Kaymaktsalan - ski resort in Greece


Voras (Nietzsche) is a mountain range on the Balkan Peninsula on the border between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. Voras is famous for its magnificent natural landscapes and fantastic landscapes. The highest peak of the ridge is the peak of Kaymaktsalan (Kaymakchalan), whose height is 2524 m above sea level. Kaymaktsalan - the third highest mountain in Greece after Olympus (2917 m) and Zmolikasa (2637 m). Greeks often refer to the entire ridge by the name of its highest peak. The snow on the top of Kaimaktsalan lies from November to May, and most likely it was from here that its name came from, which in Turkish means “whipped cream”.

In September 1916, during the First World War, a battle of Serbian and Bulgarian forces took place in Kaimaktsalan, which ended in tactical victory, but, unfortunately, with enormous losses from the Serbs (about 5,000 people). At the top of the mountain rises a small chapel of St. Elijah and a crypt, where the remains of Serbian soldiers who died in the Battle of Kaymaktsalan are buried.

In 1995, Kaimaktsalan became the home of the new ski center in Greece, which today is rightfully considered one of the best ski resorts in the country. The center is located at an altitude of 2050-2480 m above sea level and offers its guests a lot of opportunities for active winter recreation - excellent ski slopes of different difficulty levels, cross-country skiing areas, a special ski slope for snowboarders, a snowmobile track and a toboggan run. The resort also has a equipment rental center, professional instructors, and, of course, comfortable apartments, cozy cafes and restaurants.

Just 16 km from the ski center at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level is the picturesque village of Agios Athanasios - an incredibly colorful and atmospheric place with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. However, the charming settlement of Panagitsa also deserves special attention. You will get a lot of pleasure by visiting the Dasikis-Anapsihis Nature Park. At the foot of the ridge are the famous hot springs Loutra Loutrakiou. The temperature of the sources is kept at 37.5 degrees year-round.

Ski center Kaimaktsalan

Mount Voras or Kaimaktsalan is located on the border with FYROM and is the third highest peak in Greece - 2524 m. At its peak, on the border line, stands the Church of Elijah the Prophet, which is a historical monument of the First World War.

Ski center Kaimaktsalan

Officially, the Kaimaktsalan ski center began operating in 1995, and every year it expanded and improved its slopes and services. Now there are 16 runs (six red, three green and seven blue), slopes of different categories and different lengths, 1 chairlift and 5 towing tows.

If you wish, you can rent ski equipment and equipment, learn to ride in two ski and snowboard schools, visit bars, cafes, restaurants and so on. If the weather is nice and you are lucky, then, while drinking coffee, you can enjoy views of the top of Olympus and even see the Thermaikos Gulf. You can stay in hotels and apartments, such as Taganay.

Not far from the resort is the village of Old Saint Athanasius, built at an altitude of 1200 m in the 16th century. For a long time it was abandoned, then taken under state protection, and now it is one of the favorite vacation spots for tourists who came to Kaymaktsalan.

Distance to Kaimaktsalan:

  • 140 km from Thessaloniki, which means about 200 km from Nea Moudania.
  • From Edessa - 38 km
  • From Athens - 595 km

Ski center 3-5 Pigadia

Another well-known and popular ski resort is Three-Five Springs (Tria-Pende Pigadia). I always wondered where such a strange name came from. Everything turned out to be simple: at an altitude of 1430 m, where the territory of the ski center begins, there are three springs, and above, at an altitude of 1800 m - five more. So it turned out such a name!

Ski resort 3-5 Pigadia

The resort is located on the western slope of Mount Vermios, and from the highest point - 2005 meters - offers fantastic views of the peaks of Olympus, Thief, Beles and Lake Vegoritida.

Three-Five Sources (Τρία-Πέντε Πηγάδια) began its work back in the 70s of the 20th century. Over the past years, the resort has significantly improved the variety and quality of its services, and in 2002 it was the first to install a technical snow system with 21 cannons, and now you can not be afraid that there will be no snow on some highway.

Ten tracks of the center have different complexity and allow both experienced and beginner skiers to ski on the slopes. On the territory of the center there are a hotel and apartments, a restaurant, a cafeteria, bars, shops selling equipment and equipment for rent and sale, a beginner's school with 25 trainers, a medical center, a stadium, and snowmobiles.

Distance to the resort 3-5 Pigadia:

  • From Thessaloniki - 108 km, from Nea Moudania - 168 km
  • From Naoussa - 20 km
  • From Athens - 548 km

Ski centers usually operate from mid-December to mid-April. In the remaining months, they provide their services for other sports and entertainment:

  • Hang gliding
  • Parachuting
  • Mountain bikes
  • Mountaineering
  • Hiking, etc.

As you can see, dear readers, you can relax in the winter and go skiing in the Greek mountains. Until April, you still manage to visit Kaimaktsalan or some other ski resort in Greece!