the Cagliari region, ships lie at the bottom. Wreck diving enthusiasts love this place. In the water you can admire barracudas, tuna, and in crevices - stone perches and groupers.

For reference! The cost of one immersion in water including insurance (on a rubber boat) is 45 euros per person, 30 euros per person if the tour is a group of up to 9 people and 30 euros if the group has 14 people.

As in any resort, there are boutiques of famous Italian brands on the island: Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana. You can buy things with 50-70% discounts at the Luxury Mall Italy shopping center in Olbia. In winter, discounts start from Christmas, and in summer - from July. You can also bring home embroidered textiles from Sardinia (shawls, blouses, tablecloths, bedspreads, carpets).

The beaches of Sardinia are recommended for families with children. The coast is strewn with fine quartz sand, which has a good therapeutic effect. There are also economical accommodation options. There is everything for a pleasant stay!

General information

Sardinia - an island in the Mediterranean Sea, is the second largest, second only to Sicily. The administrative center is Cagliari, whose population is more than half a million people.

The climate on the island is Mediterranean. The average January temperature is 8 ° Celsius, July is 25 ° C. Most precipitation falls in the winter. The best month for a holiday in Sardinia is July. When planning a trip to Sardinia, weigh the pros and cons of whether to go there yourself or buy an all-inclusive package at a travel agency.

Su Nuraxi

Su Nuraxi is a valley with unique ancient stone structures, nuragi, characteristic only for the island of Sardinia. At the end of the last century, the best-preserved nurag, Nurag Barumini, was recognized as a UNESCO heritage - this is an argument in favor of the fact that having arrived in Sardinia, the Nurag valley should not be missed.

At the nurag of Kas Tsapat there is a museum where you can see objects related to the Bronze Age, found during excavations of the archaeological site of Su Nuraksi. These are jewelry, dishes, weapons.

La Maddalena Archipelago

In 1994, the La Maddalena Archipelago also attracted the attention of UNESCO workers and was listed as a World Heritage Site. If you choose to travel around the archipelago, you will have the opportunity here to join the excursion group. During the tour you can see places, the path to which lies exclusively by sea, these are beaches and bays with unspoiled nature.

One of the best hotels in the archipelago is the five-star Grand Hotel Ma & Ma. If you prefer a quiet, meditative atmosphere, or traveling with your family, we recommend staying at La Casitta. There are few villas on the island of Santa Maria, La Casitta occupies one of them.

Lighthouse Faro di Capo Spartivento

We also recommend seeing the lighthouse at Cape Spartivento, it appeared in 1856 and in our time has been turned into a comfortable hotel. This legendary lighthouse is called Faro di Capo Spartivento and is still operational.. Up to the 80s of the last century, it served as a home for the caretaker's family. Then the lighthouse was modernized and converted into a luxury guest house, the authentic atmosphere of a real lighthouse of the nineteenth century was preserved untouched.

The lighthouse has interesting features: solar panels were installed here, thanks to which the heating system and water heating work. In addition, a sewage treatment system is used here..

Su-Gorropu Gorge

Sor Gorropu Gorge is a canyon in Sardinia, the record holder in depth. To see this place is not enough, it is necessary to carefully examine it: here you can see the untouched nature of the island and go along the so-called “long-livers road”.

According to popular beliefs, there is enchanted land in Ollastra: the one whose foot touches this land will live a very long time. No one knows for sure the location of the magical trail, but you may be able to step on it quite by accident.

Neptune's Grottoes

The most beautiful and most famous caves of the island with a total length of underground passages of 2.5 kilometers are dedicated to the ancient Roman god of the seas and are known as the Grottoes of Neptune. The cave has two entrances: the first is from the sea, and you can get into the caves through this entrance only by boat or boat, while the second is a hole cut into the rock.

To see the unforgettable beauty of the caves, you will need to overcome a path length of six hundred seventy-five steps down the stairs. Stalactites and stalagmites here really impress with their beauty.

Lake La Marmora

Lake La Marmora - one of the largest underground lakes in Europe (length is one hundred meters) can also be seen here in the grottoes of Neptune. You will certainly be struck by all this beauty, but remember that photographing in caves is prohibited.

  • Address: Porto Conte, Alghero, 07041 Sardegna, Italia.
  • Entrance for tourist groups from 11.00 to 16.00. Tours are held hourly.
  • The price of admission to the cave is 10 euros, there are benefits for children and discounts for groups.

Mamoyada and Orgosolo

Mamoyada and Orgosolo are small towns located in the central part of the island, in the region of Barbaja. About one hundred and fifty wall paintings called "Murals" - a tourist highlight of Orgosolo. The city of Mamoyada became famous thanks to carnival masks. In the museum of Mediterranean masks of this town you will find a huge variety of exhibits.

Rock "Orso di Palau"

The geographer Ptolemy in the second century AD described a rock in his writings whose profile resembles a bear very much. She inspired fear in the sailors, as she supposedly had the ability to attract ships sailing by. Now the rock "Orso di Palau" is one of the most famous natural attractions of Sardinia. A bizarre “bearish” silhouette was formed due to wind erosion. An unusual rock is located at a distance of five kilometers from the town of Palau.

Resort Porto Cervo

The resort of Porto Cervo is located in the north-east of Sardinia and is part of the Olbia-Tempio region. Porto Cervo is one of the bohemian tourist resorts visited by rich and famous people.. Here you will see luxury villas, and cars, and yachts, and boutiques of fashion brands and designers, but your children will most likely be bored here.

Alghero and Bosa

Alghero and Bosa are two Italian towns that are definitely worth your attention. In Alghero, the historic center and good beaches are especially striking. Bosa is a city with a river harbor. It is the only city in Sardinia located on the river. Like all similar cities, it has a very romantic atmosphere.

Fun for kids

In the south of Sardinia there are many resorts where you can spend a vacation with your family. Be sure: not one minute will be bored for either children or adults. While dad and mom went shopping or try Italian wines, hotel staff will babysit the children. Most hotels have on their staff good animators.

Parco Naturale Molentargius-Saline

The most popular nature reserve in Cagliari-Molentardzhus. This tourist attraction is known for its multi-species fauna, as well as the fact that there are salt ponds in the area.. Staying in a protected area fosters a caring attitude towards nature in children.

Waterfowl that nest and stop while flying right in the park are the main object of protection here. Many people visit this place, just to see pink flamingos and take their photo.

  • Address: Via La Palma Ex Saline- Stagni di Molentargius, 09126.
  • Open daily from seven in the morning to eight in the evening. During the holidays, the work schedule can be changed.
  • The entrance is free.

Waterpark Diverland

Diverland Waterpark is a large entertainment town covering an area of ​​one hundred thousand square meters. m Here you can find rides for a variety of ages and tastes.. Slides in the water park - from children’s safe to extreme. The infrastructure of the park includes swimming pools for water aerobics and gymnastics. You can also take a bath with a hydromassage.

  • The park is located twenty kilometers from Cagliari at Strada Statale 125,19,500 Localita Cruxi Lilliu.
  • The water park is open for visitors daily from 10.00-18.00 in the period from June to September.
  • Entrance ticket costs 14-18 euros.

Another wonderful water park was built two kilometers from Pula. The park is called Blu fan and offers guests a wide variety of entertainment.. Here mini-performances are held, professional animators for children are at your service.

  • Address: Strada Statale 19 rv 24, 650.

Dinosario Park

A place that will not leave any child indifferent is the Dinosario Park. This is a paleontological open-air museum. By visiting this park, you can learn a lot about the life of dinosaurs. Life-size figures of the ancient inhabitants of the Earth serve for illustrative purposes.

  • Located at: Strada Provinciale 57, km 5, 850.

Many experienced tourists write that the main attraction of Sardinia is the sea. First of all, Sardinia beckons with clean beaches with incredibly white sand.. When you enter the sea, there is no sharp drop in depth, the bottom is not rocky, there are no sharp pebbles that are dangerous for small children.

  • The famous beach of Poetto (Poetto) is the record holder for the length of the country. Its length is six kilometers. The beach is a little away from the center of Cagliari. By bus, you can get there in 10 minutes. A distinctive feature of this place is the very wide shallow water, which makes the beach popular for families with children.. Even if you don’t know how to swim at all, this beach is safe for you. Those who wish can take dance lessons right on the beach and sing karaoke. It is open 24 hours a day. Rent a trestle bed per day will cost 8 euros, rent two trestle beds and an umbrella - 11 euros.
  • Kia Beach known for its incredibly clean water. The tower - the namesake of the city has long become its symbol. The Kia Tower is visible from all the beaches in the city. Next to Kia is Nora - the oldest settlement in Sardinia, founded by the Punians.
  • Beaches of Oristano. The province of Oristano can rightfully be considered the most interesting in Sardinia. If you came to Sardinia for the sake of architecture and historical monuments, then in Oristano you will be offered the most intense excursion program. But at the same time, Oristano is one of the island’s most popular resorts among tourists, where you will find miles of white beaches, tropic vegetation, colorful sunsets, rocky shores and picturesque blue lagoons.
  • Beaches of Villasimius. This resort will offer you an ecologically clean coast and a clear sea, that is, everything you need for a quality vacation. Villasimius is known as a beautiful resort thanks to the port at Cape Capo Carbonara, where a marine reserve is located.

Tourists reviews

  • Tatosha (photographer, Italy-Russia)
  • Alvik (Moscow)
  • Elena_F (Moscow)

Sardinia is called a small paradise in the heart of the Mediterranean. The north is considered the most bohemian place on the island, where millionaires and famous film actors like to relax, but we also told you about the south of Sardinia, where the beaches are not inferior in beauty to the north.

Remember that the description of the sights on the Internet or the stories of other tourists will never replace your personal impression! Come to Sardinia and let your vacation on this island be unforgettable for you.

Alanya attractions in Turkey: article content

  • What is included in our rating
  • No. 7. Waterpark
  • No. 6. Archaeological Museum
  • No. 5. Cableway
  • No. 4. Damlatas cave
  • No. 3. The fortress of Alanya
  • No. 2. Cleopatra Beach
  • Number 1. Surprise!
  • Alanya attractions on the map

Alanya attractions: what is included in our rating

The main attractions of Alanya are a list of seven points: a water park, an archaeological museum, a funicular, Cleopatra's beach, the Red Tower and the ancient buildings next to it, Alanya Fortress, Damlatash Cave. The scale of the sights of Alanya is not amazing, but they are all interesting and picturesque.

All sights of Alanya can be visited on their own in two to three days. To make it easier for you to decide where to start and how to end, we have compiled a ranking of Alanya attractions - in increasing order.

No. 7. Water Park Alanya

The water park of Alanya is small and not young anymore - that's why its price is low. Nice place to spend a hot day there. Alanya's water park has seven slides, a large pool and a lazy river. There are cafes where you can dine inexpensively: sets with hamburgers, fried potatoes and cola cost from 13 to 20 lire. The water park and the archaeological museum are located opposite each other.

Alanya Water Park Hours: from 8:00 to 18:00. In winter, the water park does not work.

Ticket price: 40 lire.

Alanya Waterpark is not for those who want to gasp for adrenaline. But not really for children. In general, the golden mean.

The water park is located in the very center of the city, very close to hotels and residential buildings.

No. 6. Archaeological Museum of Alanya

I’ll tell you a secret: initially the Alanya Archaeological Museum was the last in our ranking, but then we decided to go there 🙂 We were pleasantly surprised! The price is ridiculous, but there are a lot of interesting things in the museum - both in the open territory and in the building inside. There are practically no visitors, but in vain. We sincerely recommend this nice, cozy place to all tourists, you will like it.

Opening hours of the archaeological museum: from 8:00 to 18:30.

Ticket price: 6 lire.

The Archaeological Museum of Alanya is located at Cleopatra Beach. The pride of the museum is the rarest floor mosaics that are almost 1800 years old!

In the courtyard of the museum are tombs. There are thousands of similar tombs in Turkey, but very few are well preserved.

There is a lot of interesting things inside the archaeological museum of Alanya, be sure to check out, especially since the ticket there is almost free.

No. 5. Funicular

The funicular on the list of Alanya attractions is a beginner. It was opened a couple of years ago. On weekends, the telerick (the Turkish name) is in great demand among local residents, so if possible, ride on weekdays - go alone in the booth. The views from it offer stunning views of the beach, the city, and the mountains. Travel time is about 10 minutes.

Funicular operating time: from 9:30 to 20:00.

Ticket price: in one direction - 22 lira, in both directions - 28 lira.

When the funicular was still being built, this article was called “The 6 Best Places of Alanya” 🙂

We are pleased to include the funicular in our list of Alanya attractions that you need to visit.

No. 4. Damlatas cave

By God, Damlataş cave would be ready to be placed above the fortress of Alanya only thanks to Russian tourists who exclaimed at the entrance: “Wow, this is beauty in general!” After the caves visited in Laos, it’s hard for Zhenya and I to impress, but these wonderful guys helped I need to see the cave as tourists see it, just stepping on the travel path. The cave is really beautiful: it has many stalactites and stalagmites. The only negative is that it is small, and in high season there are a lot of people. Damlatas cave is located at the foot of the mountain to the left of Cleopatra's beach, if you face the sea.

Opening hours of Damlatas cave: from 10:00 to 18:00

Ticket price: 7.5 lire. If you first visit the Red Tower, which tops our rating of Alanya attractions, you can save on a ticket, for more details, see point 1.

The name of Damlatas cave comes from two words: damla - drop, taş - stone. You will be surprised, but it translates as "stalactite."

Inside the cave is really very beautiful, especially when you look up.

Sights of Alanya: such "columns" look very impressive.

No. 3. The fortress of Alanya (Alanya Kalesi)

Alanya Kalesi (read as “kalesi” rather than “khalisi”) was built in the 13th century. The fortress can be safely called a visiting card of Alanya, it is located on a rocky shore near Cleopatra's beach at an altitude of 250 meters. The fortress offers excellent views of the city and the beach. On one side, the wall descends almost to the Red Tower. Part of the fortress can be viewed for free.

Despite the fact that often articles about Alanya sights or collections on the topic “What to visit in Alanya?” Begin with a fortress, we gave it a third, and not a higher place in our list of attractions because we thought the fortress was monotonous, we expected more.

Alanya Fortress Hours: from April to October - from 08:00 to 19:00, from November to March - from 8:00 to 16:45.

Ticket price: 20 lire.

How to get to the fortress of Alanya? Before entering the fortress there is a city bus number 4, the fare is 2.5 lira. There is a stop right at the foot of the mountain, near Cleopatra's beach, where taxi drivers stand. You can also climb the funicular, and then walk for 7-10 minutes following the signs.

In total, 140 such towers are located on the wall that surrounds the fortress of Alanya.

I really like the way in ancient times decorated doorways and arches in general.

Archaeologists and scientists believe that the fortress of Alanya accommodated about 400 people. It seems that they lived quite closely.

There are a couple of equipped viewing platforms in the fortress, from where you can make excellent panoramic photos.

These, for example, are on the fortress itself.

Or such - to the city and the beach.

No. 2. Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra's beach in Alanya is the best in the area. This is a beautiful sand and pebble beach with emerald and always clear water, where there is all the necessary infrastructure and a picturesque landscape. A link to a detailed article on the beach is just below.

Working hours: around the clock.

Sunbed price: 5 lira, admission to the beach is free.

Cleopatra's beach is a place where you want to stay all day, even if you later have to bitterly mourn your burns.

A fortress is visible from Cleopatra's beach, and a beach is visible from the fortress. Alanya landmarks wonderfully coexist 🙂

No. 1. The Red Tower (Kyzyl Kule) and the shipyard

Before visiting these places, we ourselves did not think that in the article about the sights of Alanya, the question “Where to go in Alanya?” Will primarily recommend the Red Tower and the shipyard. These two attractions have become leaders in our ranking for two reasons:

1) Reality exceeded our expectations: we thought that inside the tower there was just some kind of platform, but no! Everything turned out to be much more interesting and unusual.

2) The Red Tower and the shipyard - unique places. We saw a lot of water parks, caves, beaches and ancient fortress walls (and you, probably, too), but in such a tower and even more so in an ancient shipyard we visited for the first time!

Opening hours of the Red Tower and shipyard: from 8:00 to 19:00.

Ticket Price: visiting only the Red Tower - 7 lira, visiting only the shipyard - 7 lira, visiting the Red Tower and shipyard - 10 lira, visiting the Red Tower, shipyard and cave Damlatas - 14 lira.

The Turkish Red Castle was built in the 13th century and is well preserved, but still underwent restoration 70 years ago so that tourists can visit it without hindrance.

On the ground floor of the Red Tower is a portrait of Anatoly Sultan Al-al-Din Kay-Kubad I, who ordered the construction of a shipyard and a tower to protect it.

“It is forbidden to touch objects,” reads a plate near the cannonballs. Eugene pretended that he could not speak English, and then the Turks who saw this matter then pretended that they did not know how to Turkish and also began to grab balls.

Sights of Alanya: the first floor of the Red Tower (Kyzyl Kule) is vaguely reminiscent of cells.

In the Red Tower you can climb to the very top and enjoy the wind in the tower openings.

It’s good that the tower now belongs to tourists, and not to the military, otherwise they would not have thought of making a railing to climb such steep stairs!

At the shipyard there are several small rooms where there are old anchors, navigation aids and such a skeleton of a ship.

From here the ships were launched.

We are the first time in such a place, and although the shipyard is very small, it was very interesting to walk around it.

Alanya attractions on the map

As you can see on the map below, all the attractions of Alanya are next to each other. Once you reach one, you can visit almost everything on foot.

We welcome your feedback and impressions about the visited sights of Alanya!

If you are traveling to Antalya, Alanya, Kemer or Side, we can recommend a proven travel agencywhose services we use ourselves when we come to Turkey. They have good programs, low prices and excellent guides. We have already recommended this company to friends and readers and everyone was satisfied. If interested, write to us on VotsApp / Viber +79166440605, we will send you contacts. The guys will help you make a vacation plan, send a price list and answer questions.

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