Qatar Attractions: Top 10 (MANY PHOTOS)


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The Espire Tower is located in the capital of Qatar, Doha, in the Sports City sports complex.

The building, 318 m high, is a hyperboloid steel structure, shaped like a torch. On the 36 floors of the tower are all kinds of commercial premises, offices, and also housed a sports museum, a five-star hotel. Also in the tower is one of the highest pools located at an altitude of 80 meters above the ground, which corresponds to approximately 27 floors of a typical building.

The tower was designed by Hadi Simaan in collaboration with Arep and Ecart. The total cost of building the tower amounted to more than 133 million euros. The surface of the Aspire Tower is covered by 3800 LED RGB-luminaires installed in the glass shell of the building's facade. As a result, it seems that the tower is wrapped in an LED blanket.

The tower was built in 2005-2007 and became a symbol of the 2006 Asian Games held in this country, due to its size and its close proximity to the main venue of the competition - the international Khalifa stadium. The Olympic flame, which was placed in the tower, could be seen literally from anywhere in Doha. A record was set, including for the Olympic Games in height the location of fire. Today, the tower is one of the tallest buildings in Qatar.

1. City of Doha

Choosing what to see in Qatar in 1 day, you should first go to its capital - Doha. Today it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the most prosperous cities on the Persian Gulf coast, and for some time now - the oil and economic center of Qatar. Huge skyscrapers, high-tech buildings, a lot of historical objects in the "old center", the latest entertainment centers, boutiques, villas, artificial islands - all this attracts millions of tourists to the capital, thanks to which the country's economy is gaining momentum from year to year.

2. Embankment Cornish (Doha)

One of the main attractions of the capital is the Corniche promenade, which is spread along the Persian Gulf. Here, right on the coast, the most modern high-rise buildings with amazing architecture are concentrated, symbolizing the economic prosperity of Doha and Qatar as a whole. This is a complex of prestigious objects that alternate with green parks and places for recreation. In recent years, the embankment has become a hallmark, the “face” of the whole of Qatar.

3. Museum of Islamic Art

The list of attractions continues The Museum of Islamic Art is the country's main museum and at the same time the largest museum in the Gulf countries. As well as most of the attractions of Qatar, the museum is very young - it opened in 2008. The architecture of the building is impressive: several huge stone blocks of the building are erected one above the other in a harmonious composition in the form of a tower, which in appearance resembles a sheikh’s chic villa. Inside, a collection of Islamic art products is exhibited - samples of ceramics, textiles, manuscripts and other Islamic artifacts.

6. Fort Umm-Salal-Mohammed

There is something to visit in Qatar from fortifications similar to Al Kut - for example, Fort Umm-Salal-Mohammed near the capital. It is a relatively small fortress with two towers and a restored small mosque. But reviews indicate that this landmark of Qatar impresses not with its size, but with its location and surrounding landscapes: the contrast of the sultry desert, the clear azure sea and the old walls of the fort creates a unique atmosphere that is breathtaking.

7. Fort Zubara

The next example of what to visit in Qatar from the fortifications is the Zubara fort, erected at the beginning of the last century as a coast guard post. This landmark of Qatar is a fortress made in a laconic style, traditional for buildings of this type: massive walls and battlements of sand color look simple and harmonious against the backdrop of desert landscapes. Once upon a time there was a city on the site of the fort that flourished as a center of great trade and pearls. Nowadays, a museum is working within the walls of the fort, where photographs from the excavations of the fortress and various archaeological finds are displayed.

8. Souk-Wakif Market

Where to go in Qatar to feel the very spirit of the east, the local national flavor? Of course, heading to the Souk-Wakif market is one of the most oriental bazaars for tourism in the Middle East. Indeed, on the territory of the market there is a whole tourist center, as well as a lot of cafes and restaurants with a traditional setting and classic national dishes. In addition, here you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts, while the market is organized in such a way that there is no familiar fuss and crowds.

9. Ethnographic village “Qatar” (Doha)

Another colorful attraction of Qatar, which is often included in the trip, is the ethnographic village of Qatar. The main task in creating this object was to familiarize the indigenous people and visitors with the centuries-old culture and traditions of the country. This is the ideal place to see in Qatar is for a close acquaintance with the spirit of the country and its customs. Walking around the village, you can go to an art gallery with selected works by Qatari artists, visit a restaurant with national dishes, visit one of the many shops with pearls and even relax on a well-maintained beach with various types of water activities.

10. The Pearl of Qatar - an artificial island

Finally, excursions in Qatar should be complemented by a visit to a small artificial island - the Pearl of Qatar with an area of ​​only 4 sq. Km. The island is a rather ambitious project by the Qatar authorities - now the most prestigious housing is being built and put up for sale, which is mostly bought by foreign citizens. The new coast of the island is completely built up with villas and luxury apartments, the best hotels, boutiques and restaurants. And the name “Pearl” arose due to the fact that earlier pearls were actively mined on the site of the island.

The small state of Qatar, which in a few years has transformed from a desert to a paradise, has taken its rightful place on the tourist map of the world. Today, the tourism industry is one of the leading directions in the country's economy. To attract tourists, Qatar hotels offer affordable prices with the highest level of service, and the guides in Qatar organize magnificent informative trips, based on the individual interests of each foreign guest.

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Visit the local souk Wakif

Souk Wakif will immerse you in Islamic traditions, you can get acquainted with traditional cuisine, stock up on spices, sweets, souvenirs, chat with locals and look at the architecture of the country that Qatar was before an oil vein was found on its territory.

There you can visit several art galleries. The most authentic and cool place to start exploring Doha.

Visit the Falcon Bazaar (next to Suk Wakif)

Part of the Qatari identity is falconry, not skyscrapers and limousines, as we think. Possession of a falcon for a real Arab has always been a symbol of status. When Qatar was just a huge desert, its inhabitants, the Bedouins, trained falcons to hunt prey.

Today, not only the Qatari authorities, but also UNESCO are making a lot of efforts to preserve this tradition. At the falconry bazaar you will admire the falcons, take some cool pictures, and if you are lucky, you will witness a monthly auction where you will see all the possibilities of these amazing birds.

Take a walk around the Pearl of Qatar

An artificially created island that has become the epitome of luxury. Yachts, villas, cool boutiques - all about what the sheikh's real life is. There is also its own La Croisette promenade, along which there are a huge number of cafes, bars and restaurants for every taste and budget.

Go on an adventure in the sand dunes

Ride a camel and go on a desert safari. A classic Arab adventure that you can’t do without in Doha. You have two ways: choose a quiet car route and enjoy the sandy mountains or take an extreme trip on a fast bumpy road.

If you do everything right, take a dip in the clear waters of Khor al-Udaid - the inland sea of ​​Qatar - and you will see an unspeakably beautiful sunset over Doha. Or the dawn.

Spend a day at the Museum of Islamic Art

input the museum free. This is the main historical and cultural value of Qatar, which contains objects of Islamic art for 1400 years. You will be amazed by both the museum building and the area around it.

You will see how skillfully patterned carpets, the remains of Damascus palaces, porcelain from Central Asia and Turkish war trophies were woven a thousand years ago. The museum is located on an excellent observation platform, which offers a stunning panorama of the city.

Take a walk along the Corniche promenade in the evening

Go there right after the Museum. Firstly, it is nearby. Secondly, take a break and enjoy the beautiful views of the Persian Gulf, take cool pictures, have dinner, relax and just take a breath to understand what a drop dead beauty is around.

Visit Al Zubar Fort

It is located an hour from Doha and is religious building Qatar. The fort is perfectly preserved and is one of the best examples of settlements of the 18-19 centuries in the regions. In the past, it was considered an important center for diving and trading in pearls and was a thriving trading city, and today it has become a museum.

Look at the old cars in the museum of Sheikh Faisal bin Kassim Al Thani

The museum was born thanks passion for art and antiques an influential businessman, Sheikh Faisal bin Kassim Al Thani. It is divided into four parts: coins and currency, vehicles, Qatari heritage and Islamic art.

You will see artifacts from the Jurassic period to modern history. The most krutetskoy part is the collection of Sheikh’s cars, numbering more than 600 cars in perfect working condition. You can look at it forever.

Experience the beautiful in the Cultural Village

It is also the Valley of Cultures, including the opera house, amphitheater, art galleries, various educational institutions, cafes, green areas, museums. What to do there: get acquainted with the traditions, culture, architecture of the country. The Cultural Village hosts dozens of events, exhibitions, concerts, theater and opera premieres daily.

Dare to skydive right in the city center

If you have been strong and courageous and have long dreamed of jumping with a parachute, why not do it high above the futuristic, modern city, surrounded by a huge desert with epic views of the Persian Gulf? Is it safe? Yes! Qatar instructors are experienced in this matter. So if you get tired of inspecting the beautiful, go straight to the sky.

Dine in the revolving restaurant on top of the Aspire Tower

She is also known as The Torch Doha. In fact, it is a 300-meter skyscraper hotel and a symbol of the 15th Asian Games, organized by Qatar in 2006. It is the tallest building in the country. Inside is a steep panoramic pool and a 360-degree restaurant. There is also admiring the view - what else is needed for happiness?

Climb the Barzan Towers

They were built in the late 1800s and were used as watchmen to prevent the Ottomans from invading. Later they came in handy for checking the accuracy of the new moon during the holy month of Ramadan. You will see what life was like for divers and the military two hundred years ago, climb to the very top and admire the steep panorama.

And finally, go shopping at Villaggio Shopping Center

To be in a small Qatari Venice - it is in this style that one of Doha's most impressive architectural structures was developed. Villagio Mall is so large that it will take several hours to explore all the stores, from ordinary retail to luxury luxury products. There you can go ice skating and roller coaster, play bowling and eat delicious food.

Well, have you already decided where to start? Do not forget to stroll through the sights of Qatar Doha with this video: