Nashshar (Naxxar)


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Naxxar is a small town in the Mediterranean island nation of Malta, with an area of ​​just over 11 square meters. km, and the population is 12 thousand people. The date of the formation of the settlement is still not known, although, according to some historians who studied many archaeological finds, people settled on this land several thousand years ago.

Moreover, in these places, mysterious ruts (rails) were discovered, known in the literature as “cart ruts”, which are the greatest mystery of Malta, and which exist for tens of millennia. In addition to these ethereal landscapes, in Nashshar there are many architectural monuments dating back to later eras.

For example, the Parish Church building, built in 1616-1630 according to the project of the famous architect Tumas Dingli in Malta, is of constant interest. Another famous religious building with unique examples of ancient sacred painting on the walls and ceilings is the temple of Knisya-tan-Nashshar. Another historical attraction is the Ill-Festa-tan-Nashshar church, the entrance of which is adorned with a magnificent old bronze door.

In the vicinity of the city, medieval chapels are curious in their architectural design. From the point of view of the feasibility of building defensive structures, Nashshar has a very favorable position, this fact did not go unnoticed by the ancient inhabitants, which is confirmed by numerous towers, trenches, redoubts, batteries, designed to repel attacks from the sea.

Today, these structures look very interesting and picturesque. Locals always proudly show the most famous city building - the Palazzo Parisio. This building at the end of the 19th century was the summer residence of a certain Jesuit fraternity. For some time, it was owned by the Marquis Giuseppe Sciclun, who thoroughly rebuilt the palace, and turned its surroundings into a garden.

Today, this beautiful area and palace are provided for free visits by tourists, and a large hall is used for wedding ceremonies. It is also known that there was a period when Nashshar was one of the largest settlements in Malta. As for the name of the city, according to one, it is necessary to say the most plausible version, it is derived from the Arabic "nasr", which can be translated as "Christianity", because it is known that the locals were among the first on the island to adopt the Christian religion.

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Island of malta.

Another unique side of Malta is the beautiful city of Nashshar, which has a special magic of interwoven history and culture.

The unique city of Malta Naxxar is architectural monuments and cozy benches surrounded by beautiful plants. City walks here will become bright and unforgettable.

The history of Malta is diverse and eventful, but the beautiful city of Nashshar occupies a special place in its formation and development. It is filled with dynamic events and unique architectural monuments of the past. Many come here precisely for the variety that can give beautiful sights, interesting excursions and unique landscapes.

In Nashshar, you can find amazing cultural monuments and masterpieces of art. A lot of impressions will give a visit to the Palazzo Parisio, which can surely be called the Maltese Versailles. This magnificent baroque palace has only recently been restored and is open to the public. The luxury of the interior of this building will impress and conquer at first sight. Even if you don’t like museum excursions, the Palazzo Parisio is worth it to spend some money and time on exploring it. In addition, there is a very beautiful garden with a cafe, which will not let your eyes rest from pomp and idleness.

The Church of the Madonna Victory is a famous landmark of Nashshar, attracting a large number of tourists. Built in 1630, it perfectly reflects the Baroque style. Its facade is decorated with sculptures and bas-reliefs, and the interior is replete with modeling, mosaics and skillfully decorated columns. It is one of the tallest buildings in Malta. In addition to this church, in Nashshar there are two more beautiful temples. The discreet but refined temple of Knisya-tan-Nashshar, distinguished by its beautiful painting, will become a place where you can find amazing elements of painting. The revered and magnificent temple of Ill-Festa-tan-Nashshar, which contains the relics of the holy martyr Vittorio, will envelop the atmosphere of a miracle and, if lucky, will tell its legends.

Having visited Naxxar, you can see the fortified pavements and embankments, old windmills, two round towers, picturesque narrow streets. In addition, there are many places to relax during walks, flower beds and flowering trees located throughout the city, convenient shops hide in their shade. Here you can have a great rest even with young children. This wonderful city of Malta is very diverse and colorful, so you can get wonderful memories from your vacation in it.