Chobandede Bridge


Coordinates 39 ° 58′13 ″ N 41 ° 53′18 ″ E / 39.97028 ° N 41.88833 ° E / 39.97028, 41.88833 Coordinates: 39 ° 58′13 ″ N 41 ° 53′18 ″ E / 39.97028 ° N 41.88833 ° E / 39.97028, 41.88833 CrossesAras river LocaleErzurum Province, Turkey Characteristics MaterialStone Total length130 m (430 ft) No. of spans6 History Constructed byChupan (?) Construction end1289

Çobandede Br> Çobandede Köprüsü, also called Çoban Bridge) is a historical bridge in Turkey.


In 1865 a priest, Archimandrite Timeteos, copied an inscription in Armenian that was on the br> He was buried in Sourb Astvatzatzin monastery close to nearby Pasinler (Hasankale), Darun (Daroynk) has been> According to one view, up to 1271 flood , there was an ancient br> This date is in accordance with the name of the bridge. Because towards the conclusion of the 13th century, Ilkhanid authority in Anatolia was represented by Mongol general Chupan (called Emir Çoban in Turkish).

Photo and description

Erzurum is an amazing and picturesque mountain region in eastern Turkey, where historical sights and pristine nature are successfully combined. The ancient city of Erzurum is located at an altitude of about two thousand meters above sea level. It enjoys special popularity among skiers, as well as connoisseurs of picturesque places and ancient civilizations.

One hundred kilometers from Erzurum and twenty kilometers east beyond Köprüköy, is the elegant Chobandede Bridge, the most remarkable medieval bridge in Turkey, built on the banks of the Aras River. The bridge is an important building on the Araks River, has seven spans and six arches, which are especially mesmerizing at sunset.

Being one of the historical monuments, the bridge is not currently used for traffic. Earlier, a highway and a railway ran along it, running parallel to a river stretching all the way to Khorasan, where E80 / 100 turns southeast - through Argy and Dogubayazid - to Iran, and trains and highway 80 go north.

The Chobandede bridge has a length of two hundred twenty meters and was built of multi-colored brick in the XIII century (1297) by the Seljuks with the money of a certain Ilkhanite vizier, Emir Choban Salduz, the ruler from the Chobanid dynasty. In honor of him, the bridge got its name. It is a very impressive building.

The Aras River flows from the Yaila Bingol and, passing under Malazgirt, flows eastward. Then it passes under the Khynys and Artyf fortresses, flows under a ring-shaped bridge and, passing many villages, passes under Chobandede, and below the fortress Yerevan merges with the Zanga River, and lower with the Kura, which flows into the Gilan Sea (Caspian Sea ) This river is sometimes violent. When the snow melts on Yayla Bingol, it rolls waves and rages like the sea.

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Erzurum can be reached from the airport using the city bus, which stops near the exit from the arrivals area.

2. The train.

Trains run from many large Turkish cities: Ankara, Istanbul, Sivas, Kars and Kayseri. The train station is 1 km from the city center.

3. The bus.

And finally, from other cities in Turkey can be reached by bus. The journey from Ankara will take 13 hours, from Istanbul - 19 hours, from Trabzon - 6. The intercity bus station (otogar) is 2.5 km from the city center.

Entertainment and Attractions

Of course, the main entertainment here is downhill skiing and snowboarding. After an active day, you can supplement it with exercises on simulators and treadmills, swim in the pool, take a steam in the Turkish bath, taste Turkish and European cuisine in numerous restaurants, dance in nightclubs. For shopping lovers there are many shops selling souvenirs, crafts of local craftsmen, ski equipment and much more.

Fans of excursions, we recommend to explore the city, walk along its ancient streets, with your own eyes to appreciate all the architectural sights of Erzurum. Here are the main ones:

  • Double minaret madrasah
  • City Citadel
  • Big mosque
  • Tortum lake with steep shores,
  • homonymous waterfall,
  • 220 meter Chobandede Bridge,
  • Historical Museum.

There are more than two dozen mosques alone. You can also go to the city of Trabzon, which also has many ancient monuments:

  • Yakutiye Madrasah
  • Saint Sophie Cathedral,
  • Fatih Mosque,
  • Church of St. Anne,
  • Emir Museum.

In a word, they are enough for the whole vacation.

The climate in Erzurum is mountainous, with large fluctuations in the daily temperature, since the city is located at an altitude of 1700 meters. Its high location makes it one of the coldest in Turkey. Winters are long, cold and snowy. The average temperature is -10 degrees. Summer is little predictable, the temperature is unstable. It can be hot enough, and maybe cool. Sometimes it’s +15, sometimes +25 and above. There is little rainfall at any time, the peak falls on April-June.

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In the city there are many hotels and pensions for a different wallet - from cheap to expensive. Mostly hotels in Erzurum are concentrated in the city center in the Cumhuriyet Caddesi area. Of the chic options, you can offer the five Renaissance Polat Erzurum Hotel or the four Palan Ski & Convention Resort Hotel.

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