Ski resort Zell am See in Austria


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In Zell am See there is a local local history Vogtturm, which is located in an old four-story building. Any guest of the resort will discover many interesting features and details of the life of the local population in different eras.

X Over Ride, one of the official competitions of the World Freeride Tour, is held at Kitzsteinhorn!

  • The medieval castle in Kaprun.
  • Gothic parish church in Kaprun.
  • Historical Museum in Hohenwarter Park, located in Machl Hut.
  • Museum of old cars. Visitors can see various vehicles of the 50-70s, such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds.
  • Castle Hotel in Prilau.
  • Excursion to the Danielstollen mine.

Location of the ski resort of Zell am See in Austria

The resort is located at the foot of forested slopes on the shores of the freshwater lake Zeller See. This year-round holiday destination claims to be the “most beautiful place” in the Alps. The old town of Zell am See, founded on the site of a village of the 15th century, is surrounded by the Hohe Tauern ridge, among the peaks of which the Kitzsteinhorn glacier peak rises.

The city is the district center of the federal state of Salzburg, includes a number of suburbs and villages located around the lake.

In winter, the lake freezes to the full depth and is an excellent skating rink. In summer, tourists are invited to rent boats, pedal boats, open and closed places for swimming. The combination of skiing and swimming in the lake attracts many tourists, especially in the summer.

Zell am See is a ski resort, part of the European Sports Region, which boasts 365 days a year.

Resort Monthly Weather

The ski season lasts from October to April. With a snowy winter, there is always the opportunity to climb to the town of Kaprun and ride in its vicinity.

In this region, comfortable temperatures are maintained throughout the year:

MonthJanfebmaraprMayJunjulAugSepoctbut IDec

Ski areas and tracks Zell am See

Local ski run - Schmittenhöhe, located on a thick wooded mountain in the shape of a horseshoe. It rises immediately outside the city, its slopes descend to the lake, not far from the center of the town. The entire ski slope runs amid a diverse mountainous terrain, the longest run is 6 km.

The gondola lift connects the urban area with the subsequent lift, which leads to the main ski base. 4 tracks branch from it into the valley. Two, going north, end at Schmittenthal, the south stretches to Schutdorf, the central - to Zell am See. At the end of each track you can take a bus and get to the city.

Zell am See is a ski resort that has not only difficult slopes, but also comfortable slopes for beginners. Such a route was laid in Schmitten. Three lift terminals begin here, which take you to the main ski run. Further lifting is carried out through three-stage gondola lifts.

The ski base is relatively limited, but at the same time quite convenient for skiers:

  • elevation to the lower station - 757 m,
  • maximum height to the upper station - 2 thousand m,
  • length of tracks - 75 km.

Trace Ratio:

  • blue – 40%,
  • black – 20%,
  • reds – 40%.
The ski resort of Zell am See has dozens of slopes, which are indicated by complexity.

Ski slopes are well-groomed, routes of varying difficulty are isolated from each other. There are long skating routes for cross-country skiing.

Lifts Zell am See

Zell am See has several cable cars and chair lifts.

The main lifts operating in the summer:

  1. City Express Gondola. The station in the valley is located on the outskirts of the city, and the lift rises to the Mittelstation station at 1,411 meters. The second section of the chair lift works only in winter.
  2. Areitbahn Gondola - the station is located in the valley, southwest of the city (buses 660 and 670). The elevator goes to Areit at 1395 m. The second lift only works in winter.
  3. Schmittenhöhebahn and Sonnalmbahn cable cars. The stations are located in the valley, approximately 800 m west of the city (bus 71).

Also available:

  • funicular - 1,
  • cableways - 1,
  • gondola lifts - 4,
  • chair lifts - 6,
  • drag towers - 5,
  • magic conveyor carpets - 2.

General description of the resort

Zell am See, its ski resort and the slopes of Kaprun, form a single tourist ski region. The season lasts from early autumn to early summer. On the slopes adjacent to the city, skiing takes place in the winter months.

But in the area of ​​the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, in Kaprun, at an altitude of more than 10 thousand meters, there is always snow, which makes it possible to ski all year round, except in July, when the tracks on the glacier are closed for maintenance.

The region includes three ski resorts:

  1. Family mountain Maiskogel.
  2. Ski area in the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier.
  3. Ski Area Schmittenhöhe.

Tourists are offered a ride on snowboards, ski sledges, participate in night ski crossings.

SKI-PASS price in Zell am See

Prices for cards for the European sport region for 6 days:

  • adults - 184 €,
  • children 1992-2001 R. - 92 €,
  • adolescents 1989-1991 R. - 147 €.

Prices have seasonal variations, many hotels have discounts on cards. There is a single ski pass.

Ski equipment rental

Equipment rental for 6 days, price in €:

Adults Children
Standard skis11256
Ski boots6432
Standard skis and boots15571 (with helmet)
Intermediate skiing140
Snowboard Boots3719
Snowboard with shoes and helmet for children.13578

The ski kit can be purchased with the card:

  • travel + standard skis - from 284 to 308 €,
  • travel + snowboard kit - 272–297 €,
  • travel + intermediate skiing - 309–333 €,
  • travel + ski carriage - 219–243 €.

Prices depend on the choice of package, additional crossings and lifts, as well as seasonality of residence.

Hotels, accommodation, cost

The list of hotels:

  1. Sporthotel alpin, one of the best hotels, is located near the cable car, in the city center, next to Lake Zell. Hiking and cycling trails are nearby. Cozy rooms especially like couples. The restaurant menu features Austrian and international cuisine. The average cost of living is 36 thousand rubles. overnight.
  2. Hotel Living Schönwies located near the center, 100 m from the lake. The rooms have kitchens and bathrooms. Free private parking is available at the hotel. The leisure center is nearby. From May to mid-October, guests receive a free Zell am See-Kaprun card. It includes many benefits, discounts, free travel on local cable cars. Hotel accommodation - 9.5 thousand rubles. per day.
  3. Apartments Haus Hofer located near the casino. The rooms offer magnificent views of the mountains and the lake. Nearby runs the route to the airport. This is the most beloved part of the city by the townspeople and guests. The cost of living for 1 day is 8.8 thousand rubles.
  4. Pension Schmittental located in the city, 110 m from the ski slopes. On its territory there are a restaurant, bars, ski storage, a children's playground, table tennis. From May to October, guests are offered guided walks around the lake with free dinner and drinks, free admission to some museums and discounts on cable cars. The cost of 1 day at the hotel is 7.4 thousand rubles.
  5. Hotel Martha It stands in a cozy place, next to the slopes of Schmittenhöhe. All rooms have lake views. There is a restaurant, playground, spa. The rooms have a TV, fridge, showers. From May to mid-October, cards with many free and preferential services are offered. The price of accommodation for one day is 6.7 thousand rubles.

The closer the hotel is to the lake, the higher the cost of living. Up from the lake there are many homely, comfortable, budget hotels, with a price of less than 5 thousand rubles. per night.

In the northern part of the city is a paid beach. This is a well-equipped place with changing cabins, pools for babies, toilets, cafes. The depth of the lake is 68 m, in the summer it warms up, the shore is strewn with pebbles mixed with sand. The water temperature in July is no more than 20˚ ... 23˚С.

There are no free beaches on the lake. There is a network of beach hotels where you can stay.

Sources and Health

After active sports, the body and mind need rest. To restore strength, you can spend time at the Tauern Spa. Austrian baths, so called this place. Tourists are invited to relax in the hot sauna, where you can admire the mountains through large panoramic windows.

In 13 saunas and 12 pools, everyone will find their place to relax:

  • Finnish sauna
  • organic
  • herbal bath
  • dry steam room
  • outdoor saltwater pool.

Alpin Vital SPA & Kosmetik will offer 17 face and body rejuvenation treatments. Massages, body wraps, nourishing baths will return beauty and lightness to the whole body.

For 3 hours of stay in the terms you have to pay:

Many hotels offer discount cards for visiting these establishments.

Entertainment and outdoor activities

Zell am See is a ski resort where not only skiing, but also admire the local beauties.

For lovers of outdoor activities there are hiking trails:

  • Maiskogel route,
  • hiking trail Pinzgauer Spatzirgang (travel time 7 hours),
  • Queen Sisi Walking Path

Most central and coastal areas are ideal for walking. Of particular interest is the esplanade around the lake. In the Altstadt quarter, around the central square, there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, shops.

In the city you can visit the entertainment center. It has a swimming pool with heated water, water slides, children's baths, spas, saunas, an outdoor ice rink. The nightlife in the town is very lively, with a wide selection of pubs, nightly music bars and disco bars.

In the area of ​​Mount Schmitten, there are many interesting entertainments both in summer and in winter:

  • golf disc games
  • paragliding
  • bicycle and motocross in Motocross Park,
  • toboggan runs
  • cross-country skiing,
  • ski tourism
  • Ice hockey.

At the top of Kitzsteinhorn there is a panoramic restaurant, a cinema. Each year, at an altitude of 2600, a winter world of ice and snow, ICE CAM, appears. The observation deck located on the top of the glacier is impressive. This place is unique in that in clear weather you can see the peaks of all alpine 3-thousanders from it.

Local kitchen

On the peaks and along the slopes there are many cafe huts, bars with cozy sun loungers, where you can have a cheap snack and drink coffee. For 15-20 € you can get a dinner consisting of Viennese schnitzel, thin caramel pancakes, cheese dishes.

Many institutions offer dishes of national cuisines:

  1. Bit of irish. In his cozy room you can relax in a large company and order Irish dishes. The restaurant is famous for Austrian cuisine and the main dish, prepared according to a special recipe - duck with cabbage.
  2. Der sonnberg. The restaurant specializes in Asian dishes.
  3. Villa Crazy Daisy. In the halls and on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant they offer to try different types of pizza, and the restaurant will appeal to followers of vegetarian food.

Classic Austrian dishes can be found in all the restaurants and cafes of the resort. A traditional Austrian breakfast is served at any establishment - scrambled eggs with bacon and fried potatoes.

Kiahil is very popular - pie with sauerkraut, dumplings with various fillings, Austrian desserts: Sacher cake, rolls with cream or fruit. Residents are proud of their regional wines, which can be tasted in any restaurant.

Family holiday

A large entertainment complex - Standbad Zeller-See, is located on the lake. There are playgrounds, pools, spas. The ski resort offers tourists who come with children a lot of fun. Zell am See is very fond of the family Schmitten mountain.

It has easy wide tracks, ski schools for adults and children, and sports are held. Children are offered sleigh rides with their parents.

Summer is a time of fun on Mount Schmitten. The amusement park located here offers bouncy castles, carousels, mountain bicycles, slides, kettles. There are special children's trails for adventure, passing through the grassy mountains of Pinzgau.

Cost of tours to the resort of Zell am See

The price of tickets depends on the season, flight distance, the number of days planned for the vacation, the number of people and the cost of the hotel.

Average price:

  • 7 days for two - from 30 thousand to 46 thousand rubles.,
  • 8 days, 2 people - from 34 thousand to 56 thousand rubles.,
  • 9 days 2 people - from 35 thousand to 57 thousand rubles.

The cost of tours in the summer is not much different from winter prices.

Useful information for tourists

For better orientation in the town, you should know that the railway is located near the center. The station is located in the south of the town. The main transport artery divides the city into two parts. Expensive hotels, pedestrian streets with shops, the historical center are located in the part closer to the lake. From the main road up begins a strip of budget hotels.

Almost all hotels offer discount cards. It gives you the right to visit free attractions in the city, as well as a discount for bus rides. You can’t buy a card anywhere, it is given only in places of residence. Supermarkets do not work on Sundays, but there is one in the town hall area that is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Near the center there is a City Express ski lift, but you can’t get to the top of the mountain, you should change to the following ski lifts. When buying tickets, you should show the hotel’s guest card, which entitles you to various discounts.

To travel to Austria, you must purchase a Schengen visa:

  • visa C - for up to 90 days for any purpose, including tourism, cost - 35 € + 19.47 € visa fee,
  • visa D - for legal stay in the country up to 6 months.

Austria's currency is the euro, metal money is different from European coins. The reverse image shows the famous people of Austria: Mozart, Berta von Zutner, or the famous Viennese palaces. Such coins can be a souvenir. Affordable service, good transport infrastructure, excellent slopes - all this in a ski resort located in the cozy town of Zell am See.

Author: Belyaeva Anna (bacheshca)

Article design: Lozinsky Oleg