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Views: 18521 Bill Hewlett, Dave Packard Maybe if he starts the story of a company like Hewlett-Packard. And there is historical evidence for this. A garage in the small town of Palo Alto, where Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard assembled their first electronic appliance, was officially recognized as the historic landmark of California and Silicon Valley in 1987.

Thus, not only the founding date - 1939, but also the birthplace of the now-known company has entered the recent history. Hewlett-Packard has been engaged in the development and production of various kinds of electronic equipment for both civilian and military purposes for a long time and successfully.

However, with the advent of computers, the company was actively involved in the struggle for a buyer in the market of various kinds of digital devices. In our country, Hewlett-Packard products officially appeared only in 1968, before that, high-quality measuring equipment had to be purchased through third countries. Today, Hewlett-Packard is a world leader in the manufacture of inkjet printers, large computer storage systems, laptops and handheld computers.

And also one of the largest suppliers of personal computers, servers, scanners and digital cameras. Measurement technology is also not forgotten, although the glorious traditions of HP in the field of metrology and oscillography are today continued by Agilent Technologies, which stood out in 1999 as an independent division. Hewlett-Packard launched its 200 millionth inkjet printer last year.

One of the latest innovations of the company - photosmart 245 - a portable printer that can work in any environment. He can print, even if there is no computer at hand, and allows you to see pictures in a couple of minutes after they were taken. You can print photos directly from the camera by connecting it to a printer, or by inserting a flash card into one of the slots.

So the very garage with a wooden gate, where Bill and Dave, who had $ 548 for two, without even knowing it, laid the foundation for a company with today more than 120 thousand employees and a net income of $ 50 billion, it was not by chance that he became famous .


  • Can HOA rent an escape route to an underground garage for car seats.
  • Is there a parking place for a family with a disabled child?
  • Garage space in the city.
  • In our yard there is a place for garages how to build them and legitimize ..
  • Who can allocate a place for a garage next to the house?
  • Registration of the purchase of a place for a garage in GSK and what documents should the seller have?
  • How can I get a place for a garage?
  • The lawsuit is filed locally.
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  • The lawsuit is filed at the place of residence

1. Can HOA rent an evacuation path to an underground garage for car seats.

Lawyer Mingazov Yu.S., 46984 answers, 13969 reviews, online since 12.24.2009
1.1. It can’t, firefighters in general can close the entire garage in this case.

2. Is there a parking place for a family with a disabled child?

Lawyer Sadykov I.F., 49231 answers, 26413 reviews, online from 11.10.2017
2.1. Good day! Federal law does not provide a garage for a family with a disabled child. However, there may be some regional programs.

Lawyer Minkina M.V., 147 replies, 94 reviews, online from 03.22.2017
2.2. Good day.
The state provides additional guarantees to persons with disabilities and minors with disabilities. These include benefits for providing land to people with disabilities for free, as well as families with children with disabilities.
Allocation of the site is made regardless of the disability group that is assigned to the citizen. Limited able-bodied groups 1, 2 and 3 and disabled citizens are provided on equal terms, since otherwise is not specified in the legislative documents. The main thing is that disability should be assigned on a permanent rather than temporary basis. If temporary incapacity for work, the decision is made by the administration, based on the diagnosis and material standard of living of the applicant for the memory.
A disabled child is entitled to a land plot.

Lawyer Ugryumov E.A., 30,076 responses, 7,752 reviews, online since 09/26/2015
2.3. Hello! I would advise you to contact the district administration with this issue, but the fact is that the garages certainly do not issue a possible plot.

3. Garage space in the city.

Lawyer Shishkin V.M., 62531 answer, 25479 reviews, online from 02/11/2013
3.1. You must first contact the local administration with the appropriate statement.
Land Code of the Russian Federation, Article 11. Powers of local authorities in the field of land relations

1. The powers of local governments in the field of land relations include land reservation, land acquisition for municipal needs, the establishment of land use and development rules for urban and rural settlements, territories of other municipalities, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, the development and implementation of local use programs and land protection, as well as other powers to resolve issues of local importance in the use and protection of land.

2. Local self-government bodies shall manage and dispose of land plots in municipal ownership.

4. In our courtyard there is a place for garages how to build them and legitimize ..

Lawyer Asstatryan N.V., 41725 answers, 23573 reviews, online from 11.24.2016
4.1. Hello! Of course, it is possible to build, but it will be difficult to legitimize it, or rather, only in court. I recommend contacting a lawyer to accompany the entire stage and procedure.

Sincerely, Arbitrator - Nikolay Vladimirovich Asstatryan
Appointment in person by phone. 89615955190, 89615902225, or by e-mail. mail [email protected]

5. Who can allocate a place for a garage next to the house?

Attorney Cherednichenko V.A., 193192 answers, 73764 reviews, online since 12/05/2015
5.1. Anyone can give out if there is a land plot, but only on a paid basis: rent or purchase or sale.

6. Registration of the purchase of a place for a garage in GSK and what documents should the seller have?

Lawyer Ovcharenko L.N., 576 replies, 190 reviews, online since May 26, 2014
6.1. Protocol of the meeting on admission to the GCW membership, contract, receipt and check on contributions and payment of shares

7. How can I get a place for a garage?

Law firm "DIKE", 6735 answers, 2146 reviews, on the site from 05.29.2014
7.1. You need to start with a trip to the administration, draw up a statement, attach garage placement schemes to it - you can draw a diagram on a printed out public card.

8. A neighbor in the country is building a garage, retreating only 2.2 m from my house, flooded the capital foundation, although he was forbidden to build a garage in this place. Now he says that it’s just a canopy under the car, but the foundation is capital construction, and at any time he can lay out the walls.
If I’m not mistaken, then according to the SNIP, with this building, the distance from the neighbor’s lady is at least 6 m?

Law firm LLC KN "Leader-cadastre", 1736 answers, 1227 reviews, online from 04.16.2018
8.1. Good day! For the garage, the indent to the neighboring plot is 1 meter. For a residential building - 3 meters. The presence of a foundation does not always mean capital construction. The fence is also flooded, but is not a property.

9. I want to open an online store. Open IP. There is a garage under the house. Can I use my garage as an IP for the office and the place of issue of orders? I live in St. Taman.

Lawyer Grab Yu.V., 187 replies, 76 reviews, online from 03/25/2019
9.1. The legal address of the IP will be at your place of residence, and the office can be in any convenient place.

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10. I want to put metal. Garage in the courtyard of 3 floors among brick garages and sheds. Is it possible now. Garages and sheds have been built there for a long time but there is a place. (garage for a motorcycle).

Lawyer D.N. Demkovich, 416 replies, 243 reviews, online since 04/03/2018
10.1. The court territory is in common shared ownership of the owners of the MKD. Therefore land. Garage plot, you can use only on the basis of the decision of the general meeting of owners of MKD.

11. I am a member of the GPK, in which there are already existing garages, and now they are planning to build another row of 15 garages. The chairman of the GPK has a lease agreement for land under all garages and free land, now he offers us to lease out places for garages under the agreement, so that everyone individually takes up construction and commissioning, and not the whole object (out of 15 garages), is this normal? Can we then build garages on these places? What kind of permits will be needed?

Lawyer D.N. Demkovich, 416 replies, 243 reviews, online since 04/03/2018
11.1. Land means is in municipal ownership, issued for a certain authorized use. Therefore, the sublease must be agreed with the Landlord. One of the fundamental grounds for recognizing the ownership of a garage is the construction of a land on a legal basis. And disputes with the Rosreestr arise later that they require permission for commissioning precisely from the gas processing complex. You need to clarify this question in the department of architecture of the construction administration.

12. Father died in 2010, mother is alive and there are 3 of us children. It was in the garage that they did not enter into an inheritance, now I want to arrange it for myself. From the documents there is only paper that allocated a place for construction (the parents built themselves about 40 years ago), there are no other papers. Can I do something? Thanks.

Attorney Lukina E.V., 10255 answers, 4615 reviews, online since 04/29/2008
12.1. You can apply to the court for recognition of ownership.

13. We have a 60 apartment building. Two women (mother and daughter) drag all abandoned cats to our house and feed them, hide cats in the basement and under the garages. Homeless dogs also resort to the feeding place. Cats shit not only in the basement, but also in the playground, in flower beds. A foul smell comes from the basement. How can we stop the madness of our "good" neighbors?

Lawyer Petrov A.A., 3459 replies, 1273 reviews, online from 03/18/2019
13.1. Hello! Talk to them to stop feeding them, they themselves and leave the house.

Lawyer Karavaytseva E.A., 56947 answers, 27028 reviews, online from 01.03.2012
13.2. Complain to the local administration and Rospotrebnadzor.