Features of visiting the Aquarium in Protaras


The Oceanarium in Protaras (Cyprus) is the habitat of more than 1000 species of sea and river creatures, including stingrays, turtles, penguins and crocodiles. Here you can not only relax and unwind, but also plunge into the depths of a very diverse underwater world or take a stroll through the beautiful tropical garden, whose territory is 12,500 square meters. meters.

What to do when visiting the aquarium?

If you come to Protaras (Cyprus), do not forget to follow these 4 simple steps in the aquarium (this is very interesting!):

1. Discover the depths of the sea.

In the Protaras Aquarium you can see with your own eyes all the wonders of the depths - from the beautiful wealth of coral reefs to the dark abysses of the Atlantic. In this extraordinary journey, you will meet fast-moving eels, piranhas, angel fish, spotted angel cichlids and other marine life. You will also come across turtles. They slowly swim or crawl about their business.

2. Meet the inhabitants of the garden.

In the Aquarium of Protaras you can find the Humboldt penguins, which usually live on the rocky coasts of Peru and Chile. They are kept in conditions that are most suitable for them. In addition, there are scary Siamese (up to 3-4 meters long) and Nile (up to 4.5-5.5 m.) Crocodiles, as well as raccoons, the hallmark of which is a black mask around the eyes. There are monkeys here - they are happy to jump from one tree to another and get acquainted with visitors. It is worth noting that, despite the presence of terrifying reptiles, a visit to the aquarium is absolutely safe for both adults and children.

3. Get to know exotic birds.

In the Protaras Aquarium you can see various exotic birds brought here from different parts of the world. Many parrots, including Corella and Rosella, Virginia quail, Egyptian turtledove - these are just a small part of those "flyers" that can be found when walking through a tropical garden. I especially like to watch them for small children.

4. Celebrate a significant day.

Owners of the oceanarium are ready to provide you with services for organizing birthdays or weddings. Make your holiday truly exotic! Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the event in the beautiful tropical garden, in a delightfully calm atmosphere.

Where to have lunch or a snack?

If you feel hungry, you can always sit down at a table set next to the fountain and enjoy the dishes served here, ice cream or a cool, refreshing drink. You are unlikely to be able to get enough food, of course, but to have a bite to eat is excellent. After eating, set off to look again at the penguins walking along the rocky “shore” next to the pool.

Are precautionary measures necessary?

They are not just needed, but required. So, to protect yourself from the sun and its glare, you should bring glasses with you. To save from sunburn, be sure to use protective creams or ointments. Escaping from insects, which, despite the preventive measures taken by the leadership of the aquarium, are still here, special remedies for “pests” will help you. You should take them with you, buy nowhere.

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to feed animals in the ocean aquarium! All its inhabitants are on a balanced diet, which ensures their optimal weight and good health. Therefore, try not to throw the crumbs in the pools and not give the monkeys bananas.

Watch your kids! To avoid dangers and misunderstandings, make sure that they are always near you.

Visiting time and ticket price

You can view the photo of the Aquarium in Protaras at any time, but visit it only from April to October, from 10 am to 6 pm local time. In the remaining months, as well as on clean Monday (February 19) and Easter Sunday, it is closed. At this time, visiting it is useless!

To enter the territory of the aquarium, you must pay the entrance. An adult ticket costs 810 rubles (12 euros), a child - 475 rubles (7 €). Toddlers under 2 years old are allowed free of charge. When visiting the ocean aquarium, the group provides discounts. To book a group visit, you should call the owners of the attractions of Cyprus in advance. By contact numbers you can get any additional information.

What do other tourists say?

Tourists leave mostly neutral or positive reviews about the Protaras Aquarium. They like the variety of fish swimming in well-lit aquariums, the presence of penguins and alligators, and various exotic birds. Many people write that a large number of parrots fly here, who are practically not afraid of people. However, it is forbidden to touch them without special permission from the owners of the aquarium.

The only negative, almost upsetting everyone, is the cost of visiting. People say that, of course, everything is very interesting here, but for 810 rubles (12 euros) I want to see a little more than you can now. Still, the aquarium is not so big, and the ticket price does not match the value of the tour.

How to get to the aquarium in Protaras?

The Aquarium can be reached either by bus or by car. In the first case, you should take public transport in the center of Protaras. The required numbers are 101, 102 and 111. Do not forget to say the coveted word to the driver - “oceanarium”. He will stop where necessary. In the case of a trip by car, you should use the help of the navigator. He will indicate how to get to the appointed place. Near the aquarium there is free parking, you can leave your car on it. Have a nice trip!

How to get there

The oceanarium in Protaras attracts many vacationers. To get into it, of course, you should come to the resort town itself.

Taxi drivers will be happy to deliver on-site requirements for 5-10 euros, or they will have to use a local bus. There go routes: 102, 103, 703, 711 and some others. There are signs on the minibuses that they are heading to the Ocean Aquarium.

Hall with the inhabitants of the deep sea

Aquarium in Protaras is the main attraction of the aquarium. The hall with the inhabitants of the deep sea is the pride of Cyprus. Not only small sea fish are housed here, but also sharks, stingrays, chimeras.

All of them are kept in separate aquariums. Visitors get acquainted with information about fish using special plates. Information is given in Greek and English.

Penguin house

For penguins created a special artificial environment in which they live. It resembles those natural conditions that are familiar to penguins.

Funny pets are within walking distance of visitors, they are being watched, photographed, and the habits of the inhabitants of the South Pole are studied.

Crocodile Aviaries

Ticket price includes access to crocodile enclosures.

Reptiles feel at ease: the conditions of detention are as close as possible to natural ones. Some crocodiles reach a length of 3 meters. But visiting the enclosures is safe, provided that the visitors themselves will not reach the toothy animals.

Tourists manage to closely examine the green giants - they often come out of the water and bask in the sun.

Exotic Bird Area

In the area with exotic birds, parrots of all kinds, partridges, swallows and other birds of the rainforest.

The area is filled with greenery, birds chirping on the branches and fly freely. A curious sight that children enjoy.

Rules for visiting the Protaras Aquarium

On the territory of the oceanic aquarium, personnel are on duty who monitor the behavior of visitors. The following rules must be observed:

  • you can’t bring food
  • you can’t feed the inhabitants
  • you can’t touch them,
  • No smoking in the Ocean Aquarium
  • In no case should you make noise and talk loudly - this can scare animals.

Remember the requirements - this will allow you to spend time in safety and without conflicts with staff. For violation of the rules faces a fine.

Where to have lunch

The open-air oceanarium has a cozy cafe. Visitors will be offered a selection of salads, drinks, sandwiches and ice cream.

If hungry thoroughly, order a set lunch. Serves Greek or Cypriot cuisine. For example, guests like to order halumi - a local type of cheese.

If the child has a birthday, give him a gift and celebrate the holiday at Ocean Aquarium Cafe. Such a service is available if ordered in advance.

Ticket prices

The visitor's age affects the price of the admission ticket:

  • children under 2 years old - free admission,
  • children from 2 to 13 years old will pay 7 euros for the ticket.

The cost of the ticket for the remaining guests will be 13 euros. Excursion groups and companies from 10 people pay less, but book a visit in advance.

The purchase of a ticket gives you the right to unlimited visits, that is, they spend the whole day in it, all zones are included.

To book tickets or find out more information, please call: +357 23 741 111.

Address of the Aquarium: Protaras, 19 Cavo Greco Street.

Important information for tourists

Parking is available at the Aquarium of Protaras. Parking is free. If the tourist has not stayed in Protaras, it is more convenient to get to the place with a rented car.

There are hotels near the Ocean Aquarium. When planning a holiday in Cyprus, book your rooms in the immediate vicinity of the attraction. An amazing institution will be within walking distance.

If the visit to the Ocean Aquarium was in the hot, summertime, go there in the morning - the heat will not be so exhausting.

Do not forget the hat and sunglasses: the sun in Cyprus is hot, scorching, you can get a sunstroke or burn.

On the territory of Ocean Aquarium there is a souvenir shop, stock up on memorable gizmos about this amazing place.

It’s not without reason that the oceanarium in Protaras is gaining so many admiring reviews. This is a well-equipped place, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and designed for a comfortable stay of animals. Visitors admire the inhabitants at a safe but close range.

Holidays in Cyprus can not be called successful if you have not visited this wonderful corner.

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Bus№ 101, 102, 711

Protaras Ocean Aquarium is the largest oceanic aquarium in Cyprus, which contains many kinds of fish and other marine and river inhabitants, including penguins and crocodiles. The oceanarium is the most unusual and favorite place for tourists to visit in Protaras and on the whole island.

On this territory there are enclosures with animals and exotic birds, giant aquariums with sea and river inhabitants, including penguins and crocodiles, as well as tropical gardens and recreation areas with cafes and sunshades.

Aquarium structure

The Protaras Aquarium is divided into thematic zones, each of which is interesting to visitors of any age and allows you to know and see firsthand many fish, birds and reptiles from around the world.

The main attraction and logical center of the Cyprus Aquarium is the large a hall with the inhabitants of the deep sea. Among them - deep-sea fish, sharks, eels, stingrays, moray eels, seahorses, chimeras, etc. All of them are kept in separate aquariums, which allow you to view them close and from all angles. Aquariums are connected by a long corridor with a blue-blue backlight, which adds the effect of presence on the seabed. This tour is one of the most beloved by visitors and introduces them in detail in the center of the complex.

Next to each aquarium there are tablets with a short story about its inhabitants in English and Greek.

A unique part of the aquarium - Penguin house. In it you can see them in a specially created habitat, where they are comfortable, despite being tens of thousands of kilometers from the South Pole. A rare opportunity to see penguins is available here to every visitor, which is actively used by tourists - both children and adults.

No less fascinating sight - crocodile enclosures several species, a visit to which is also included in the ticket price, making it possible to see firsthand even the rare species of these reptiles.

In the aquarium there is a separate area where they live exotic birds - parrots of different species, toucans, partridges, etc. Surrounded by tropical greenery, they look especially elegant and cause no less excitement among visitors than others.

For those who love solitude and nature, the complex has gigantic tropical gardens total area of ​​12,500 square meters. meters. In fact, any part of the aquarium outside the enclosures is a luxurious garden with palm trees, cypresses and oleanders, where you can walk slowly, now and then watching turtles, crocodiles and monkeys.

Food court Oceanarium presents a cafe located in one of the most beautiful areas of the complex, surrounded by palm groves and fountains. In the cafe you can hide from the midday sun, having a snack with the whole family, or have lunch.