Hotels near Blue Bay Waterpark


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Water Park "Blue Bay"

Hotel Reservation Near Blue Bay Waterpark

Hotels of various categories near the Blue Bay Water Park: description of rooms, photos, room rates, tourist reviews, contact details. On this page you can book a room in your favorite hotel. The catalog contains hotels, hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses and other accommodation options.

Selected hotels are located within walking or comfortable transport accessibility from the Blue Bay Water Park, as a rule, at a distance of no more than 1-2 km.

Hotels are sorted by rating (the more positive reviews and ratings, the higher the rating). You can also select a price filter, and then at the top of the list the most inexpensive options will be displayed.

Book a hotel near the Blue Bay Waterpark

Any hotel from the list is available for booking. You can always choose hotels suitable for a number of parameters.

Select the arrival and departure dates, indicate the number of rooms, the number of guests, including children. Mark the price range of interest. Hotel prices near Blue Bay Waterpark are indicated for 1 night.

In addition, indicate the desired number of stars, if this parameter is important, and the type of accommodation (hotel, apartment, hostel, etc.).

The selection rating may also be a hotel rating assigned by We recommend not only relying on the rating, but also get acquainted with the reviews of former guests.

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When you decide on the hotel, you can proceed with the reservation. You will be redirected to the partner site. Please note that in some cases free cancellation of reservations - if your plans have changed - is not possible. Check this out when choosing a room.

The most attractive hotel prices near the Blue Bay Waterpark are presented on this page.

How to get there

You can visit this beautiful place and spend an unforgettable day in it, using public transport or in your own car. In the Blue Bay there is a permanent bus route from the city of Yalta from the bus station. For those arriving here by personal transport, parking is equipped on the territory of the water park. In the meantime, you will go to the water park, you should pay attention to Mount Cat right above the highway.

Services and entertainment

On the territory of the resort complex "Villa Blue Bay" the guests are offered services - an outdoor pool, a restaurant with views of the sea and Mount Cat, a sports ground

All the rooms of the Villa Blue Bay Hotel in Simeiz are decorated in soft colors, equipped with air conditioning, cable TV, minibar, etc. Each room has an Ascona orthopedic bed, a seating area with a flat-screen TV, spacious bathrooms, air conditioning, an electronic safe, etc. Soft white towels, slippers, bathrobes, hair dryers and natural cosmetics are provided.

The hotel offers a pool with spring mountain water, a massage card (we also do massage in the open air), relaxation areas. Free Wi-Fi is available in all buildings and rooms.

Rooms and prices

94 rooms of various categories: from standards to super-suites

Hotel “Blue Bay Villa”, Simeiz offers accommodation with various meal plans. Room rate includes breakfast. Half board as well as full board (all inclusive) is available.

Overlooking the park and the sea, the restaurant in the 19th-century villa serves Crimean specialties: local fish, raps, mussels, oysters, Crimean vegetables and fruits. A mussel farm is located next to Simeiz and a kilometer from the hotel. You can meet the sunset with a view of the Black Sea and the juniper park with a glass of Crimean wine and exclusive snacks.

None of the hotels in Simeiz can boast of such infrastructure. The hotel offers: a view restaurant, a closed park area in the juniper forest, a multifunctional area (basketball, volleyball, futsal, tennis), a street sports (workout) area, and parking for cars. At the guests' disposal is a tour desk, which offers excursions throughout the Crimea.
Simeiza Blue Bay Water Park is 800 meters away. Simeiz village is 1.5 km away. The largest children's amusement park "Dreamwood" in Crimea is 6.5 km or 11 minutes by car.

Simferopol Airport is 120 km away. For hotel guests an additional service is provided - transfer from / to the airport, as well as anywhere in the Crimea. A free taxi service is available on site.

Restaurant "Filiber" - the best restaurant in Simeiz

For the convenience of guests, we have provided several food options.

Earl of Fliber's Summer Cottage in the Blue Bay

Now the old summer house of Fliberov is known as the "Villa Blue Bay". Leaflets claim that it is only 150 meters from the sea. In fact, at least 500. From it to the water park about 300 meters. But if you go to the ticket offices and the entrance, then the whole kilometer is a 10-minute walk. But the value of this building is not that it is a private hotel, villa or boarding house. In 1902, the Yalta architect Petr Krasnov, who designed many estates and estates in Simeiz, designed this building as well. For him, it was a prototype and a "training ground" for a future global project for the royal family - the Livadia Palace.

F. Chaliapin during one of his visits to the Crimea stopped and spoke at this cottage. Unfortunately, now it is a private hotel in the Blue Bay, and it’s unlikely to be fully watched.

Polyana Chaliapin

Behind the Yalta-Sevastopol highway above the village itself lies the old Vorontsov highway (Sevastopol) crossing the Lymena river. Next to it is a vast clearing on which once there was a vast manor that has not survived, unfortunately, to this day. Who owned this estate is unknown. It is only known that Chaliapin himself was here. True or not, no one will say for sure. But here the glade, on which they say he sang to be right here: standing on a huge stone, the whole district was heard by the singing of an unsurpassed tenor. According to this legend, the locals called this glade their attraction, and gave it the name of a great singer.

RT22 - radio telescope

Almost all people vacationing in Simeiz mistakenly take a huge "satellite dish" standing on the shores of the Blue Bay for the Simeiz observatory equipped with a full-fledged optical telescope. In fact, here is just a branch of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory - the department of radio astronomy with the RT-22 telescope. Unfortunately, this object is unfortunately closed for free access. They built it for study, first of all, for the study of our sun.

The resort is famous all over the world for the PT22 telescope; it became the first of its kind. Some Internet resources claim that with his help a photo of the far side of the moon in 1959 was obtained. RT-22 itself was built in 1967.


The observatory in Simeiz is one of the main attractions of the village of Blue Bay and Simeiz on a number of mountains Cat and rock Diva. But despite the direct relation to Simeiz, it is territorially located in the village of Blue Bay, or rather in its upper part farther from artificial lights illuminating our streets and houses - in the forest closer to the main ridge of the Crimean mountains. More details about it can be found in the corresponding material devoted specifically to the observatory.