New church (nieuwe kerk) on the map of sights of harlem (netherlands)


The new church is a 17th-century Protestant church in the Dutch city of Haarlem. The church is located in the historic heart of the city on Nieuwekerksplein and is considered to be one of Haarlem's most interesting sights, albeit little known.

As a result of the Reformation, most of the Catholic churches in the Netherlands became the property of local authorities, later a significant part of them was transferred to Protestants, who were previously actively oppressed by Catholics and in fact did not have the right to build their own temples.

Harlem's new church was the first stone church built after the Reformation specifically for Protestants. It was built on the site of the dilapidated Catholic Church of St. Anne, which was almost completely demolished with the exception of its impressive tower, built in the style of the Dutch Renaissance according to the project of the famous Dutch architect Liven de Key in 1613 (the church itself was built much earlier).

To keep the tower of Leaven de Key and harmoniously fit it into the architectural appearance of the new building was the main condition of the city authorities for the architect designing the New Church of Jacob van Kampen, with which he successfully managed. In his work, Jacob van Kampen was guided by the image of the famous Jerusalem temple (as it was represented in the 17th century), which, of course, was reflected in the architecture of the building and had a certain symbolism, corresponding to the spirit of that time.

The new church in Haarlem was opened in 1649, and in 1791, an organ created by Hendrick Hermanus Hess was installed in it (some details of the old organ from the Church of St. Bavon were used to create it). The mechanical clock, which can be seen today, decorated the church tower in 1795.

Harlem's best tower

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Nieuwe Kerksplein 32, Haarlem

Bus to the Stadtschouwburg stop, then walk 300 meters along the Wilsonsplein

Photogallery Nieuwe Kerk

Detailed description of the Church of Nieuwe Kerk

The monumental building of the church Nieuwe Kerk, which translates as "New Church", located on Dam Square. Her story began at the beginning of the 15th century, after the Archbishop of Utrecht gave the green light to the construction of the parish church in honor of Saints Mary and Catherine. Moreover, with the increase of the city and its population, the church of St. Nicholas, which was functioning at that time, could no longer accommodate all believers.

Many trials fell on the fate of the New Church. The terrible fires that ravaged it in 1421, 1452 and 1645 gave an impetus to the reconstruction of the building, after which dominant Gothic features appeared in the architecture of the church. In the late XIX - early XX centuries, a major overhaul of the temple was launched, as a result of which a number of neo-Gothic details appeared. The next grandiose reconstruction of the church building took place in the 50-80s of the XX century.

Many famous and prominent Dutchmen are buried in the Nieuwe Kerk church cemetery. This is the legendary captain of the ship "Endracht" Dirk Hartog, and the surgeon Nicolos Tulpa, and the famous local artist Gabriel Metsu, and Jost van den Vondel - the poet and playwright of the Netherlands, and many others.

Within the walls of the temple are the royal coronations and inaugurations of politicians, as well as the wedding of royal people. For example, in 2002 in the church, the marriage of Prince Willem-Alexander and the beautiful Princess Maxima Sorregeta took place.

Currently, the church building is not used for church services, but for the organization of all kinds of exhibitions. In addition, thanks to the amazing acoustics, organ music concerts have become popular in the church, which appeal to art lovers. Gothic style, the grandeur of church decoration, an organ of the 17th century - all this attracts many tourists and guests of Amsterdam.