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1200 Tonga, Tongatapu

In the territory of Polynesia, you can find an unusual structure made of stone dating back to the 11th century. This building is called Tonga Gate. Local traditions tell us that if a person passes through these gates at a certain time of the year, he will end up in the dwelling of God and be able to go back the same way. Legend has it that a cult ceremony was held next to them in the form of burning the deceased leaders, this act was considered a symbol of kinship. Space scientists are simply certain that aliens have visited these sacred places.

The island of Tongatapu, where this unusual structure is located, is considered among the Polynesian peoples the cradle of the development of their culture and a huge treasury of the historical past of these places. Today it is used as an archaeological reserve.

This part of the island is wild and lifeless. On the shore you can not meet a single person, only the waves disturb the peace of these places, guided by gusts of wind.

And once upon a time in this place one could meet a hectic life, although this is hard to believe. The scattered settlements of the Mua people are considered a sign of existence here in the old days of civilization.

There is a plaque on the island on which information is written about the landing of the James Cook team on the beach, who noted that the Mua are excellent historians who know their pedigree and local folklore.

Local legends say that a deity named Tangaloa created people from larvae and created his viceroy son, the king of the island. His assistants were petty deities whom his father sent to help.

The current king has huge privileges and unlimited power.

From the Gates of Tonga, for any traveler, acquaintance with the island of Tongatapu begins. The building is laid out in three huge blocks of stone and is presented in the form of the letter "P", these stones weigh individually about 40 tons each.

Researchers will not understand how this archaeological and architectural object was built 1200 years ago. Some archaeologists are of the opinion that in ancient times the gate served as an entrance to the territory of the kings, but no other buildings were found near them. Only the stove remained, which served as the back of the royal throne.

The marks found on the gates corresponding to the short and long days gave reason to believe that an ancient observatory was located at the location of the gates. According to another version, the gates marked the blood ties that bind the royal sons.

Be that as it may, the true purpose of this megalithic building is still not known.

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Time of creation

The megalithic structure of Haamong-a-Maui (“the burden of the god Maui”), also known as the “Gate of Tonga”, is located in the north of the island of Tongatapu, near the village of Niutoua. It is the only megalithic arch in the South Pacific. It consists of three limestone coral plates, each of which is about 6 meters long, and each vertical weighs at least 20 tons. The top of the vertical blocks contains a deep groove serving for docking with a horizontal jumper, with a small gap of about 5 cm.

Since coral limestone is very porous, there is no possibility of polishing it. However, the surfaces of the blocks are flat and the angles are perpendicular. The joined elements are carefully adjusted to each other, but not ideal and the vertical plates have slightly different sizes.

According to one version, the most likely place for the extraction of coral limestone slabs is the nearest sea coast located a few hundred meters. A feature of the material is the initial softness and ease of processing. It is relatively easy to give the desired shape. Later, as it dries and several decades pass, coral limestone becomes noticeably harder.

According to local legends, Haamong was created by the god Maui from stones that he brought from the island of Wallis.

Creation time edit |Mapu a Vaea

Tongay means Noble whistle. Mapu a Vaea is the name of an underwater geyser located on Tongatapu Island. It was named after a family that was respected by the local population. A geyser is formed due to the waves that break on the reef shore. Canals pass water through themselves, from where the fountain is obtained, it can reach more than 11 meters in height.

National Cultural Center of Tonga

You can find him in the lagoon of Fangauf. This center is both a museum and an entertainment complex. Here are: historical artifacts, ancient and ritual objects, knitted and woven items, stone and wood crafts.

In this complex you can see the Cava ceremony, traditional dishes are served here, which are prepared in special underground ovens. You can also just watch a music show or dance.

Royal Palace

This is the only official residence of the head of state in the city of Nukualofa. Its construction lasted from 1864 to 1867. After visiting Elizabeth II in 1953, a photograph of the palace spread throughout the world.

Inside there is a royal office, family quarters, a throne room, an audience room, etc. The territory is closed.

Ava Pulepulekai Nyafa

This is a wonderful sea canal, which originates from the western part of the island of Wawau and adjoins the city of Neiafu. He, unlike other water utilities, can pass large vessels, since there is a minimum number of reefs. Tourists are engaged in spearfishing, boating and water skiing.

An active volcano located 50 km from the island of Wawau. Crater is at a height 200 m. The last time the volcano was active in 1956 and 1957, and the highest activity was recorded in the 19th century.

City of Nukualofa

The capital of the state. On the territory you can find a lot of new and interesting. For example, there are: a harbor and an airport, a royal palace, tombs of the most ancient aristocrats, ruins of defensive structures, chic beaches and a huge number of orchids.

This is a city that is one of the largest settlements. Located above sea level at an altitude of 25 m. There is a cathedral and the administration of the district.

Haatafu Beach

On the island of Tongatapu there is a great opportunity to relax and sunbathe on the largest beach. Among surfers and fans to watch the life of marine life, it is quite popular.

The dive center can offer several programs: plunge into the water exactly where the ships sank, swim near the reefs or near the whales. There are also small hotels, restaurants and a pool.

Shelter Port

Located almost in the center of Wawau Island in Neiafu, it is the main harbor. Boat parking is open here, there are several equipped moorings. It provides the opportunity to ride on different vessels, dive or go fishing.

Wawau Islands

Very popular in tourist infrastructure. They have become famous among people who love sailing. The main attractions include underwater caves and swimming whales. The population here is engaged in agriculture, vanilla cultivation, pearls, etc.

Eua National Park

The main reserve of the country. For hiking, this is one of the best places. Here you can watch the life of an amazing rainforest. 120 bird species, migratory whales are opened to the gaze, and the opportunity to swim on the beach of Lokupo is also provided.

Travel Tips

The inhabitants of the Kingdom of Tonga are very welcoming and friendly and are very willing to take pictures with tourists. There is a problem with electricity. Hourly electricity is available only in large tourist areas of the resort, in other places according to the schedule.

Also, there are things that are forbidden to export: parts of rare species of coral and products made from endangered species of the inhabitants of the ocean.

Having visited this amazing and beautiful Kingdom of Tonga, tourists will definitely find something to do for themselves. Here you do not have to sit in a hotel and get bored, as there are many interesting places that will be remembered for a long time. Clean air, beautiful nature, a huge amount of entertainment. What else is needed for a good rest?

Ha`amonga, Ha`amonga Trilithon, Ha`amonga` a Maui, Ha‘amonga, Ha‘amonga Trilithon, Ha‘amonga ‘a Maui, The Burden of Maui

Part of the World: Oceania

Country: Tonga (Tonga)

Time Zone: Pacific / Tongatapu

Geographical object: Monument

An architectural or sculptural structure in memory of persons, events
(A commemorative structure or statue)

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