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Acapulco is the city that modern Mexico “inherited” after the Aztecs, at least the name was given to this place by the natives. For the past few decades, there has been a thriving resort, which representatives of the world bohemia and show business stars like to visit.

Overview of Acapulco attractions is focused exclusively on active tourists - these are numerous night clubs, noisy casinos and restaurants, the best discos and bars in the country. And it's a variety of marine activities - from traveling along the waves on a glass bottom boat to the most amazing fishing experience.

Interesting places Acapulco

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Museum of Masks

The Museum of Masks is a unique museum, which contains a huge collection of theater masks. Each mask exhibition tells about special traditions in the city at different times. Some of the masks presented in the museum are over five hundred years old. So, here are stored exhibits that once belonged to slave owners. Most masks are made by hand. The museum contains objects that are still used in national ritual dances: “the battle of the tigers” and the production of “Moors and Christians.

The museum houses several rooms. In each hall there are exhibitions of masks of a certain subject. The hall dedicated to the black population of Guerrero, Costa Chica, is popular with museum visitors. The museum has a professional guide who will tell about each exhibit. There is a souvenir shop in the territory of the mask museum. Here you can buy commemorative magnets, as well as small copies of masks. Entrance to the mask museum is paid.

Old Mazatlan

The old Mazatlan district is the old district of the Mexican city of Mazatlan. The first buildings in this place appeared in the middle of the XVI century. Until the beginning of the century before last, the region remained only a small fishing village. But in the XIX century, a number of buildings and cathedrals began to be erected here.

To our time, almost in its original form, the ancient cathedral has been preserved, which is visible from afar thanks to its two twin towers. On Sundays, there are many parishioners in the temple.

This is the only Catholic church in the world that has the Star of David reflected in the stained glass windows. It is installed here as a thank you to the Jewish family who helped rebuild the temple.

The old part of Mazatlan attracts many travelers with its low prices for many products and services. So, in a local restaurant you can order a full dinner for twenty dollars. In other areas of Mazatlan, food prices are several times higher.

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Estero Del Yugo National Forest

Estero Del Yugo National Reserve is the largest Mexican nature reserve. Its total area is more than twenty-seven acres. There are two reservoirs in the reserve: one with fresh water, and the other with sea water and tropical deciduous forests. The reserve is home to more than two hundred species of various birds. There are flytraps, and owls, and parrots, and wild ducks, and cormorants. Many of them are not afraid of man. Therefore, often in the national reserve you can see ornithologists who study their behavior in the natural environment.

Estero Del Yugo has several malls for walkers. There are benches and small pavilions. Estero Del Yugo has a laboratory and a small educational center. Entrance to the reserve is paid and is five dollars. The proceeds go to its content. The Estero Del Yugo National Reserve is open to visitors from nine in the morning until five in the evening.

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Yacht Club Acapulco

Acapulco Yacht Club is one of the most famous clubs in Mexico. It was created in the middle of the last century - in 1955. Thirteen years after its opening, it served as a venue for hosting sailing competitions as part of the Summer Olympics. Since then, the yacht club has remained the center of sailing in Mexico. On the club’s territory, travelers will be able to rent yachts of various categories, from sports to first class yachts. The rental price includes the work of the crew of the yacht.

Therefore, even a novice will be able to deal with the intricacies of maritime affairs and go on a rented ship into the open sea. Experienced team members will help beginners. In the yacht club, ships of famous oligarchs are moored. Club members will be able to inspect them for free. The yacht club has a tennis court, swimming pool, laundry service and a restaurant. There is also a small sports shop.

Restaurant "Fort Del Virrei"

Restaurant "Fort Del Virrei" is an institution with an original interior and a cuisine of international dishes.

The restaurant is remembered for its unusual interior. Outside, it resembles a fort that was built in Acapulco in the 19th century. The interior decoration reflects the taste of the owner - there are a lot of decorations and in general an interesting atmosphere and color have been created. There is even a small museum where paintings by famous Mexican artists and handicrafts of local craftsmen are exhibited.

The cuisine specializes in internationally recognized dishes. But the art of cooks is at its best. As well as the service.

Ruccola island

Arugula Island is a Mexican island located next to Acapulco. The total area of ​​the island does not exceed one square kilometer. The climate on the island of Arugula is tropical. Here you can find lush vegetation, palm trees, almond and lemon trees, Tea and Tamarindo trees. The island is considered a specially protected natural area. On a small mountain in the central part of Rukkola, there is a lighthouse. It was built in the middle of the last century. It offers views of the entire Gulf of Acapulco.

At Ruccola is a zoo. It is inhabited by tigers, lions, turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, turtles, deer and giraffes. The island of Arugula also attracts travelers due to its small beach. The sand on the beach is white. Sometimes small shells are found. The water in the area is clean and clear. The waves of the ocean are calm and usually their height does not exceed one meter. The island can be reached by boat or by helicopter.

La Quebrada Gorge

La Quebrada is an artificial crevice created between huge cliffs for natural ventilation of the city. 35-meter-high cliffs surround a small bay, one of the most picturesque places in Acapulco and Mexico.

In addition to the beauty of the landscape, La Quebrada attracts tourists with the show of the same name, which takes place here every evening. Professional divers from a great height jump into a narrow crevice in the bay, the depth of which does not exceed 5 meters.

In order not to die, divers should choose for a jump that moment when a wave rises in the bay and it becomes deeper. In addition, when jumping, it is necessary to push off strongly so as not to cling to the rocks of a narrow gorge in the jump.

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Acapulco International Center

Acapulco International Center is located in the port city of Guerrero. It is considered a major conference center. The initiative to create such a center was made by Mexican President Miguel Aleman Valdez.

Major international negotiations are held here by Mexican government representatives.

The construction of the Acapulco International Center cost the local authorities fifty million dollars. His building was erected for nine months. The opening of the Acapulco International Center took place on October 25, 1973.

The center hosts the annual Acapulco Festival. Seasonal concerts and performances by the local classical orchestra are also organized here.

The Acapulco International Center is open all year. It is only closed during the New Year holidays.

Near the center building there is a parking lot for three thousand cars.

Currently, the center building is under reconstruction.

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