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Chakhtitsky castle

Ахahtice Castle is located in western Slovakia, in a village called ахahtice. It is located on the top of the Small Carpathians hill and is located at an altitude of 375 meters above sea level. It was built at the beginning of the XIII century as a royal watchtower, but in 1467 it was rebuilt, as a result of which it became habitable.

Initially, the fortress was made in the style of Romanesque architecture, but after the restructuring, it became similar to the Gothic buildings, as indicated by high sharp towers, a ribbed arch and elongated, sometimes narrow, windows. Now the citadel is in a dilapidated state.

One of the famous owners of the castle was Elizabeth Bathory, the history of which every Slovak knows. The countess became famous for killing her maids by the painful death, after which she took a bath from their blood. In addition to the fact that Elizabeth was cruel in nature, she was pushed by such a desire for eternal youth, because she believed that the blood of young virgins is an elixir of beauty. After she was walled up in the walls of the Chakhtitsky castle, the fortress was inherited by her children.

Trencin Castle

Trencin Castle is located in the same city and is one of the oldest and largest castles in Slovakia. It is located on a mountain, the foot of which is strewn with many cozy houses. The castle was built in 1069 in the Renaissance style, now there are dozens of excursions per day on its territory, since many tourists passing through the town cannot help but notice the powerful building that rises on top of a cliff.

Trenčany fortress was built as a defensive structure and resembles an ordinary medieval castle. Until 1412, it passed from hand to hand, until it received the right to exist as a free royal city. During the great fire of 1709, the historical building was almost completely burned down, only the ancient tower, made in the Romanesque style, located in the center of the courtyard, survived. After long restorations, Trencin Castle almost reached its original form.

A stone path leads to the main entrance to the structure, and a parish church is located nearby on a small hill.

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