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6 attractions of La Pineda

La Pineda is a small Catalan town located on the Costa Dorada, 4 kilometers from Salou.

"El pino" is translated as "pine", since there are a lot of Mediterranean pines. In the city, on the promenade of Pau Casals, an installation in the form of pines is installed.

La Pineda is a relatively young, but already well-known resort on the Costa Dorada. It is especially popular with family vacationers. There are four beaches. They are very clean and not crowded, the entrance to the sea is gentle, which makes them ideal for bathing children. One of the beaches of Playa del Rac was awarded the Blue Flag beaches quality certificate.

For adults, there are diving and water sports instructors on the beaches.

Along the coast you can walk along the promenade, which stretches for 2.5 km.

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Sights of La Pineda:


Sanctuary of the Virgin of La Pineda (Santuari de la Mare de Déu de la Pineda).

Palaces, castles, fortresses



Streets, boulevards and squares

Gardens and parks

Waterpark Aquapolis (Aquopolis-Costa-Dorada) is designed to visit 3,000 people at a time.

  • Pineda Drink - a relaxation area, including bars, restaurants, evening discos are held here.

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How to get from Barcelona to La Pineda?
First you need to get to Tarragona by bus or train.

Then take the bus from Tarragona to La Pineda.

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By bus, by train

Duration 6 min. The distance is 9 km.
Carrier Empresa Plana. The fare is 2–5 EUR.

Duration 33 min. Distance 43 km.
Carrier Renfe Viajeros. The fare is 7–9 EUR.

Duration 6 min. The distance is 7 km.
Carrier Renfe Cercanias. The fare is 5-7 EUR.

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Independently drive 45 minutes by car. The distance between Loy Pineda and Sitges is 69 km. You will spend 6 liters of gas for about € 7.

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