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Hiking in the Crimean mountains is only slightly less popular than a beach holiday on the peninsula. Many vacationers are sure that traveling along them is more interesting than lying on a sand. There are also frequent special routes that attract climbers in the Crimea. Mount Demerdzhi is one of them.


Where is the mountain in the Crimea?

Strictly speaking, this is not a mountain peak, but the yayla, that is, the plateau, even two of them - the North and the South. The array is located a few kilometers from the sea. The nearest resort city is Alushta. Mount Demerdzhi attracts tourists with beautiful views and unusual stone reliefs created by weathering and earthquakes. She has many unusual properties that add to her mystery.

Inexplicable pedigree

The Demerdzhi massif is a kind of geological mystery. Pebbles and boulders from the oldest rocks are found in these places - 800 million years. The appearance of yet another local geological attraction - “stone mushrooms” - cannot be explained by anything other than the erosion of glacial deposits. But it is believed that the last glaciation of Crimea did not catch, because nowhere, except on Demerdzhi, there are no such phenomena. Issues of the history of the appearance of the array are still a mystery to science.

Route for the Caucasian captive

Perhaps this is why Mount Demerdzhi in Crimea has overgrown with all kinds of legends and stories. A significant part of them is associated with one of the main local attractions - Valley of Ghosts. They say that there an earthquake overwhelmed the army that came to the blacksmith for help ("Demerdzhi" in translation from the Crimean Tatar means "blacksmith"). Once called the hill also Funa - "smoky", now only the medieval fortress at its foot is so called.

The array attracts attention with its ability to change color several times a day - depending on where the sun is shining from. Also here you can see your own shadow on the clouds. This unique phenomenon for the Crimea (found only on Demerdzhi) is called the "Broken ghost."

Of course, many tourists find it very interesting to visit places that became the backdrop for the events of their favorite films. Until now, here you can trace the climbing route of Shurik and the Caucasian captive Nina. The stone where the heroine danced is a favorite place for a photo, it is quite high, so a staircase was prudently attached to it.

The film “Fifteen-year-old captain”, familiar to all schoolchildren of the Soviet era, was also shot here. And closer to our time, S. Zhigunov chose the hill for the filming of the series “Hearts of Three”. This place was advised to him by the best geologists and geographers of Ukraine as the most similar to the southern Caribbean islands.

Visit Demerdzhi: to visit the ghosts

Excursions to Demerdzhi include trousers, sneakers and backpacks. It is impossible to drive through gorges and rocks by car, several hiking trails are laid here. Most of all, tourists are attracted by unusual stone formations. They are created by wind and earthquakes.

The most famous cluster of such stone wonders is the Valley of Ghosts. There you can see more than one hundred columns of various heights, fancifully processed by erosion. Many of them resemble people or fantastic animals, at dusk or in fog their outlines blur, and the stones really become like ghosts.

There are also stone “statues” with their own names in the Demerdzhi area. So, one rock from a distance resembles a bust of a majestic woman. Crimeans nicknamed her Catherine II. If you come close, it resembles the Egyptian sphinx, which is also, however, a royal creature.

It will be interesting to see the "stone mushrooms" Demerdzhi. This geological mystery is a column of earthy rocks of various heights, on which, like hats, flat stone slabs lie. It is proved that the "mushrooms" are growing, and here they even constantly appear new.

What else is interesting Demerdzhi?

There are several cave cavities in the massif: Kopchinsky, Dzhur-Dzhur and others. In total, up to 15 of them are known, but excursions lead only to one - the cave of the MAN, opened by young scientists from the Small Academy of Sciences. The famous Crimean waterfalls - Dzhur-Dzhur, Dzhurla, Geyser also belong to the plateau.

The main man-made attraction of the massif is the medieval fortress of Funa. Her purpose was to protect the borders of the state of Theodoro and the busy trade route that led from the coast to the steppe Crimea. The Turks destroyed the fortification in 1475, but a significant part of the walls and the church of Theodore Stratilates remained.

Going on a hike to Demerdzhi, near the village of Radiant you can also see the Kutuzovsky fountain. There is a memorial plaque to M.I. Kutuzov, who at this place during the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774. repelled the attack of the Turkish landing. In this battle, the future winner of Napoleon lost his eye. The wound was very well affected by the local spring water. And so the fountain arose.

How to get to the mountain?

The question of how to get to Mount Demerdzhi is not very acute. You can get to the village of Luchistoe by bus from Partenit or a trolleybus from Simferopol. The most convenient departure point is Alushta. The hill is reachable by trolley to the Crimean capital or bus number 107. But you can still get there only to the specified village, then you will have to move on foot. There are also horse rental offers for excursions.

You can get to the Radiant by car from Alushta as follows:

According to the map, the route to Demerdzhi itself will be as follows:

Tourist note

  • Address: village Luchistoe, Alushta, Crimea, Russia.
  • Coordinates: 44 ° 45′21 ″ N (44.755754), 34 ° 24′46 ″ E (34.412793).

The reviews of tourists unequivocally testify that Demerdzhi is one of the most beautiful places in the mountainous Crimea, which is definitely worth a visit! Therefore, do not hesitate - it's time to go, but in the end we offer a short video about this Crimean mountain. Enjoy watching!

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Magic Mountain Demerdzhi in Crimea

The top of Demerdzhi is called the pearl of the peninsula. This incredibly beautiful mountain is shrouded in secrets and legends. It changes color in the sun and impresses with its natural wonders. The unique Demerdzhi tract is located here and the inexplicable phenomenon of the Broken Ghost is observed. Going on an excursion, you will visit the most mysterious mountain of Crimea and you can open this veil of secrets.

Mountain features

Translated from the Crimean Tatar Demerdzhi means "Blacksmith". However, in the Middle Ages the peak was called “Funa” (“smoking”), and the remains of the eponymous fortress were still preserved at the foot. On the mountain slopes found 16 caves. The most famous of them are Demerdzhi, Dzhurla and Dzhur-Dzhur, just below the most full-flowing and picturesque Crimean waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur is rustling.

The array is divided into two parts: North and South. On the slopes of the first of them there is a clearing and a cave of MAN, as well as reflectors that transmit radio signals from Simferopol to Sudak. But tourists are more attracted to the second part, where the main attractions are concentrated.

Miracles and riddles of the array

  • fancy stone sculptures of various shapes and sizes,
  • Unique Valley of Ghosts
  • the famous "Nikulin nut",
  • places where the movie “Hearts of Three” was shot.

Mount Demerdzhi consists of soft limestone interspersed with hard rocks. In the process of washing out chalk deposits, huge boulders of the most intricate form are exposed, in which everyone sees something different. Many stones have unusual names: the Sphinx, the head of Catherine, the Giant Blackbeard.

Ghost Valley

The most amazing and mysterious place is in a zone of low cloud cover. The area of ​​about 20 hectares is literally dotted with stone giants, of which there are more than 100 pieces. “Damn fingers” - this is the name of these stone pillars from 1 to 25 meters high, which either disappear in dense fog or appear again.

Depending on the weather, time of day, and human imagination, the outlines of animals and people are guessed in them, to some they resemble mythical creatures. If you change the angle of view, a completely different picture arises - and so you can watch forever.

At the top of Demerdzhi, the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding area is breathtaking. The Sudak Mountains, Alushta Amphitheater, the Chatyr-Dag massifs, Babugan and the endless Black Sea are clearly visible from here. Once upon a time here they shot the beloved "Caucasian Captive." And now you yourself can climb a boulder where the main character danced. And to see the very nut from where Yuri Nikulin fell at one time.

If you want to diversify your vacation, book an excursion to Demerdzhi. There you can see the real wonders of nature and get a lot of vivid impressions.

We offer you to watch a beautiful video about Mount Demerdzhi and surroundings:


Tract Demerdzhi, or Ghost valley - A unique natural monument located in the Demerdzhi Yaila massif. A visit to the Demerdzhi nature reserve makes a lasting impression on tourists!

In the evening, an amazing natural light show begins on the slopes of the mountain: the setting light paints the yellow rocks first in bright orange colors, then when the sun goes down over the horizon, a red tint becomes pronounced, and at the end of the extravaganza, the top of the rock shines with purple light. The mystical picture is complemented by ghostly idols scattered along the slopes of Demerdzhi. Hundreds of sculptures have unusual shapes, reminiscent of fabulous animals and people, towers and pillars, bastions and pyramids. They cast constantly changing shadows that move as the sun moves across the horizon.

The sight is bewitching, but to some it may seem creepy. For this, the area at the foot of Demerdzhi was nicknamed the "Valley of Ghosts." Intricately bent into this phantasmagoria are fancifully twisted trees growing from bare rocks.

Apartments for daily rent: Alushta (1120) • Yalta (3100) • Gurzuf (260)
Alupka (420) • Simeiz (225) • Foros (103) • Partenit (140)

How to get to the Valley of Ghosts

You can get to the Demerdzhi tract from Alushta, as well as almost directly from Simferopol or Yalta. Ending station "The village of Radiant". Whether to book an excursion or go on your own, you decide: Demerdzhi is not such a difficult route that a tourist with average training could not master it. But still with a local guide, a walk will be more productive, informative and safe.

There are three ways to get to the Ghost Valley Reserve:

  • On your car. You can drive to the Demerdzhi nature reserve by scoring in the navigator "The village of Radiant". The car can be left near the equestrian club, and then get on foot. Guests of Crimea are recommended to see car rental prices - on the peninsula they start from 2,000 rubles. You can pick up the car right at the airport. The distance from Alushta to Demerdzhi is 15 km, from Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol - 40 km, 50 km and 120 km, respectively.
  • With an excursion from Alushta. You can find excursions to the Valley of Ghosts from anywhere in the Crimea, but since Demerdzhi is territorially part of Big Alushta, the largest number of trips is organized from Alushta. We recommend the route Mysteries of the Valley of Ghosts , lasting 5.5 hours, from the local guide Andrey. But on the spot you can always find a more affordable group option.
  • By public transport. You can get to the village of Luchistoe by bus number 107 from the Trolleybus Park of Alushta. Or a trolleybus - from Simferopol (No. 51) or Yalta (No. 52). From Radiant you will have to walk on an asphalt road for 30-40 minutes to the western slopes of the South Mountain, and already from its foot climb the hiking trail uphill. To prevent travelers from getting lost, trees and stones along the trail are marked with markings.

1. “Smoky” or Mount Blacksmith

In Turkic, "Demerdzhi" means "blacksmith". There is a scientific hypothesis that conglomerates, which form the basis of the massif, contained iron ore. Therefore, forges were built along the trade route that once ran from Alushta. The Greeks, who lived in this area in the Middle Ages, held a different opinion.

Natives of Hellas called the mountain Funa, which means "smoking". The appearance of such a name the mountain owes to the phenomenon of nature. Wet air masses from the sea, rising to the top, cooled and settled in dense fogs on its slopes.

2. The legend of the blacksmith and Mary

The Demerdzhi tract, as befits a mystical place, has its own legends. One of the folk tales is especially interesting. In ancient times, a tribe of nomadic conquerors settled on the side of the mountain and built an armory forge. The helpers of a cruel and evil blacksmith took local men to the work, but they no longer returned home, dying from exhausting labor.

Maria, the daughter of one of the local elders, went to the blacksmith and tried to persuade him not to mock people. But the villain killed her.

Even nature was shocked by a cruel crime: the mountain began to erupt, opened its bowels and swallowed the forge. The blacksmith's assistants turned into stone boulders, and at the very top of the mountain an evil sorcerer froze (now rock "Giant") and the girl (the statue, now known as "Head of Catherine").

Do not think that natural objects and their names will have to be memorized. Guides with pleasure demonstrate the attractions of Demerdzhi during excursions to the Ghost Valley.

3. Ekaterin-Gora, or "Head of Catherine"

Rock called "Catherine's Head", perfectly visible at the very top of South Demerdzhi. There is a legend that it was Potemkin himself, the Most Serene Prince of Tauride, who gave her the name. Returning after the Russian-Turkish campaign to Moscow, he drove along the mountain range and noticed a statue. It seemed to the prince that the outlines of the stone block were similar to the profile of the empress. In honor of the great victories of Catherine II, Prince Potemkin gave her name grief.

The reality of the version raises doubts and questions, since Prince Potemkin never officially visited the surroundings of Mount Demerdzhi.

True, according to the reports of the assistants, he could know about the amazing beauties of the Southern Crimea and order the renaming of the peak in honor of the empress in absentia. How true the legend is, we are unlikely to be able to find out now, but the mountain has since been called "Yekaterin Mountain", or affectionately - "Katyusha."

By the way, now the statue does not resemble the profile of a domineering woman. This is due to the 1927 earthquake that brought down part of the rock. And if from a distance in the outlines of “Catherine’s Head” one can still guess the profile of a person, then near it the maximum has something in common with the head of the sphinx.

4. "Caucasian captive" in the Valley of Ghosts

One of the most interesting facts in the biography of the Valley of Ghosts is the shooting of the legendary comedy. Many people suspect that the episodes of the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus" were shot not in the Caucasus, but in the Crimea. But where exactly, not everyone knows. So, on excursions around Demerdzhi, tourists are shown three iconic places:

  • A block of stone, on which Natalya Varley, who became the star of Soviet cinema after dancing, was dancing to a song about bears.
  • An ancient nut nicknamed "Nikulin Nut". It grows along the path leading to the valley. Its age is approximately 6 centuries. It was Balbes who hid on it and threw nuts at Shurik. To remove the moment of fall, the branch of the nut was previously filed, but it unexpectedly broke in another place. In the fall, Nikulin broke his arm.
  • Further, the trail leads to the observation deck near the top, from where breathtaking views open. The observer can also see these frames in the film “The Caucasian Captive”.

5. Byzantine fortress Funa

On the eastern slope of Demerdzhi there is a trail leading to the fortress of the XIV century - Funa. It was built during the Byzantine Empire, to protect the trade route that ran through the southern coast of Crimea. They say that the Silk Road itself went along the outlines of the current eastern trail, and bandits, who were eager for profit and who caused a lot of problems, were expected to live in its vicinity.

The classic Demerdzhi excursion route rarely includes a visit to Fort Funa, as it is limited to the southern slope and the ascent to Catherine’s Head. But it's interesting to visit there, if only because you will have the most complete impression of Demerdzhi, almost in 3D.

On Tripster there is an excursion "The Lost World at Jurla Falls" - An unusual route, including a visit to the Demerdzhi massif, Ghost Valley and Funa Fortress. Also in the program is a small waterfall Dzhurla and all the places of filming of "Caucasian captive" (5.5 hours).

6. Brocken ghost Demerdzhi

Under certain weather conditions, you can see such a natural phenomenon as Brocken Ghost. When Chatyr-Dag is covered with a thick veil of fog, and above South Demerdzhi, on the contrary, the sky is completely clear, you can observe your gigantic shadow on the foggy curtain. Or a mountain ghost, as it is also called.

7. Riddles of the Great Chaos

Next to the tract is another attraction of Demerdzhi - Big chaos, the result of the mountain collapses of 1894, 1968 and 1982. Giant clumps of conglomerates, the size of which is comparable to the size of a three-story building, created chaotic piles. Of interest to science here are bright red boulders and pebbles included in conglomerates. According to the most conservative estimates, their age exceeds one billion years.

For comparison: the planet Earth is about 5 billion years old. The conglomerates that make up Demerji are about 150 million years old.

8. Vegetation Demerdzhi

Representatives of the local flora, reminiscent of Japanese bonsai, add additional color to the bizarre landscape. Curved trees, by some miracle (namely, knotted roots) cling to bare rocks, creating the effect of the Crimean “Dancing Forest”. Among beech and hornbeam, you can find Crimean pine and red-trunked pine with short bright green needles.

Tract Demerdzhi - a real paradise for nerds. The flora here has more than 430 species, many of which are endemic, growing exclusively in the Crimea. Steppe, meadow and mountain vegetation prevailing, interspersed with forest islands.

The brightest and most spectacular vegetation of Demerdzhi during the period of lush flowering is from May to June. The reserve is also interesting in the autumn period, when the green is painted in purplish-ocher shades. In winter, excursions to the Ghost Valley are not conducted.

Tours in Alushta and its environs

The most interesting excursions are routes from local residents to Tripster. We recommend starting dating with a sightseeing walk in Alushta (embankment, Professor’s Corner, Kutuzov places). And then go to the places of power of Chatyr-Dag - to visit the sequoia grove in the summer heat a real salvation!

Where to stay in the area of ​​Mount Demerdzhi

If you are traveling to the Demerdzhi Valley not from Alushta, but from more remote corners of the Crimea, it is a good idea to stay overnight in the Rayon area. This will make it possible to devote full day excursions, and the driver, if you are by car, to fully relax. The problem is only with the hotels in the Demerdzhi area - they simply are not there.

I managed to find a couple of private houses where the rooms are rented. For a one-night stay, excellent. One of them even offers panoramic mountain views.

#one. Demerdji House, p. Radiant

Demerdzhi House Guesthouse Overlooking Ghost Valley

Demerdzhi House Guest House is located on the outskirts of the village of Luchistoe and boasts views of the mountain, the valley and its chaos. It is offered to live in separate houses, in comfortable rooms with electric kettles, TVs, heating (in some rooms there is a kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave).

# 2 Gornaya Antavia, p. Radiant

Guest House "Mountain Antavia" (village Luchistoe, Alushta)

The hotel complex, as it was called by the owners, "Mountain Antavia" is also located in Radiant. The rooms are simple but have everything you need for a relaxing stay. There is an equipped shared kitchen, a terrace, some have balconies and a well-kept garden. A free fitness room is also available, while children can enjoy the playground.

How to dress for a hike / what to bring with you

Regular sneakers can be used to tour the Ghost Valley and the Demerdge trails. But if you do not feel confident in your abilities (hiking is a rare occurrence in your life), put on trekking shoes. So you protect the foot from possible injuries and dislocations. A headgear and two-layer clothing may come in handy.

You will also need a shoulder bag with a supply of drinking water and food. There will be nowhere to buy either one on the route, and usually they go on a trip to Demerdzhi for the whole day. Some individual guides include the necessary equipment and lunch in the price of the tour (we gave an example of such a route on Tripster) But not everyone does this. Therefore, pre-think your "hiking set" + a small first-aid kit.