Helsinki attractions, what to see in the Finnish capital in 2 days (map marks)


The capital of Finland cannot boast of pompous lush architecture, a large number of historical sights and some particularly outstanding cultural heritage. However, Helsinki is a distinctive, atmospheric city and it definitely has a peculiar charm.

City officials welcome modern architectural designs. Thanks to this, tourists can admire the unusual church of Temppeliaukio and the chapel of silence Kamppi. Clad in granite, the embankments of the Finnish capital turn into restrained and majestic panoramas of the Baltic Sea, where cruise ships and ferries swing on the waters.

Helsinki is a solid, solid and prosperous city. There are no enchanting Gothic cathedrals and castles, but there is incomparable Kiasma, strict northern nature and the triumph of common sense.

What to see and where to go to Helsinki?

The most interesting and beautiful places for walking. Photos and a brief description.

1. Cathedral and Senate Square

Senate Square is one of the three central squares of the Finnish capital. Around it are concentrated attractions and major tourist routes. The place is decorated with the architectural ensemble of the Cathedral, which was erected in the first half of the XIX century after the proclamation of Helsinki as the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Inside the cathedral there is a monument to the founder of the Reformation - M. Luther.

2. Monument to Sibelius

Monument dedicated to the famous and revered Finnish composer Jan Sibelius. In honor of this outstanding historical figure, several streets, a music academy, and a city park are also named. The monument was erected in 1967 according to the project of E. Hiltunen. This is an abstract composition, which is a pile of metal pipes and located at the foot of the bas-relief of the composer.

3. Havis Amanda

City fountain, one of the symbols of the Finnish capital. The project was designed by sculptor W. Wallgren at the beginning of the XX century. In the middle of the sculptural group there is a statue of a woman - a “sea nymph”, with fabulous sea lions on each side. It is hard to believe, but before the installation of the monument for more than two years there was heated discussion about the decency of installing a nude in the city center.

4. Sveaborg Fortress

Sea fort located on the rocky islands near Helsinki. From the city center, you can quickly get there by ferry. Sveaborg - the Swedish name, the Finns call the fortress of Suomenlinna. The construction was erected in the middle of the XVIII century at a time when Finland was part of Sweden. The fortress was the base for the Swedish fleet and defended the approaches to Helsinki.

5. Temppeliaukio Church

The original temple, located in a natural rock. The church is considered one of the most striking sights of Helsinki. Thanks to the unusual architecture, a stunning acoustic effect is created in the church hall. The idea of ​​progressive design belongs to the Suomalainen brothers. The temple was built in the 70s. XX century and quickly gained fame and popularity. Temppeliaukio Church is visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists.

6. Assumption Cathedral

The Orthodox Church, built by the project of A.M. Gornostaev in the middle of the XIX century. The architectural style of the cathedral is a mixture of the Byzantine style and traditions of Russian temple architecture. In 1872, he was given the status of a cathedral. At the moment, the Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki is the largest Orthodox church in Western and Northern Europe.

7. Kallio Church

The granite bulk of the Kallio church is often called the vibrant creation of the so-called “Finnish” Art Nouveau or “National Romanticism”. This rather original construction appeared in 1912 and soon became the main attraction of the entire Kallio area. It is believed that the architect L. Sonck, when designing the building, took as a model a description of the Old Testament temple of Solomon (including its impressive size).

8. Church of St. John

Lutheran temple of the late XIX century, a grandiose creation of the Swedish architect A. Melander. It was built on the spot where the pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala was always celebrated. The church is very impressive in size - at the same time 2600 people are placed inside. The construction was built in the "reference" neo-Gothic style, the interior space is decorated with wooden decor, on which the best Finnish craftsmen worked.

9. Chapel of Silence of Kamppi

The modern building, erected in 2012 according to the project of M. Summanen, N. Sirol and K. Lintula, is an interesting and striking example of the latest Helsinki architecture. The chapel is not a temple in the usual sense, there are no services, but on its territory you can get psychological help or just relax from the hustle and bustle of urban space.

10. National Museum of Finland

Museum of the History of Finland, where you can trace the path of development of the land of Suomi (as the Finns call their state) from ancient times to the modern period. Museum expositions are quite extensive - from clay shards to the thrones of rulers, from medieval weapons to the technological achievements of Nokia. The museum was opened to visitors in 1916.

11. Museum of Design

The museum exhibits demonstrate the achievements of Finnish applied art. It often hosts exhibitions, international events, demonstrations of fashion collections of young designers. The museum was established in 1873 as a workshop for teaching applied arts. Now this place is considered one of the best modern creative sites in Europe.

12. Museum of Natural History

One of the three largest national museums in Finland. The exposition dedicated to natural history and evolution is located on four floors. Among the most valuable artifacts are fossil exhibits that are more than a thousand years old. The collection is divided into four parts: “Life Story”, “Nature of Finland”, “History of Bones”, “Nature of the World”.

13. Scientific Museum "Eureka"

The museum is located in Vantaa near the Finnish capital. It is an interactive gaming, educational and entertainment center where visitors of different ages can experiment, explore the nature of physical phenomena and just spend time with good use. In museum “laboratories”, under the guidance of specialists, more complex experiments can be carried out.

14. Art Museum Athenaeum

The art gallery, which houses a rich collection of works of art. A special place is given to the canvases of Finnish artists - representatives of the Golden Age in national art. There are also works by recognized world classics: Van Gogh, P. Gauguin, Modigliani, Degas, F. Goya, Cezanne and others. The collection contains a large number of paintings by Russian artists: Levitan, Shishkin, Repin, Polenov.

A grand museum of modern art located in a monumental building of modern architecture. The museum specializes in collecting works by Finnish masters and artists from nearby countries. Often, many works are created specifically for Kiasma. Now the museum’s collection includes a total of 9 thousand exhibits, but the funds are constantly replenished and the exposition is growing.

16. Seurasaari - an open-air museum

The museum is located on the island of the same name west of Helsinki. Similar expositions are in many European countries, they are designed to acquaint tourists with the traditional way of life and the life of the local population. In Seurasaari, you can see the wooden dwellings of rural residents, Finnish saunas, farm buildings, mills, religious buildings brought from all over the country.

17. Market Square

The square was formed at the beginning of the XIX century. Since then, the market has been located here, popular with Helsinki guests and local residents. On the square you can buy souvenirs, fresh products, excellent fish, as well as a delicious lunch. Ferries to Suomenlinna depart from here. An obelisk is installed in the square in honor of the Russian Empress Alexandra Fedorovna.

18. Old Covered Market

Shopping arcades on the shore of the South Bay, located in an elegant brick building of the XIX century. A large selection of meat, fish, seafood, bread, various pastries is presented on the market. There is also a local delicatessen and sushi shop - a restaurant. The old covered market is a fairly atmospheric place with carved wooden counters, small shops and friendly sellers.

19. Helsinki Railway Station

The relatively small building of the capital's railway station is an architectural monument of the early XX century. It was built by the architect E. Saarinen. The Art Nouveau facade is decorated with figures of stone giants created by E. Wickström. Numerous commuter trains and long-distance trains departing from the station to various European countries and to Russia.

20. Waterpark Serena

Water park in the suburbs of Helsinki, which is open to the public all year round. Quite a lot of slides are located in the open air, and you can often see a picture of how, during the cool Finnish summer, children frolic in water at a temperature of only +19 ° C. When buying an All Inclusive ticket, you can visit all the attractions, a bar and a restaurant (alcohol for a fee).

21. Sea Life Center

Aquarium located in the northern part of the Finnish capital. A wide variety of marine life is represented in Sea Life aquariums: stingrays, sharks, corals, jellyfish, seahorses, exotic tropical fish, inhabitants of the harsh northern seas. Group tours in Finnish, Swedish and English are organized around the aquarium. The guide also contains information in Russian.

22. Lynnanmäki

Amusement and amusement park, quite popular with tourists and locals. Up to a million visitors come to Lynnanmäki annually. Carousels and park rides are made in leading European countries and meet the latest safety requirements. There are several free rides for children in the park.

23. Korkeasaari Zoo

The zoo is located on the island of the same name. It was founded in 1889 by A. Fabrizius. The first inhabitants of the zoo were bears. Snow leopards live on the territory of Korkeasaari, which today are on the verge of extinction. In addition to the magnificent northern animals, in the zoo you can admire the reptiles, tropical birds, and representatives of exotic fauna.

24. The Botanical Garden

The garden is located near the central part of Helsinki. Rosaries are set up on the territory of the park, greenhouses and a system of artificial ponds are created. In summer, the garden turns into a magnificent flowering and fragrant canvas. Themed events, various exhibitions, contests, actions in nature protection are regularly held on its territory.

25. Esplanade Park

The city park, the Finnish Champs Elysees and one of the favorite places for walks by locals and visitors to Helsinki. Here you can relax in between visits to the many shops and sights of the Finnish capital. In the eastern part of Esplanade there is a small concert venue where progressive music groups perform in the summer.

What to see in Helsinki. Where to go

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The main attractions of Helsinki

All the famous places in Helsinki can be easily bypassed in one day, if, of course, get up early. It is logical to start a walk from Senate Square. The architectural ensemble includes the buildings of the Cathedral, the Palace of the State Council, the University and - the center of composition - a monument to Alexander II, beloved Tsar of the Finns. In winter, hundreds of our compatriots celebrate the New Year here, and in the summer various events are held: from fairs to music festivals.

A little further away, on the shore, there is another square - Kauppatori, a real tourist paradise with many souvenirs, traditional crafts and treats. In October, a herring reigns on it: a thematic fish festival gathers fishermen from all over Finland.

The square overlooks the Assumption Cathedral - another iconic place. It is considered the largest Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe.

From the cathedral, returning to the shopping area, through the neat clean streets you can go to the Kaivopuisto park. Locals here run, walk with dogs, go Nordic walking, just sit on benches, chatting, which is a very cozy place for reflection and a relaxing holiday.

At least half a day will be spent on visiting the Suomenlinna fortress, which is located on several islands at once. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Summer festivities are organized here, and on Midsummer Day - games with bonfires.

The most famous monument of Helsinki is dedicated to the Finnish composer Jan Sibelius, author of the unofficial anthem of Finland. Several hundred copper pipes cause mixed emotions, but do not cease to attract the attention of tourists.

The railway station is extremely interesting: no, not by the opportunity to leave it to any point in Europe, but by a peculiar architecture. The entrance to the building is guarded by giant Atlanteans.

Where to go with a child in Helsinki

The capital of Finland is well prepared to receive young travelers who learn a lot of new and interesting things during their trip.

First of all, you need to go to the zoo on the island of Korkeasaari. Here are created the conditions for living 200 species of animals from all over the planet.

The Lynnanmäki amusement park will be a real revelation for the child: it is a whole city of entertainment for every taste: 40 attractions, a cinema, game libraries, a 50-meter rotating platform.

Very close to the park is the Sea Life marine center with coral fish, seahorses and even sharks.

An interesting museum, Seurasaari, is also located on the island. This is an ethnic park with samples of wooden Finnish architecture.

A trip to the popular science center Eureka, where children are immersed in the world of discoveries in the fields of astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics, will be informative. Adults are no less enthusiastic than children.

Museums can also be entertaining, and the Natural Science Museum is a confirmation of this, where boys and girls are introduced to various fields of natural science in a fascinating way.

Helsinki Central Station

Thanks to convenient railway connections with St. Petersburg (just 3.5 hours by Allegro train, with the border crossing right on the way), for many residents of our northern capital, acquaintance with Helsinki just starts from the Main Station. By the way, tickets for Allegro can be bought at a price of 25 euros, if you take care of this in advance.

Helsinki Central Railway Station - a powerful building made of pink granite slabs, with giant atlantas at the entrance, one of the most spectacular architectural objects in Helsinki

Esplanade Park

The Esplanade park is a promenade park with benches along a pedestrian alley and a monument to Finnish poet Runeberg in the center of the alley. The poet’s head is a favorite place of pigeons, whenever we pass by, one of the birds always occupied a vacant place 🙂

This alley leads directly to the market square, to the popular ancient restaurant of the 19th century Cappelli, opposite which in the summer there is a stage with visual places for musical evenings and fashion shows. We just got a couple of jazz shows 🙂

Havis Amanda Fountain - Sea Nymph

The bronze sculpture of the girl - a symbol of Helsinki, arrived in the capital at the beginning of the 20th century by sea from Paris, where it was created by the Finnish sculptor who lived there.

Once the Havis Amanda fountain, or rather the sculpture of a naked girl, caused a resurgence and indignation of the inhabitants, but over time the “obscene sculpture” took root, well, or just the customs of the townspeople changed :)
Well, the tourist fountain immediately became a favorite place for photos and just relaxing
Opposite the fountain they sell delicious ice cream, including my favorite - with liquorice
The fountain statue is located just at the end of the Esplanade Park, in front of the oldest Market Square.

Old Market and Market Square

1889 Old Red Brick Indoor Shopping Market
Perhaps, once upon a time, something colorful could be seen here, the market really attracted a lot of gourmets, now, in my opinion, it is just a tourist attraction, and the prices, by the way, are too high there, in comparison with an ordinary chain supermarket .

The Market Square is like a continuation of the market, the second version, but already in the open air, right on the bay
If in the early morning and late evening it is a very calm, pleasant place for walking, where there is no hint of shopping malls, then from 10 to 16 hours it turns into a bustling market where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs - from factory boring trinkets and magnets to designer finds. You can buy a deer skin or fur hats,
hand-made crafts made of wood, fresh fish and seafood, berries / fruits from farms, and also sit in a cafe / coffee shop. In the center of the square there is an obelisk with a two-headed eagle
Well, if you want to escape from this square, it is best to do it through small cozy streets (Tori Quarters quarter) leading to the Cathedral

Sibelius Monument

An unusual monument to the famous Finnish composer Jan Sibelius (Sibelius Monument) is one of the most famous sights of Helsinki. In addition to the sculptural portrait and engraving,
the main part of the monument is an ensemble of copper organ pipes, as if hanging in the air
If you stand under them and look up, you’ll see something unimaginable, something cosmic ..
But the main highlight and idea of ​​the sculptor Eila Hiltunen in a special arrangement of pipes is to blow the wind, the pipes begin to buzz, and connoisseurs and connoisseurs of the music of the composer, listening, learn the most famous sketches of Sibelius. Well, or conjecture them in the head 😉

All this composition of Sibelius is located in the eponymous park, which is located in the northwest of the city center. It is very pleasant to walk to the park and the monument along the picturesque streets of Helsinki, but you can also get there by tram.

Campi Chapel of Silence

Another unusual object, but this time already modern, the Kamppi Chapel of Silence Chapel is probably one of Helsinki's newest sights. In the busiest place in Helsinki, you can suddenly relax from the bustle, sit in complete silence and enjoy only your thoughts

Church in the Temppeliaukio rock

The church in the Temppeliaukio Rock (Rock Church) was built relatively recently, in the middle of the last century, therefore it attracts not by its antiquity, but by its unusualness - it is located right inside the rock.

The plan of the architects of the Suomalainen brothers was to blow up a rock, and install a glass dome on top of the formed funnel to allow natural light to enter the monastery
From the side, Temppeliaukio Church resembles a certain UFO object, in the evening, with the backlight on, it is like a flying saucer. During our trip, repairs were carried out outside
The church is famous for its acoustics; not only services are held here, but also concerts - from organ music to rock band performances, many of them are free, like the entrance to the church itself.

Gothic Church of St. John

And this Lutheran church of St. John (Johanneksenkirkko) on the hill belongs to my favorite style in architecture - Gothic (specifically this church in the neo-Gothic style)
He is far from the largest Gothic cathedral in the world in Cologne, but if you are not very familiar with such architecture, then I am sure that this church will undoubtedly impress, the interior of the church also corresponds to its style.

By the number of seats, this is the largest church in Finland (capacity 2,600 people), the building is 59 meters long and the spiers are 74 meters high. Services, baptisms, engagements, and burials are held inside.

Helsinki Zoo Korkeasaari

Helsinki Zoo (Helsinki Zoo Korkeasaari) is located on the island of the same name Korkeasaari, it is one of the oldest zoos in the world. Here the most diverse flora and fauna is collected, including South America, Amazon, Asia, Africa, more than 150 species of animals and 1000 species of plants.

You can get to the zoo either by ferry or by bus over the bridge.

Suomenlinna Fortress (Sveaborg)

The fortress of Suomenlinna (Sea Fortress) of the 18th century, originally belonged to the Swedish state, but at the beginning of the 19th century it became the property of Russian tsars. All the guns in the fortress were cast in Russia, the inscriptions on them are also Russian.

Now in the fortress you can walk not only through the territory of the Big Courtyard, but also through thick stone walls, see various defensive weapons, the oldest docks and look into 6 museums (military, customs, toy museum, submarine and museum of the artist Alice Martin with miniature ship models ), entrance to museums - from 2 to 5 euros. There is also a working prison, one hostel and cafe with a restaurant
Suomenlinna Fortress, as an important attraction of Helsinki, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, although it is located on an island, it is only 2 km from the mainland, so it won’t take a lot of time, ferries take 15 minutes, departure from Market Square

Seurasaari Island - Open Air Museum

On the island of Seurasaari there is a whole collection of samples of architecture and everyday life (houses, farms, barns, mills, church, etc.) from all over Finland, including the house-museum of the President of Finland. In total, there are 85 objects on the island, and they make up the open-air museum (Seurasaari Open-Air Museum).

The Seurasaari park itself is huge and suitable for outdoor recreation, picnics, there is even a beach here.

We have been to similar museum-parks in Latvia, Lithuania, Java and Bali.

Boat trips around the archipelago

Numerous sea tours to nearby islands also start from the Market Square
Routes - from one and a half to three hours
Other cruises depart from here, for example, this stately wooden ship sailing in Porvoo
And this handsome man is probably much further
There are also several ferry terminals in Helsinki, with departures to Sweden, Estonia, Germany and other countries.

About our small tour along the imperial route can be found here:

Helsinki Museums

Well, for a special immersion in the culture of Finland, you can look into the most popular museums in Helsinki. I am sure, given the weather conditions, this list will be especially relevant for trips in late autumn and winter:

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma
  • Helsinki Museum (Kaupunginmuseo)
  • Museum of Natural History (Finnish Museum of Natural History)
  • Helsinki Design Museum
  • Amos Anderson Art Museum
  • Ateneum Art Museum

Unusual buildings and monuments in Helsinki

There are simply very beautiful buildings in Helsinki, for example, the Finnish National Theater, like an old impregnable castle,
And tourists in the photo with suitcases because the theater is next to the main railway station 🙂

I also liked the building of the former customs of 1900,
Another interesting building is a former prison. By the way, now this building is occupied by the Best Western Premier Hotel Katajanokka, decorated in the appropriate style, so if you want you can live in it, it’s very atmospheric inside and out. Hotel room prices can be viewed here.

in this area (Katayanokka) there are a lot of similar red brick structures, unusual buildings and statues

This monument, in the form of an underwater mine, is dedicated to sappers who died during the clearance of the Gulf of Finland
However, there are many different monuments not only on the islet of Katayanokka, for example - this is the Statue of Liberty, dedicated to Finnish-Soviet friendship
And this is the monument “3 blacksmiths”, symbolizing the severity of the blacksmith's craft. However, there is also a fabulous legend according to which they try to forge “happiness”, as a certain witch promised to give her daughter away for someone who can do it. On the hammer and the anvil are visible traces of a shell that exploded nearby during World War II

The following places are more for entertainment than for the sights of Helsinki.

Scientific and entertainment center "Eureka" (Heureka)

Eureka is a whole complex devoted to fundamental sciences. Here are hundreds of exhibits from a variety of scientific fields - physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc. All exhibits are interactive, they can be touched, twisted, twirled. For various experiments, experiments, on unusual interactive simulators, you can spend half a day.

We were here on one of our first trips to Helsinki and were very impressed - we traveled for a couple of hours, but hung for a long time 🙂 We highly recommend this place, especially if you have not been to such museums before.

To get to the Heureka Science Center, you need to get to Tikkurila Station. More information about the center can be found on the official website.

Lynnanmäki Amusement Park and Sea Life Center

The Linnanmäki Amusement Park is one of the oldest parks with rare wooden roller coasters and exciting modern novelty slides, as well as a free panoramic observation deck
I tell you more about the park and all its attractions here:

The territory also has a unique Sea Life Center dedicated to the underwater world, with 50 pools and a huge glass tunnel, with various tropical fish, jellyfish, seahorses and even sharks.

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium hosts various shows, competitions and concerts. The stadium was built to host the XV Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952

Next to the stadium is the Olympic Stadium Tower, 72 meters high, which offers excellent views of the capital, ticket price is 5 euros.

Water parks in Helsinki

There are 2 of them - a small Flamingo Park in Vantaa (Flamingo Water Park), as well as the oldest and largest Scandinavian “Serena” in Espoo (Serena Water Park)
We were in Serena, its distinguishing feature is that a significant part of it is in the open air, I tell you more about it here:

Finnair SkyWheel Ferris Wheel

Finnair SkyWheel - a huge ferris wheel on the promenade,
360 degree view
At the foot of the wheel there is a nice open-air cafe, there are tables for large companies, cozy tables for small ones, there are even beach chairs, plaids help to escape from the wind
Prices in the cafe, by the way, are quite adequate. Ticket for a wheel - 12 euros.

Excursions in Helsinki

Well, if you want to not only see the sights of Helsinki, but also look into the secret corners of the Finnish capital, as well as listen to interesting stories from residents of the city, or take a trip to the surroundings - choose a tour of your choice (until the end of January you can get a discount on the code TRIPSTER10) .


Among other things, Helsinki has many beautiful parks with lakes,
including a botanical garden, beautiful marinas and embankments
You can get to all the interesting places on foot, by bicycle or by public transport (ticket for 1 hour, if you buy on a bus / tram - 3 euros, if in a vending machine - 2.3, while travel by ground transport can be combined with the metro). Trams No. 2 and No. 3 go almost along tourist routes
You can leave Togrovaya Square on a special “open” tram on a circular route through the center of Helsinki for 5 euros.

Also, for sightseeing in Helsinki, a "hop-on hop-off bus" is convenient, departing from the center and from Senate Square every half hour, only 18 stops, cost from 25 euros for 24 hours of unlimited trips + audio guide in 10 languages.

If you want to save a little on such tours / excursions, then do not forget to look at the Finnish Groupon, from time to time there are interesting promotions, for example, hop-on hop-off bus from 12 euros.

Also, visiting museums and all kinds of excursions, including trips in public transport, allows you to save the “Guest Card” - the Helsinki Card.

It is possible that in the near future we will again be in Helsinki, and it is possible that we will discover something new here, stay with us!

Where to stay in Helsinki

If you plan to visit the Finnish capital and have not yet decided where to stay, we recommend that you look at accommodation options on Airbnb, there are very good options (do not forget to get a bonus on your first booking!)

Here are some reviews of those hotels that we stayed at ourselves, or which we can recommend.

Business hotel away from the center:

Good hotel in the country:

See all hotels in Helsinki

By the way, it was in Helsinki that we appreciated the Uber service, where a taxi ride over a short distance (especially if you are several people) can sometimes be comparable in cost to public transport. If you have not used Uber yet, then during registration you can get a bonus on your first trip, just enter the coupon code: 0tdl6y.

Helsinki Main Attractions Route

Tourists often make transfers in Helsinki. Instead of waiting for the next flight at Vantaa Airport, you can take a walk in the center.

There, tourists admire the Gulf of Finland and stylish architecture. Finns know how to harmoniously combine natural and artificial materials, simple and complex shapes. Therefore, there are many unusual buildings, monuments and churches. In 2012, Helsinki even received the status of the world capital of design.

I made a walking route in Helsinki for 4 km. During the walk you can walk around the center at a comfortable pace and see the main attractions of the capital of Finland.

To get from the airport to the beginning of the route, you need to take bus number 1 and go to Lutherinkatu street. The fare is 5.5 € (413 R). If you are arriving from another place, the route is conveniently laid out at the local transport site.

Temppeliaukio Church It’s interesting to see, regardless of religion. It is cut down right in the rock - a very unusual sight. The church reminded me of the scenery from Game of Thrones. Entrance costs 3 € (225 R). If you're lucky, you can listen to the organ.

Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art - A popular place among tourists. There it is interesting to see not only the exhibits, but also the building itself with its smooth lines and a lot of light. Entrance to Kiasma costs 11-15 € (827 - 1127.73 R), depending on the category of ticket. Children under 18 are allowed free of charge.

Mannerheim Avenue - the central street of Helsinki. On the map, this is the section from Kiasma to the turn to the Esplanade Park. There are many shops, cafes and popular Finnish department stores Sokos and Stockmann. Typically, winter collections begin to be sold in November, summer - in July. Finnish sale - ale. Even with the euro, you can find things cheaper than in Russia.

Unusual notebooks, for example, with recycled tire covers or drawings by Finnish artists of the thirties, are sold in stationery stores on the avenue and neighboring streets. On average, a notebook costs 3-15 € (225 - 1125 R).

It is better to go to Temppeliaukio church in the morning when light penetrates the hall through an unusual roof.Photo: Jaakko Hakulinen / Flickr

Esplanade Park - a cozy lime garden. In summer, it’s good to just sit on a bench and look at passers-by.

Also in the park is the Kappeli restaurant with beautiful windows instead of walls. This is one of the city's attractions: the restaurant was opened in 1867. Inside, it can be seen that it was restored very carefully to preserve the spirit of antiquity. The food at Kappeli is tasty, but the prices are Scandinavian high: meat with a side dish and a glass of wine will cost an average of 50 € (3,762 R).

Senate square with the cathedral - one of the most popular places for tourists in the city. In winter, Christmas markets and carousels are set up in the square. In summer, tourists sit on the steps of the cathedral and enjoy the view of the city.

To the Kaisa and Oodi libraries you can go to museums of architecture or just read books.

Kaisa-talo is the main building of the university library. The building is constructed so that at the entrance all floors and a transparent roof are visible immediately. Each floor of the building is narrower than the previous one, so it resembles a spaceship.

Entrance to the library is free, no passport required. Many books in English are in the public domain: take and read. Comfortable armchairs are placed in the halls, some of them opposite wide windows with a view of the city. You can read, drink coffee in them and at the same time not feel the displeased look of the librarian on yourself.

The Helsinki Central Library “Oodi” was opened at the end of 2018. This is a large three-story building of unusual shape. Admission is free, there are books in Russian, Arabic and even Somali. Even at Oodi you can drink coffee, go to the cinema and work at the computer.

Helsinki University Library. Photo: pedroko_75 / Flickr Library "Oodi". Photo: Maria Pokryshkina

Helsinki House of Music - This is a large cultural center in the city center. They listen to classical music and jazz. If you like concerts, I advise you to look there.

In the House of Music there are several rooms that are designed for a different number of people. I like the large concert hall: in addition to the excellent acoustics there, the hall itself looks very stylish.

A ticket costs 25-35 € (1881 - 2633.4 R), for pensioners - 22 € (1655 R), students - 10 € (752 R). Free concerts sometimes take place. The schedule is convenient to watch on the official website.

Tongue. Most Finns are fluent in English. There are many Russian-speaking emigrants in the city. But before the trip, I still recommend downloading the translator: some labels or menus are not translated into English. If you don’t know Finno-Ugric languages, you won’t be able to guess the meaning of the words. For example, fruit juice is hedelmämehu.

Flight. Through Helsinki, you can cheaply get to other European cities on the Norwegian low-cost airline Norwich. If you get on sale, a flight to France or the Canaries will cost 2000 R one way. From Moscow to Helsinki can be reached on the "Victory", on average tickets cost 5,000 R in both directions.

on average there are air tickets from Moscow to Helsinki and back

Food. When the euro costs 74 rubles, food in Finnish restaurants is either expensive or very expensive. On average, pasta will cost 12-25 € (900 - 1875 R), meat with a side dish - 25-35 € (1900 - 2660 R). Save in buffets: there for a fixed amount you can eat without restrictions. For example, lunch at Haru sushi or Rax costs about 12 € (900 R). Japanese food is served at Harushi Sushi, pizza and fried chicken are served at Raks.

If you don’t like fast food and want to save on food as much as possible, you can buy it at the supermarket. A piece of smoked salmon for two costs 6 € (451 Р), a can of pesto - 1,5 € (112 Р), a large package of Phaser bread - 2 € (150 Р), a package of Spanish jamon - 3 € (225 Р). Everything is very tasty and fresh.

Saunas. Finns love to steam: in the country there are 2-3 million saunas for 5.4 million people. One of the most popular saunas in Helsinki is the Löyly. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. A two-hour visit costs 19 € (1430 R). The price includes a towel, shampoo and a napkin for a bench. It is better to book time in advance on the site: this is a popular place.

In Helsinki and the surrounding area, you can rent floating saunas. A water sauna with a roof terrace will cost 150 € (11 300 R) for two hours. Renting a sauna with a yacht cruise for 12 people costs 1,099 € (82,700 R).

Hiking in the main sights of Helsinki

Helsinki is a very compact city, so the most convenient transportation here for two. And there is definitely something to see in Helsinki, because it was not in vain that he was called up in 2012 to the World Design Capital. To begin with, we present to you almost one of the most detailed maps of Helsinki sights, below is a brief description of each of them.

So, the sights of Helsinki on Google Maps:

One of the central attractions of Helsinki - Senate Square to contents ↑

Free museums

Most Helsinki museums are paid, but they definitely have days of free admission. (If your plans include visiting several museums at once, it will be cheaper to buy Helsinki cards for 41 euros, with it you can go to museums, main attractions, tours, etc.) Below is a list of museums that you can visit for free.

Sveaborg (Suomenlinna) - one of the most popular free places in Helsinki to content ↑

Kallio District

A trendy area north of the center of Helsinki. There are boutiques, cafes, markets, restaurants, designer shops - and many more exciting places, so feel free to go that way and go where your eyes look. We will list the obligatory to visit.

Cozy cafes are the hallmark of the cold winter Helsinki :) to the contents ↑

Designer shops

A great way to get to know the unique products of Helsinki and Finland in general - and who knows, you may find several items at an affordable price.

Helsinki - the world capital of Design to content ↑

Mummy Troll Shop (Moomin Shop)

Finns simply adore mummies of trolls, known from stories about the “trolls" - funny animals that look like cute hippos. This is perhaps even the best-selling Finnish image (except, perhaps, Santa Claus). Mummy trolls were invented in the 1940s by the writer Tove Jansson, and you can look at them closer or buy a couple of souvenirs in the Moomin store in the Forum shopping center (New customers get a 10% discount)

Design District

All lovers of designer things will be delighted with him. At the beginning, the district was formed by local entrepreneurs, who in 2005 decided to gather all the creative businesses of the area in one place: fashion stores, jewelry stores, art galleries, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Churches and Cathedrals

Helsinki has relatively few such facilities, but they are definitely worth a visit.

Surprisingly, religious buildings in Helsinki also meet modern trends in design and beauty to the content ↑

Assumption Cathedral

It is also called the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is the largest Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe, represents the embodiment of Russia's influence on the history of Finland. The building is very magnificent both outside and inside. And, what is especially nice, the entrance to the Assumption Cathedral and Helsinki Cathedral, unlike most cathedrals throughout Europe, is free.

Chapel of Silence (Kamppi Chapel)

This is not a standard chapel, since its doors are open to everyone, regardless of their religion, philosophy or belief. In the chapel you can enjoy peace and tranquility, taking a break from the noise of the city. In addition to the unusual philosophical concept, the chapel is beautiful and the exterior is a great example of modern architecture. Entrance to the chapel is free.

Helsinki Parks

If you suddenly want to escape from urban space and stay closer to nature, in Helsinki there is always some kind of park nearby. The best of them are presented below.

Helsinki is a very clean and comfortable city, on the territory of which there are many huge parks to contents ↑

Sibelius Park

Large and beautiful islet of greenery in the city. The park was named after the world famous composer Jan Sibelius, and there is a monument to Sibelius - an impressive steel structure resembling organ pipes with a height of 8.5 meters. The monument is considered one of the local attractions.

Helsinki Music Center (Helsinki Music Center - Musiikkitalo)

The center was opened in 2011, events for every musical taste are held in this first-class concert hall. Most shows are paid, but there are often free concerts (usually student or beginner artists) that anyone can attend. Look for a detailed program on the official website.

Places near Helsinki

There are several places for which it is worth leaving for a while the center of Helsinki, and go on a mini-journey by bus. We promise you will not regret it!

Navigator in your hands and go! :) to the contents ↑

Nuuksio National Park

The park is about 40 minutes by bus from the city, and it looks like a huge square with a typical Finnish landscape. Nuuksio has a range of paid services and excursions, but independent visits are free. The park has well-marked hiking routes, so you can, without fear, walk or ride a bike: it is impossible to get lost here. Camping with tents and picnics are also allowed.

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland, and the journey from Helsinki takes less than an hour. You will surely fall in love with its charming red wooden houses on the promenade and cobblestone streets. Be sure to check out the Old Town, built in the Middle Ages, and the old train station.