Maritime Museum (Belize)


In the Cayo area, in the lush green hills, is a butterfly farm called Green Hills. Thousands of multi-colored butterflies fly across a vast territory, striking visitors' imaginations with the splendor of flowers. More than 80 species of butterflies are bred on the farm!

The farm is open to visitors daily from 8.00 a.m. to 4 p.m. The last visitors are allowed at 15.30 in the afternoon. Admission is US $ 5.00 per person.

Belize Zoo

Belize Zoo was founded in 1983. Want to plunge into the atmosphere of wildlife? Your first stop in Belize is the zoo! You can see a large number of rare birds and animals living in Belize. The zoo is located 29 miles west of Belize City on the Western Highway, and is open daily from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Entrance ticket - $ 8 for adults, $ 4 for children.

The territory of Belize is small, but the number of unique cultural and natural values ​​concentrated on it is amazing. The untouched corners of nature and historical values ​​are carefully protected here, which does not interfere with the intensive development of the tourism industry. This is a country where you can discover the distant antiquity or the world of virgin rainforests, protected islands or underwater coral landscapes.

Ecological tourism

The nature of Belize is surprisingly diverse - rain forests, mangroves, savannahs and mountains, lagoons, islands and atolls are adjacent to each other. 4000 species of plants and more than 700 species of animals feel great in the mild tropical climate of the country. With the support of organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature and the Smithson Institute, Belize has become a recognized leader in the field of environmental protection. It remains only to appreciate the initiative of the authorities, who gave more than 40% of the country's territory to nature reserves and parks. Most protected areas are open to tourism. Wildlife enthusiasts can be advised to visit the world's only Jaguar reserve, Kokscombe, Laving Bed Cay National Park or Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve with their unique variety of rare animal species. Among the diving professionals, the Blue Hole National Park, where the Big Blue Hole is located, is a karst cave filled with water with stalactites. Belize boasts such wonders as the world's second largest coral reef and the highest waterfall in Central America. Canoeing along cave rivers and excursions to tropical butterfly gardens complete the picture.

Coral landscapes

Ambergris Island, located near the barrier reef, surprisingly combines the ideal conditions for a wide variety of recreation. There are beautiful beaches of soft white coral sand, coastal currents are perfect for drift diving, and wind speed on the coast will delight fans of surfing. Fishermen enthusiastically catch the most exotic prey here, and diving allows you to admire the real treasures of coastal waters - there are about 400 species of fish and more than 70 species of coral. More than 30% of coastal waters are marine conservation areas. This is the island of Half Moon (Half-Moon Caye), where there are 98 species of birds, and Khol Chan - an underwater park with bright coral landscapes, exotic underwater plants and animals and the world famous Kaye-Kolker-Marine-Reserve. just do not list!

Mayan Legacy. The priceless historical heritage of Belize is the temples and palaces of the great Mayan civilization. More than 3,500 thousand years ago, the Mayans settled the territory of modern Belize and built large cities - Altun Ha, Karakol, Serros, Ksunantunikh. These ancient cultural centers have not yet been fully studied and are of great value to historians and archaeologists. The opportunity to touch the mysterious Mayan world attracts thousands of tourists. Step pyramids, huge masks and reliefs on the walls of Lamanaya temples, the mysterious and picturesque Lubaantun, in which the famous crystal skull that causes controversy, was found - all this can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

Sights of cities

The capital of Belize - the city of Belmopan - was built in the 1970s. literally for 12 years. Here you can see the University of Belize, interesting architectural solutions of bank buildings, monuments (“Belize - go ahead”), visit the Art Boxing exhibition or the City Museum, as well as many beautiful parks. The largest city in the country, Belize City, is rich in attractions. In the Museum of Belize, located in the building of the former colonial prison in the middle of the 18th century, you can get acquainted with Mayan pottery. The Maritime Museum will tell about the development of navigation, and the Coastal Zone Museum will demonstrate a unique exposition on the ecology of reefs. And of course, it’s impossible to get past the National Center for Handicrafts. In the northern part of the city is the Cathedral of St. John - the oldest Anglican church in Central America. Of particular importance to the city is the lighthouse monument of Baron Bliss, famous for his good deeds on this earth.

Why is the Maritime Museum interesting for tourists?

The Maritime Museum in Belize will tell vacationers about how the development of navigation in this country began, how it developed and what contributed to it. Guides will tell tourists about the Maya Indians and their achievements in the field of navigation. The expositions presented in the museum will illustrate the history of ancient and true navigation, and will tell about the art of shipping.

Mayans were recognized by scientists as the only tribe of Indians who mastered navigation. The Mayan water element was conquered on hollowed canoes, the magnitude of which could vary significantly. In such convenient and practical boats, the Indians overcame thousands of kilometers of water. It is worth noting that the Mayans sailed only in coastal waters, because insufficiently strong canoes could not withstand the zealous sea elements.

Many exhibits of the Maritime Museum can be seen in the photo, but this can not be compared with that impression when you see firsthand. Travelers will be able to get acquainted with such attractions:

  • canoe modelsthat the Indians sailed on
  • main ships of the Mayan settlementsintended for military operations and trade,
  • here you can also see various outlandish shellsraised from the bottom of the sea, stunning stones, turned with water and much more.
How to get to the museum?

The Maritime Museum is located in the northern part of Belmopan, it can be reached by public transport, the building of the old fire station will serve as a guide.

Big Blue Hole

Big blue hole - a natural miracle located off the coast of Belize. This is a huge funnel of perfect shape with a diameter of about 300 m and a depth of 120 m.

The Cousteau brothers discovered this amazing place. Great blue hole one of the top 10 diving sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

All lovers will have to dive to taste, at the depths of the Blue Hole you can find reef sharks, nanny sharks and other types of fish.

Or for those who are indifferent to diving, you can see this miracle from an airplane. It is inexpensive, planes fly from Belize City and other major cities.

Kahal Pecs

Kahal Pecs one of the most outstanding ancient mayan citieslocated in the state of Belize. Cajal Pecs is located in a very interesting place: on a high hill, from which you can clearly see the two large Belizean cities of Santa Elena and San Ignacio. At present, only 34 objects have been excavated on the territory of the ruined Mayan city, but the nature and atmosphere of this place are worthy of being seen and felt. Read more about Kahal Pech.

Karakol - Another of the oldest monuments of the Mayan civilization, which was found by lumberjacks at the beginning of the last century. This is the largest archaeological site in Belize visited by tourists.

The largest building of the ancient city of Karakol is the Kaan pyramid (45 meters), surrounded by more than 3,000 platforms where houses and other outbuildings were located. By the way, the city of Karakol was the largest ancient Mayan city and occupied an area of ​​about 30 square meters. km., where, according to scientists, more than 200 thousand inhabitants lived. The heyday of Karakol came in 700 CE, when according to the Mayan traditions, he defeated his rival Tikal.

Excavations began in the 1950s and continue to this day, much remains hidden underground.

It is very pleasant that visiting this monument is free, and it works around the clock, but because of the large territory of the city you need to lay 4-5 hours to visit.

Altun Ha - translated as “Stone pond” - is one of the largest archaeological sites of Belize. The construction of Altun-Ha began around 250 AD, then later turned into the center of Mayan civilization. On the territory of the complex, 2 squares with four temples on each side were discovered, the most famous of which are: the Temple of the Green Grave, the Temple of the Stone Altar, the Oriental Temple, as well as many smaller structures.

Crooked Tree Nature Reserve

The most famous reserve with a wide variety of birds is certainly Crooked Three (Crooked tree) It is located in vast swampy areas around four lagoons, where it will experience at least 275 different species of birds. Among others, the rarest representative of the reserve is brazilian stork yabirufor which bird lovers come to the reserve.

Of course, the place is very interesting, beautiful, gigabytes of interesting and colorful photos are provided for you. Birdwatching paradise.

The reserve is located 40 km from the city of Orange Wolf, the best way to get acquainted with the birds will be a canoe tour with a guide.

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) - “Crystal Girl” Cave

Want an adventure? Real, Indiana Jones style? Then you should definitely visit this place. Aktun-Tunichil-Muknal or ATM - This is a cave near the city of San Ignacio in Belize. But this is not a simple cave, in addition to the fact that it is very large and consists of many caves and grottoes partially or completely filled with water, so it is an archaeological monument of Mayan civilization.

There were found 14 skeletons: 7 adults and 7 children, which for a thousand years were covered with salt crystals and look as if frozen. The most famous skeleton of a “crystal girl” is the skeleton of a sacrificed girl. In addition to skeletons, many ceramic products and decorations were found in caves. Peshers are open for visits in 1998, but because of the large number of people who want to get there, the entrance to the ATM is strictly regulated and a certain number of tourists are allowed there per day.

During the passage through the caves you will have to crawl, swim, dive, climb - this adventure will be remembered for a long time. Entrance inside only with a guide and group. It is not cheap - 90 USD, but it's worth it. Learn more about ATM.

Kay kalker

Easy life - this is the motto of this small island 33 km from Belize City in Belize. On Kay kalkerDo not really relax and do not want to do anything, not to go anywhere, not to go anywhere, just sit and look at the pelicans and sunsets.

The population is only 500 people + about 500-1000 tourists, a couple of streets, several shops and hotels and all. From transport, a couple of excavators, a police bike, golf cars and bicycles. On the island you can take interesting snorkeling tours, you can swim on the beach.

In general, you definitely need to visit this island at least for a couple of days, just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of other cities in Belize. Read more about Kay Kolker.

Ambergris Kay

Ambergris Kay - The largest island on the Caribbean side of Belize. Its length is about 40km and a width of 15km. Such an odd name the island owes to the fact that a lot of gray ambergris, a product of the life of sperm whales, was nailed to its shores.

The island was originally a fishing village, then in the 1970s, with the development of tourism, Ambergris Cay became the mecca of tourism in Belize. Not surprisingly, the largest reef in the western hemisphere (and the second in the world) is a stone's throw (200 meters), crystal-clear water and a bunch of sandy beaches. All this gave an impetus to the development of tourist infrastructure and now the largest city of the island of San Pedro, unlike the quiet Cay Kolker, looks like a typical tourist and party center, with a variety of hotels (from 1 * to 5 *), fish restaurants, nightclubs, travel agencies and crowds of American tourists.

Get to Ambergris Kay can be from Belize City: by ferry in 1.5 hours or by light aircraft in 20 minutes.

Belize City - The former capital of the country, built by the English colonialists (hence the English language), but due to frequent hurricanes, the capital was later moved to Belmopan. Belize City is the largest city of Belize, divided by the Oulover River into 2 parts: the old city (southern part) and the modern city (northern part). A drawbridge is laid across the river, on both banks a colorful embankment is presented, but this is not the color that you thought about: it is shabby 2 or 3-story buildings, dirt and garbage in the streets and crowds of beggars and tramps in the streets. And in fact, the whole city is like this, in the evening it becomes even more terrible on the streets: various tips, homeless people, beggars come out from all the cracks, shots are often heard.

But let's not talk about sad things, there is something good in Belize City - these are some beautiful sights and palaces. Learn more about Belize City.

The capital of Belize is this small town. Its language does not turn to name the city. Belmopan It was rebuilt from scratch in the 1970s in 12 years. The capital of Belize was moved here due to frequent hurricanes in Belize City. The city is essentially a village with scattered farms that look like houses. Belmopan is much cleaner and neater than Belize City, I want to walk here.

Among the interesting things are: the bus terminal, the building of the National Assembly on Independence Hill, the Bank of Belize, the Belmopan market and the University of Belize. Perhaps that's all. It will take about 30 minutes to inspect the entire town. I don’t think that someone will want to stay longer, there’s nothing more to watch. Read more about Belmopan.

San ignacio

San ignacio (San Ignacio Cayo) - is the capital of the Cayo district, a small Belizean town. It is located on the banks of the Macal River, in the neighborhood is another similar town - Santa Elena, but they merged together and now it is not clear where San Ignacio ends and where Santa Elena begins. Of the interesting things in the town, perhaps, is the bridge over the Hawkesworth River. And the most interesting is in the vicinity of the town. Read more about San Ignacio.