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Volcano Crater Park - This natural geological open-air museum is located 15 km from Haikou in Shishan. Volcanoes raged here once. Now their craters sleep peacefully and attract thousands of tourists.

Dongzhai Port Mangrove Forest - This is the first mangrove forest in China to be taken under state protection. Underwater villages - This mysterious place is located in one of the bays near the port of Dongzhai.

The tomb of Haijuy is located in the western suburbs of Haikou in the village of Binya. This historical and cultural relic is protected by the state. Hainan Tropical Zoo 27 km from Haikou in Dongshan City.

The Temple of the Five Ministers is located between the cities of Haikou and Fucheng. It is considered the "first building of Haikou." In fact, this is not one building, but a group of ancient buildings built in honor of five outstanding ministers in the history of Haikou.

Tropical Sea World Park is located on the western shore of Haikou and covers an area of ​​2.17 square meters. km This is China's first theme park dedicated to the theme of tropical seas.

Guilinyan is a seaside tourist region located in the northeastern part of Qunshan in a coastal location, 19 km from the city and village and 24 km from the sea, on a boat in the port of Haikou.

Holiday Beach West Haikou is a typical beach holiday destination. Sisu Beach - This is one of the most attractive places in Haikou, located 6 kilometers from the city center.

Haikou Guanlanhu Lake Scenic Vacation Scenery, Asia's largest largest volcanic rock hot spring park, has recently opened.

In Haikou, the old Tsilou Street (a building whose upper floors hang over the street panel) is the most unique street landscape.

The Haikou Peace Geological Park of a group of stone mountains and volcanoes is located in the southwestern mountain village of the stone city of Haikou, just 15 kilometers from the city.

Haikou city on a map of China

One of the islands of China is the large Hainan island in the South China Sea, which is administratively subordinate to the province of the same name, which can be rightfully called island, since in addition to the mentioned Hainan island, it also has several smaller islands: Dazhoudao, Shimaozhou, Qizhou and several others.

A narrow sea strait separates Hainan Island from mainland China.

The most famous tourist attraction on the tropical island of Hainan is the cooled volcano Ma An, just 15 km from Haikou. In addition, this island is notable for its tea plantations.

Since the days of Chairman Deng Xiaoping, Hainan Island has been the largest free economic zone in the country, and once, until relatively recently, at the turn of the 20th century, this semi-desert island was a place of exile disliked by the Chinese emperor.

One and a half million Haikou (literally "access to the sea") is located in the north of Hainan, on the Nandujiang River, in its very mouth, and at the same time it is its administrative center and the main city of the eponymous South China province.

What to see in Haikou necessarily - the main attractions of the city on your own

So, such a tourism industry in Haikou is still very poorly developed - it is affected primarily by remoteness from the center, which explains the relatively low prices here for everything - for all goods and services without exception.

Although unique in its kind and very distinctive sights of Haikou fully meet the tastes of the most demanding and demanding foreign guests of the city, they are equally super modern and those that constantly remind of the times of Chinese history that have sunk forever into oblivion.

Here are just a few of them:

  • The granite tomb of one of the officials from the era of the Ming Dynasty of the XVI century Hai Rui (in some sources Hai Rui), forever famous for its integrity, is also noteworthy for the fact that it is made in the form of an elongated ancient bell,
  • literally buried in verdure throughout the year, the Wu Gong memorial, erected in memory of five imperial officials of the Tang Dynasty, who once served a link for incontinence in speeches on the island of Hainan, which the memorial is sometimes called the Ugong Temple (that is, the same Wu Gong "in Russian transcription) or idol, the oldest architectural structure in the city,
  • a huge, 30 thousand square meter area, an old artillery fort or Xuying fortress on the shores of the South China Sea, the real "visiting card" of Haikou, the artillery pieces of the 19th century battery and underground fort casemates are of particular interest to the public,
  • The local tropical safari park on the shores of Lake Dunshan, 27 km from the city, will delight its visitors with the opportunity to see with their own eyes many exotic species of plants, animals and birds of native flora and fauna, some of which have long been included in the Red Book, visiting the park and personal acquaintance with its inhabitants are carried out from specially equipped buses,
  • the favorite place of citizens for family holidays with children is the local "Amusement Park",
  • The Kamennye Gory National Geological Park will be of interest, first of all, to foreign tourists from among professional geologists, cavers and mountain climbers - in the extensive "exposition" in the open air there are 30 caves and 40 volcanoes, there is a basalt garden, tunnels of different lengths in the frozen lava and various volcanic rock structures,
  • Hainan Free Museum of Contemporary Art - the venue for thematic exhibitions on the works of the natives of the island and province,

The old city of Haikou, with its Chinese-style architectural structures and countless shops selling sometimes the most unexpected goods, will be an ideal place for leisurely walks in the warm evening, best of all in the early hours of sunset.

Haikou beaches and beach vacations

Haikou is also world famous for its outstanding public beaches, which are also - and quite rightly - included in the category of local attractions. The total length of the line of urban beaches of Haikou is something about 30 km.

The most famous of these beaches is a conditionally free beach with a developed Holiday Beach infrastructure, on the territory of which you will have to pay only for renting sun loungers and beach umbrellas, and also a free beach for lovers and surfing professionals with the name “Sisu”, which is somewhat unusual for the Russian ear, located to the west of Haikou, the beaches of Beishamen, Gulinyan and several more quite comfortable beaches with a simpler discharge.

Holiday Season in Haikou

Thanks to the tropical climate, you can relax in the city all year round. In spring and summer, as a rule, those who prefer a beach holiday come. The air temperature in April is + 25-27 degrees. Between June and August, real heat sets in. The column of the thermometer rises to + 30-34 degrees, and the water temperature to +25. Local resorts are filled with tourists and residents. The beach season closes in Haikou in late November. This is facilitated by a decrease in temperature and gradually cooling sea water.

For excursion tourism, the period from December to April is optimal. Average winter air temperatures range from +17 to +22 degrees. However, you should pay attention to the large amount of precipitation in April and the likelihood of typhoons. In general, the weather in the city is characterized by a tropical climate with high humidity and pronounced two seasons.

Marine World Park

China is known for its theme parks, among which the Sea World stands out, for the creation of which the authorities spent more than 7 billion yuan. The park is striking in its scale and size of three square kilometers. On the territory of the attraction there are fascinating attractions:

  • "Pirate Fortress",
  • Ocean of Adventure
  • "An ancient tribe"
  • Tropical Gardens
  • "The head of the dragon."

All rides are equipped in accordance with international safety standards and look very colorful. In addition, the park has several recreation areas with fountains, cafeterias, swimming pools and playgrounds.

After the main entertainment, tourists are invited to visit a small dolphinarium, where you can not only take pictures with its inhabitants, but also take a swim.

Temple of Five Ministers

To see this historic attraction, you need to drive away from Haikou for 5 kilometers. It was in this place that the formation of an urban settlement began, which has now turned into a large metropolis. The first buildings of Haikou are considered the Temples of the five ministers, erected during the reign of the Ming Dynasty.

On a territory of 3000 square meters a unique complex of temple buildings was created. In the 19th century, they were restored and slightly changed. However, the main architectural features have survived to this day.

The eastern side of the complex is occupied by the Shugun Temple, erected in memory of the great politics of Shushi. The territory of the temple is ennobled by arbors, fountains, pavilions and greenhouses with flowers. On the left is Qiong Garden - one of the masterpieces of ancient Chinese landscape design. Here, tourists are offered to walk along centuries-old trails and try tea made on the basis of water from a local source.

Beaches Holiday and Gulignan

Beaches - a visiting card of the city. Despite its large size, in Haikou you can find several beaches for a relaxing holiday. However, it is worth considering the fact that swimming on city beaches, from the point of view of Chinese traditional culture, is not accepted. To do this, there are swimming pools and separate areas near the city.

Three kilometers west of Haikou is the city’s most popular holiday beach. Windsurfing and active sports enthusiasts come here. The beach has everything you need for a comfortable stay:

  • sun loungers
  • shower cabins,
  • changing cabins,
  • sports equipment rental,
  • a cafe.

Sisu Beach has become popular due to the annual festival of kites that symbolize wisdom and strength in China. The wide coastline allows you to make long walks and enjoy the sea views.

Tomb of Haya Zhuya

The landmark is located in the Xuying district and is of particular value to the people of China. The monument is included in the list of cultural heritage of the country and is strictly protected by the state. The tomb was erected in 1560, after the death of a great official who lived during the reign of the Ming Dynasty. His name Hai Rui is translated from Chinese as "incorruptible person." He became famous for his honesty and justice, so the locals decided to bury him with honors and build a separate tomb for this.

On an area of ​​7.5 hectares, architects of the past created not only a funerary complex, but also an amazing architectural structure. Entrance to the tomb begins with a high arch, on which is written the name of the deceased. Along the granite road are statues depicting animals from Chinese mythology. The tomb itself is made of granite in the shape of a large bell, and evergreen thujas are planted around it.

Provincial Museum

One of the most important museums in Haikou is located on Guangxin Street. Its creation took place in 1984, when local authorities decided to collect all the exhibits related to the history of Hainan province but of the same area. In 2008, a new building was built specifically for the museum, which is a separate architectural masterpiece. Ten halls contain rare collections from different eras. Among them, the following exhibits deserve special attention:

  • ancient calligraphic scrolls,
  • ritual vessels
  • canvases of painting on natural silk,
  • weapons, coins,
  • vintage musical instruments.

A visit to the museum is free of charge, and at the request of tourists a fascinating tour is accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

Century bridge

This large-scale construction got its name due to the fact that it was built at the turn of the century (1998-2003). The Chinese are known worldwide for their ability to quickly implement high-tech bridge construction projects. The century-old bridge was no exception. In just five years, it was possible to build the main connecting highway between Haikou and Haidian Island. Its length is about 3000 meters and a width of 28 meters. The bridge is equipped with six lanes and sidewalks for pedestrians.

The construction of the structure was developed by a team of qualified Beijing specialists. As a result, they settled on the cable-stayed construction method, which consists in supporting reinforced concrete arches with the help of strong metal ropes. The architects did not forget about the external design of the bridge. White color gives the design an airy effect, and colorful illumination makes it especially attractive at night. Tourists often take photos on the background of the night bridge and walk along it during the day.

National park

The main resting place of citizens is a park located in the central part of Haikou. On a vast territory of 82 hectares in 1996, ideal conditions were created so that everyone could enjoy nature. Seedlings of trees and many plants were imported from different parts of China. Most of the park is occupied by coconut palms, baobabs and reed crops.

In the center of the park, an artificial lake was set up, where more than 1000 red carps were launched. Fishing in the lake is prohibited, since carp for the Chinese is a sacred fish that brings good luck. On the shore of the lake it is allowed to organize picnics in specially designated places. An amusement park for the youngest visitors was built near the water area.

During the celebration of the festival of lanterns, the attraction turns into a fairy-tale world sparkling with colorful lights. Each family brings its family lantern to the park and hangs it on a tree. Tourists from different countries come to see this sight.

Arts Center

In 2010, a new landmark appeared in Haikou in the form of an art center. The project is very unusual: a glass structure supported by tall columns of marble. This approach of architects allowed us to realize the idea of ​​creating buildings in the city in a modern style.

The concert venue of the theater has an excellent acoustic system, an auditorium of impressive size, a stage with a variety of sound and light effects. A curious detail - the seats for spectators are equipped with special designs that allow you to change the level of the tilt, which is able to muffle or amplify the sound.
The center regularly hosts creative events, opera concerts, theatrical performances and organizes a variety of master classes.

Mangrove reserve

Near the port of Donsei is a unique natural area, recognized as the best mangrove reserve in all of China. Tropical trees native to the southern latitudes of the country grow in the reserve.

You can get into this amazing place with the help of a guide who will take you there in an unusual taxi, similar to a bicycle. On the territory of the reserve you can not move around by road. In some sections of the path, you need to walk or boat. Sailing along the narrow spills of the sea, you can see colorful fish and the roots of centuries-old trees intertwined under water.

Volcano park

Another interesting attraction can be visited in the Shishan Mountain region. Here is a geological complex, the occurrence of which supposedly began as early as 10 thousand years ago. The ridge of volcanic origin is considered "sleeping" and includes about 40 volcanoes, as well as 29 caves.

A tour of the park involves a walk around the craters and natural areas. After visiting the main attractions, tourists have the opportunity to go to a small Chinese village, the inhabitants of which were able to preserve the traditional way of life. In the village, master classes in folk craft are offered and guests are served dishes of national cuisine.

By plane

By plane of the local airlines China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines, you can fly to Haikou from Moscow and St. Petersburg, world capitals and all major Chinese cities. The journey from Beijing will take four hours and will cost from 900 CNY, from Guangzhou - a little more than an hour at a price of 600 CNY. Taxis from the airport to the city center will cost from 130 CNY. The bus is approximately 20 CNY.

Prices on the page are for November 2018.

Search for flights to Hainan (the nearest airport to Haikou)

Trains that cross the sea on the last leg of the ferry leave from Beijing (depart at 18:00, arrive at 3:17, CNY 368 for a seat, or CNY 2048 for a berth), Shanghai (eight hours, cost from CNY 329 to CNY 1012), Guangzhou (12 hours, prices from CNY 143 to CNY 712). Trains follow to Sanya, from which to Haikou an hour by bus. By train, you can get from the airport to the city.

Haikou Transport

You will be delivered to any point in the city and the surrounding area by bicycle (for 2 CNY), on a motorcycle that costs a little more, and by taxi (a trip around the city will cost 10-20 CNY). We advise you not to go to private owners, but to use the licensed taxi service equipped with meters. You can ride around the city and on the bus (this is cheap) if you understand the route diagrams.

Cuisine and Restaurants in Haikou

The tropical climate has influenced the cuisine of the region. Even continental Chinese cuisine in Haikou takes on new shades. Real delicacies are sold everywhere on the street.

Try the chaobin (literally “fried ice cream”). You choose the fruits that the seller mixes and freezes on a device that looks very much like a pan. Fruits are covered with ice crystals per minute - and you get the freshest dessert (for only 5-8 CNY). On the street they sell coconuts, which the seller opens for you and gives you a straw (for 3 CNY).

On Banqiao Street, in the restaurant area, you can choose the ingredients of the future meal (including live snakes), which will be cooked right there, costing about 50 CNY per person.

In many places of the city, open-air Shaokao restaurants are scattered, which provide tasty and inexpensive food. Locals use them as clubs. And while waiting for the preparation of the dish, you can drink cheap and tasty local beer (especially good rice beer). Dinner will cost you 40-60 CNY.

If you miss European food, visit the Corner Pizzeria, which offers pasta, pizza, soups and traditional fried wings. And if you are attracted to gastronomic research, visit the coconut garden on Haifuyiheng Street. Stew meat and vegetables here very tasty (huge portions cost CNY 30) or head to the upscale fish restaurant on Xixiu Beach (main course costs around CNY 50).

Attractions Haikou

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Volcano Ma An

The volcano Ma An is one of the most famous sights of Hainan Island. It is located 27 kilometers from the city of Haikou. This volcano has long died out, its last eruption allegedly happened 40 thousand years ago. Not far from Ma An are Leihulin and Lotszinpan - active volcanoes. The volcano is replete with grottoes that have been formed for many thousands of years under the influence of external factors, while they number 72.

The landscape around is colorful: frozen lava, piles of igneous rocks, relict tropical plants. Steps are laid out to the crater from volcanic magma, its diameter is surrounded by a railing and arranged as an observation deck.

The surroundings of the volcano are decorated in the form of a park, and at its foot there is an outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy Chinese food. In front of this restaurant - a large stage is arranged, where sometimes the performances of local nationalities Li and Miao are arranged.

Haikou Airport HAK

Haikou HAK Airport is the main airport of Hainan, serving domestic and international flights. With a passenger turnover of 10.5 million people per year, Haikou Airport occupies the twentieth place in China.

The main airline of Hainan Island Hainan Eastern Ring Railway operates flights to other regions of the country. The main international direction of these flights is Singapore, you can also fly to Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia, a trip that takes less time than a flight to Beijing.

The airport, considered one of the most modern and technologically advanced in China, is located half an hour from Hainan. The terminal can be reached by taxi or by special train.

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Hainan International Exhibition Center

The Hainan International Exhibition Center was conceived as a venue for large-scale events of the highest level. Their participants and guests received not only an excellent base for conferences and forums, but also high-quality accommodation, leisure and leisure services.

The center is located in the western part of Haikou, on the shores of the South China Sea. The exhibition complex was developed by the same team of architects that created the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. A huge space is covered with a roof of an original form. It resembles a series of waves rhythmically rushing to the shore.

The total area of ​​the center is 77 thousand square meters. In total there are 6 exhibition rooms and a huge hall that can accommodate six thousand spectators, intended for celebrations, concerts and international symposia. In addition, a conference hall with 1800 seats and a multifunctional hall for 2000 spectators are open here. There are rooms for storing exhibits and for holding both full-scale and chamber exhibitions.

Due to the growing influence of China in world politics, prestigious international meetings, conferences and meetings of statesmen and scientists are increasingly held at the exhibition center in Hainan. For the convenience of guests, there is an upscale restaurant, many fast food outlets, and VIP rooms with amazing sea views are equipped.

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Hainan Provincial Performing Arts Center

Hainan Provincial Performing Arts Center is a new attraction in Haikou. In just two years, a building was built that is unique in architecture and has a beautiful stage.

Since October 1, 2010, the time of its opening, the center has become a real decoration of the new city quarter. The facade of a round shape inevitably evokes associations with a flying saucer. The building is especially impressive in the evening, when the glass walls are illuminated with internal illumination and illumination on the wide visor of the building.

The huge auditorium is made in elegant red colors. The convenient location of the seats opens up an excellent overview of the scene from any row. The chairs have a special design that allows you to muffle the sound as much as possible when raising the seat.

The theater has excellent acoustics, which is especially valuable for opera performances, in particular, for the popular Beijing opera in China. Modern possibilities of creating stage effects turn any concert or performance held here into a real extravaganza of color and sound. A large conference room is open in the Performing Arts Center, where formal meetings and gatherings of the urban community are held. The auxiliary buildings are rehearsal rooms, theater workshops and children's studios.

Hainan Province Library

The Hainan Province Library is one of the country's youngest public libraries. It was opened on February 2, 2007, as part of a cultural complex that includes the Hainan Provincial Museum and the Performing Arts Center.

The library consists of several modern buildings, united by a system of transitions into a single whole. Library repositories contain an incredible number of print publications - more than 480 million. Here, and Chinese literature, and world classics, periodicals, manuscripts and much more. The library has created special rooms for the visually impaired, for children, a lecture and exhibition halls and a comfortable reading room for 1700 visitors, equipped with two hundred computers.

Much attention is paid to the development of modern methods of serving readers. Today, the library has a significant collection of e-books and magazines. Multiple video resources available. The book collection is constantly replenished both with state assistance, and thanks to a large number of donors. The library hosts photo exhibitions, children's parties, meetings of schoolchildren with writers and book fairs.

Hainan Provincial Museum

The Hainan Provincial Museum tells the rich history of the tropical island province of China, on the territory of which the first inhabitants appeared almost 6 thousand years ago. The museum exposition is so large and varied that acquaintance with it can take a whole day.

The museum was created in 1984, and in 2008 it received a new modern building, which housed more than two million relics. Ten halls feature the island's largest collections of bronze sculptures, calligraphy, porcelain and art paintings. Of particular interest are ritual vessels, weapons, horse harnesses and musical instruments. The artifacts stored here are widely known throughout China due to the highest level of artistic craftsmanship and complex symbolic patterns that have no analogues.

A separate hall of the museum presents ancient Chinese paintings on silk and paper scrolls created in different historical eras. A large section is devoted to ceramics and porcelain, household items, embroidery and samples of ancient fabrics. Carvings made of bone and wood, lacquer painting and antique jewelry are widely represented.

The museum is open for free visits every day except Mondays. Among its visitors are not only locals, but also guests from mainland China, and more recently, numerous foreign tourists.

Haikou East Railway Station

The eastern ring of the high-speed railway on Hainan Island was inaugurated on December 30, 2010. At the same time, Haikou East Railway Station received the first passenger high-speed train.

The building of the East Station stands out from the surrounding buildings. Its snow-white facade, made in a modern style, is a combination of concrete structures and a large number of glass surfaces. Bright, spacious rooms inside the station are fully adapted to the needs of passengers. Everything is very convenient, thoughtful and functional. The inscriptions on the electronic scoreboards are duplicated in English, the signs are as clear as possible and clearly visible from everywhere. Waiting rooms are equipped with comfortable chairs.

The architectural feature of the station building is that its central hall with an entrance and ticket offices is located at ground level, but the waiting rooms, exits to the platforms and the platforms themselves are raised to a height of almost 20 meters and are equipped on a huge flyover. In order to get to the desired platform, you must first climb the escalator, then go along a long passage over a busy avenue, and then overcome another climb - already directly to the trains. And at this time, the stream of cars will rapidly move under you, and the movement of the train will not create obstacles and obstacles for them.

Century Bridge in Haikou

The Century Bridge in Haikou got its name, apparently, in connection with the period of its construction, which was just the turn of the century. The project, launched in 1998, culminated in a grand opening on August 1, 2003.

The bridge connected the main part of the city with Haidian Island. It became the largest of the four bridges on which you can get to the island. Its length is 2683 meters and a width of almost 30 meters. The movement on the bridge is carried out in six lanes. There are pedestrian walkways on both sides of the bridge.

The bridge has a cable-stayed structure. Its spans are held by high-strength metal ropes mounted on two reinforced concrete arches, the upper part of which is made in the shape of a triangle. All elements of the bridge are painted white, and in the evening they are highlighted. It was at this time that the most spectacular photographs were taken - a shining bridge against the night sky.

Tomb of Hai Zhuya

Tomb of Hai Zhuy - a cult place for residents of Haikou.

Hai Rui served as Minister during the Ming Dynasty. They say that he was unusually decent, fair and not afraid to protect the interests of ordinary people. For this, he had to suffer a lot during his life, but he did not back down from his principles. When the coffin with his body was carried to the cemetery, where the memorial complex is now located, the ropes broke. People thought it was a sign from above, and buried Hai Zhuy in this place.

To get to his grave, you need to go under a stone arch, four Chinese characters which mean "Justice of Hainan." Then follows a hundred-meter alley with stone figures on both sides. There are stylized Chinese lions, and horses, and figures of people. In the middle of the alley is an altar with incense, at the base of it is a stone turtle, a symbol of wisdom. Continuing along the alley, we go to the stone octagonal pyramid - this is the grave of Hai Zhuya. Behind it is a beautiful garden with a lake and a gazebo to contemplate all this beauty. Here is a traditional three-tier temple with a round roof, painted with bright colors. This is a temple in honor of Hai Zhuy. In it you can get acquainted with the history of his life and see personal things.

Evergreen park

One of the largest parks in Haikou is the Evergreen Park. This is a traditional place for festivities of citizens on holidays.

The area of ​​the park is huge - 83 hectares. It was opened in 1996, and since then fell in love with both locals and tourists. Both those and others with pleasure walk along the artificial forest of ten thousand coconut palms and exotic southern plants. Green lawns with dense lawn grass are a great place for family outings, and a small amusement park will delight children of all ages. The lake in the center of the park gives you the opportunity to ride a boat, and in summer to sunbathe on its shore.

For each holiday, the park’s alleys are decorated with thousands of traditional Chinese lanterns, elegant arches, fairy-tale hero figures, colorful flags and garlands. On the beds create original ornaments and figures from natural flowers. In the evening, thousands of lights are lit, and the park is completely transformed: from just beautiful, it becomes fabulously beautiful. On holidays, the sky above the park is lit up with traditional fireworks.

The park is especially beautiful during the New Year celebrations. Not only locals, but also the population of the surrounding towns and villages, gather in the Evergreen Park to admire its New Year's outfit.

Haikou Station

Haikou Station was the first station on Hainan Island, from which trains depart for mainland China. This explains its close proximity to the coastline - just 1 kilometer separates the station from the pier, where cars are loaded onto the ferry.

The station was built in 2002 and opened for traffic in April 2003. The station building is not large, it is designed for approximately 2 thousand passengers. The main colors of the structure are blue, white and gray. From a distance, the building looks like a classic Chinese palace. The roof of the station sparkles with blue glazed tiles, the hinged cornice and light pediment fully comply with the traditions of local architecture. According to the same traditions, the station premises are divided by courtyards. Everything is arranged in such a way that even while inside the building, you can observe the sky and clouds.

On the square near the station there is a large electronic display, which displays all current information. For the convenience of passengers, 4 waiting rooms are open, a mother and child room, a room for the elderly, a separate room for military personnel and a VIP room.

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