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Mud Volcanoes

The Taman Peninsula is rich in mud volcanoes. To a greater extent they relate to natural attractions. Locals dubbed them vomit. In total there are about fifty such places. It is believed that mud procedures have a positive effect on the body (but there are contraindications) and, in addition, can serve as a good addition to sea vacations. Here are just some sources of healing mud:

Mud lake in the village of Golubitskaya

Golubitskaya st. 45.330217, 37.262895

This pond is located on the outskirts of the village. If you go from the direction of Kuchugur, then the first left turn after leaving the highway. Further, right along Chaykinskaya street to a small parking lot. Here is an observation deck with a beautiful view of the surroundings. A small path leads to the lake.

Locals advise collecting dirt exclusively from the bottom. It is here that it has pronounced healing properties. There are few people. There is a shower and equipped benches.

Volcano Tizdar in the village of For Homeland

Za Rodina village 45.356847, 37.098487

Perhaps this is the most popular mud "font" among tourists. There are always many who want to plunge, not with their heads, but on the neck for sure. A small foundation pit is filled with mud, into which it is immersed.

Lotus Valley on Akhtanizovsky estuary

Incredibly, Indian lotuses grow on Taman. Flowers that are listed in the Red Book. They were brought here in the middle of the 20th century and have since taken root well in the local conditions. You can admire the flowering of lotuses as part of special excursions organized for vacationers in the villages and cities of the Krasnodar Territory. Time for a trip is the end of July and all of August.

You can also drive yourself to the place of departure of the boat or motor ship and purchase tickets here. The pier is located in the village of Akhtanizovskaya at the end of the North Lane. Here are the coordinates for the navigator 45.318353, 37.108276.

Fans of water excursions and the surrounding nature are definitely recommended to visit. The trip lasts six hours.

Ethnocomplex Cossack village Ataman

On the very shore of the Black Sea there is an interesting and original place. We are talking about the open-air museum "Cossack village Ataman." Precisely recreated dwellings and the surrounding area will allow you to learn a lot about the life of the Cossacks from the moment they settled on Taman to the present day.

Reaching is very easy. The T-34 tank in the center of the village of Taman can serve as a reference point. You must drive the car so that it remains on the left side. Further, all the time right on the street. Lebedev.

Read more about the museum in this article.

Monument to Lermontov

Mikhail Yuryevich stopped in the village of Taman on the road of Stavropol to the Caucasus. He outlined his acquaintance with Taman in his work “A Hero of Our Time”. The monument to the poet is erected in a small square named after him.

To get to this place, by car you need to turn right from the T-34 tank, and drive about 400 m to Pronina Street, where turn left. There is a small parking lot. Often there is a mini-market with souvenirs.

Lermontov House Museum

Not far from the monument is a house-museum dedicated to the poet’s stay in the village. The hut and shack, an old boat, a well and a cart are the main expositions.

A little further there is a modern building, where Lermontov’s paintings and works are exhibited, as well as things related to his name.

A ticket to the museum will cost 80 rubles. for adults, children up to 3 free.

Personally, after visiting the museum, I had a desire to re-read the novel “A Hero of Our Time”, written by a great poet.

Suvorov Val

At the exit of the village are the remains of the Fanagori fortress. Only a small earthen rampart reminds of its existence. If you look at the picture from space, you can see the outlines of an ancient building. It has the shape of a half-star. Curved shafts go to the Taman Bay. Those who wish can walk along them to the sea. Once there was Suvorov himself!

Currently, at the end of the central "beam", close to the road, monuments to Suvorov and Ushakov are installed. In honor of the 200th anniversary of the fortress, a memorial stone is installed. A little at a distance are three old cannons with cores.

Turkish fountain

A small house in the center of the village, where the source of fresh water is located, is one of the main attractions of the village of Taman and the entire peninsula. An unusual name for these places - the Turkish Fountain, attracts many interesting tourists. In any heat there is water in the fountain. And the whole secret is in the system of ceramic pipes laid several hundred years ago underground. In them, water condenses and enters the source.

The fountain is located in an open area. Look for such streets and houses as Pushkina, 15, Belikova, 35, Sosedskogo, 23, or move all the time right along Lermontov street.

Military hill

Fans of military equipment will be curious to visit the museum of military vehicles, located in the city of Temryuk directly in the open. Here are military guns, tanks, planes and ships. Many samples of the Great Patriotic War.

The exhibition is located on the busy Kalinin Street, on a hill. In both directions there are parking places. The museum consists of two parts, which are located on opposite sides of the road. Therefore, you have to cross a fairly wide roadway. There is a zebra. But still be careful and careful!

For a trip to the museum it is better to choose a not very hot day. Since at high temperatures in the open space walking in the hills will not be very comfortable.

Tickets are inexpensive, only 80 rubles. for an adult. Separate photography - 50 rubles.

Museum of Cossack Life

This is the second exhibition dedicated to the Cossacks in Taman. It is located in the village of Starotitarovskaya on the main street. Nearby you can easily find a parking place.

Expositions are located in three small halls. There are few visitors. During our visit, we were alone. The female caretaker kindly told us about each exhibit.


There is no doubt something to see in Taman. You can plan a trip along the Taman Peninsula in advance, having thought over all the routes, or you can go to it spontaneously, after an idea that suddenly occurred to you while reclining on the seashore. One way or another, it will be interesting and informative for both adults and children. Therefore, when you are near Taman, be sure to visit this corner of the Krasnodar Territory.

We wish you all a pleasant and amazing journey!

Ethnotourism complex "Cossack village Ataman"

  • Lebedeva, 102.

This attraction is connected with the history of the region, but it was created recently - in 2009, it is a kind of open-air museum where everything is not only possible, but also needs to be touched, made in the form of a completely restored village. The exhibits in the Atamani are genuine, they were collected throughout the Krasnodar Territory.

The area of ​​the ethnographic division is quite large - more than 20 hectares. It’s difficult to go through in one go. Many travelers come here repeatedly to take a closer look. For them, festivals, master classes, and folk rites are constantly held here. You can even become a guest at a real Cossack wedding.

Having visited the object on excursions in Taman, you can plunge into the past, feel the spirit of the Cossacks, find out how the Cossacks lived, get acquainted with their way of life, traditions and customs. Trying on the national Cossack clothes, it will not be amiss to take a couple of photos for a long memory.

House Museum M.Yu. Lermontov

  • Lermontov, 5.

There is a small but interesting museum in Taman dedicated to the great poet. Once Lermontov happened to visit this region. Impressed by the terrain, he even gave one of his creations the name “Taman” and dedicated a chapter to “The Hero of Our Time”.

Unfortunately, the house where he stayed was not preserved. The institution - in the form of a hut with a courtyard - was recreated at the place where, according to notes of witnesses of that time, there was a house in which M.Yu. Lermontov.

Household items and personal items, white walls, small windows - the poet considered all this in his masterpieces. Among the exhibits, the manuscripts that Mikhail Yuryevich left during his stay in Taman are especially valuable.

Museum of Viticulture and Winemaking

  • Karl Marx, 88.

The peninsula is considered the largest wine-growing region of the Kuban. For tourists, a museum complex is open here, completely dedicated to this activity. Here you can learn about the history of winemaking, about the peculiarities of making red and white wines, about the combination of this amazing drink with food and its treatment.

Tasting is the best assistant in the knowledge of winemaking. In the tasting room, in practice, enjoy and appreciate the taste of wines from different grape varieties, learn to recognize cognac from brandy. It is not recommended to visit it by car, because rest after a glass of high-quality natural wine becomes very fun and enjoyable!

Archaeological Museum

  • Karl Marx, 100.

It is considered the best of archaeological institutions not only in Russia but also in Europe. Archaeologists from all over the world dream of getting into the current excavations of a thousand years ago. Thanks to their work, he annually acquires new exhibits.

Museum finds here are very interesting - from the time of Ancient Greece to the Turkish period. Many exhibits are of great importance. Expositions will allow to study the history, traditions and life of people who lived in the Kuban many centuries ago.

Ancient settlement "Hermonassa-Tmutarakan"

  • Coordinates: 45.218611, 36.714444.

The hillfort belongs to the previous attraction and is considered a monument of federal significance. Excavations are ongoing today. The cultural layer, which has been excavated, is 14 m. As a fun, this place is also extremely popular.

Here you can see firsthand how this land became Germonassa, then Tmutarakan and in modern times the village of Taman. The artifacts found here are stored not only in the Taman Museum, but also in the Hermitage. Everyone can observe the excavations and even join them: both adults and children are welcome here.

Monument to the first Cossack settlers

  • Schmidt street.

The monument to the “First Cossack Settlers” complements the sights of Taman. It was erected at the beginning of the 20th century - as a memory of the first Cossacks. On a pedestal stands the figure of a Cossack holding a flag in his hand.

Looking at it, tourists and travelers will be able to independently imagine how the first arriving Cossacks looked around the boundless Taman lands, getting off the ship to establish settlements here.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin

  • Kalinin, 1.

This temple is one of the oldest on the peninsula. Its structure itself is extremely beautiful and unusual - it was built by the Turks. The church has ancient icons, the main of which is the Mother of God of Kozelshansk.

Legend has it that domes in the 18th century were cast from Cossack guns. Now the temple is open to both parishioners and tourists. You can escape from the worldly fuss and pray in one of the oldest churches in the very center of the village.

What to see in Taman from nature?

  • Coordinates: 45.205535, 36.606788.

Cape Tuzla can be attributed to the natural attractions of Taman. It is located only 8 km from the village, towards the village. Hay. Its shore is steep, rising 15 m above the sea. A spit consisting of sand and a shell adjoins the cape segment.

Koska separates the Black Sea from Lake. Tuzla. Kerch Beach is located here, where people come to relax from all around. Admire the picturesque place and calmly swim in the sea - what you need to relax from the bustling vibrant cities.

First of all, Taman is rich in historical sights, since this land has always been located at the junction of interests of different countries and cultures. For those who love a good combination of beach and sightseeing holidays, the resort village will definitely appeal to you. What to see from the above is up to you.

Ethnographic complex "Ataman"

The unique largest open-air museum literally carries its visitors hundreds of years ago. The territory of the museum is 68 hectares, on which there are 51 Cossack compound. A walk through the territory will capture both adults and children.

In every Cossack hut, the life of those distant times was restored, so in the barber’s hut the furnace of 1794 was reconstructed, and the dishes and implements in other houses completely remember the history of that time. The new hippodrome regularly hosts performances of Dzhigit Cossacks.

After a long inspection of the unique exhibits, tourists can taste the world's northernmost Krasnodar tea and relax in the Tea Compound. Those who are hungry can always Varenichnaya, Kharchevnya or Fisherman's camp.

Taman Archaeological Museum

Archaeological excavations in the Krasnodar Territory began in the 19th century. From that moment, many exhibits were discovered that allowed to form an idea of ​​the historical past of people who lived on this earth many years ago. The work of archaeologists on the territory of Taman made it possible to uncover the historical past of ancient Kerkets, Scythians and Cimmerians.

Some exhibits found in Taman land are more than 2000 years old. Such finds are of global importance. The Taman Archaeological Museum has more than 8,000 exhibits, and their collection is constantly updated. A mandatory part of the excursion to this unique museum is a visit to the Hermonassa-Tmutarakan settlement, here you can not only see real archaeological sites, but also take part in them.

Amazon Waterpark

Vacationers who arrive in Taman with children are recommended to visit the Amazon water park. The park ranks first in size on the Sea of ​​Azov. The water park is located on an area of ​​2 hectares and is under the open sky. Visitors are offered a swimming pool with hydromassage and heating, 5 slides, one of which descends from a height of 25 meters. There are also small slides with pools.

Foam show programs are organized daily in the park. For adults, tasting rooms with Kuban wines, cafes and spa treatments are offered, visitors of all ages can go fishing in a small pond.

Mini-golf resort "Galant"

The court and holes are equipped in accordance with international standards. It should be noted that classes in this sport are not limited to age or level of physical fitness, and will be useful to people of all ages. Minigolf stimulates the discovery of personal potential and logical thinking. Administrators work with visitors to assist in staging, selecting the ball for the hole and telling about the history of the game.

It is important to note that the current judge of the competition, a professional and an active participant in the minigolf competition, works as the administrator of the mini-golf resort.

Zoo "Lukomorye"

Zoo "Lukomorye" is recognized as the best in the Krasnodar Territory. In comfortable conditions, predatory and herbivorous animals are placed here. Visitors can see peacocks, bears, lions, tigers, crocodiles, monkeys and many other representatives of the animal world.

The territory of the zoo is well-groomed and ennobled. This zoo is distinguished by the fact that animals are allowed to feed by hand. Food can be purchased at the entrance to the park.

Dolphinarium "Nemo"

The dolphinarium has an outdoor pool and two enclosures with fur seals. Animals live only in the warm season. The dolphinarium is equipped in accordance with European standards, the pets are in the most comfortable conditions. Around the pool is an amphitheater for 800 people. Above the complex is closed by a dome with ventilation.

In regular performances, besides dolphins, fur seals, sea lions and bottlenose dolphins participate. Visitors have the opportunity to swim in the pool with dolphins, of course, for a fee. In addition, the Nemo Dolphinarium provides medical and psychological recovery services for children and adults.

Mud volcano Tizdar

The mud volcano Tizdar is located near the village of Za Rodina, its age is 10 million years. It was first mentioned in 1799, when the Cossacks, moving to these lands, saw amazing emissions from the earth.

This unique place is distinguished by the fact that tourists can swim in the vents of this volcano. The fact is that the density of Tizdar’s mud does not allow a person to drown, but makes it possible to soar in it. These are amazing feelings that, according to visitors, everyone needs to experience. Mud contains many trace elements and has healing properties.

Among the main indications for mud procedures are diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal system. However, most tourists visit Tizdar not for treatment, but out of interest and pleasure.

Crocodile farm

On the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, in the village of Golubitskaya, is one of the largest zoo-terrariums in Russia. The architectural design of the crocodile farm does not leave anyone indifferent, visitors are met at the entrance by a volcano, and in the future, all design is supported in a natural theme.

More than 150 crocodiles live on the farm, the oldest of which is 17 years old. Among its inhabitants there are turtles, caimans, pythons, monkeys, butterflies and other representatives of the animal world. Excursions on the farm are held every 15 minutes, you can use the services of a guide or take a walk on the farm yourself. There is an opportunity to feed turtles or a crocodile, under the supervision of an employee of the zooterrarium.

Ostrich farm

Not far from the mud volcano Tizdar there is an ostrich farm, which will be interesting to visit for both adults and children. There are a lot of ostriches, and there are birds of different ages. For all comers guided tours. Birds are allowed to feed with special food, which is given if necessary.

In the summer, the ostrich mating season begins, because at this time you can see the mating dance of birds. It is performed only by males, who are thus trying to win the favor of females. This is an amazing period that is worth seeing, it does not leave anyone indifferent.

Lotus Valley Tour

Lotuses appeared on the territory of Taman in the 80s of the last century. Until this time, there have been many unsuccessful attempts to root these beautiful flowers. It was possible to breed the lotuses only in the Akhtanizovsky estuary, the fact is that the water in it at that time was desalinated. Now these beautiful flowers have grown and created a beautiful valley that remains in memory forever.

The active period of flowering of lotuses begins in the second part of July and lasts until the end of August, at which time the lotus aroma reigns over the valley. According to legend, people who inhale the smell of lotus become wiser.

Salt Lake

The salt lake on the Taman Peninsula is of particular importance. It appeared not so long ago: at the beginning of the XIX century, until the moment it appeared, it was part of the Kuban estuary. The reservoir is located between the Bugaz estuary and Cape Iron Horn.

The uniqueness of the lake is that it is a reflection of the changes that have occurred in the water area, and also healing mud is preserved in it. The reservoir is replenished with water only during periods of rains or storms at sea. In summer, salt crust appears on the surface of the lake, on which you can walk or even ride on transport. And under the salt crust valuable dirt is stored.

Legends make up the healing properties of this place. Mud with a bright odor of hydrogen sulfide and with a dark black color has been successfully used for the treatment of joint diseases in many Caucasian resorts.

Taman Switzerland

Fans of pristine natural beauty and a relaxing holiday will appreciate the “Taman Switzerland” in the village of Priazovsky. It is located in the north of the Taman Peninsula, at an altitude of 15 meters above sea level.

One of the attractions of the valley is a lake with spring waters. It is considered therapeutic, in its water there are dozens of trace elements and compounds. Rodon is especially valuable - it is used in medicine for the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and heart. You can get to the lake only on your own, while not every car can go a difficult way to a healing reservoir.

Crimean bridge

Of course, the main attraction of the Taman Peninsula is the Crimean bridge. The bridge was opened on May 16, 2018. It is deservedly called a construction site of the 21st century. A project that could compete in scale has not yet existed in modern Russia.

There are 7000 piles in the construction of the bridge. About 400 tons of various metal structures fall on each support. A total of 595 supports were spent. The amount of iron that went to the bridge across the Kerch Strait would be enough for 32 Eiffel towers.

To date, the Crimean bridge has become the most expensive and longest in Europe. The grandiose construction constantly attracts a lot of tourists and leaves no one indifferent.

What sights to see in Taman in 1 day

Most of the attractions of the Taman Peninsula are located in the village. At the entrance to it you can see the Suvorov Val and the remains of the Fanagoria Fortress. On the Black Sea coast is a museum of M.Yu. Lermontov. Not far from it you can taste Taman wines in the Hermonass brand store. Liked wines can be purchased in vessels stylized as Greek amphora.

Near the store it is possible to go to an interesting reconstructed antique winery, from which go along Karl Marx Street to the Taman Archaeological Museum. On the outskirts of the village is the settlement Hermonassa-Tmutarakan, a historical monument in the open. Then you should go to Ataman, where to eat and spend the rest of the day exploring the Cossack life.

Most tourists visit Taman to find out the history of the Cossacks.

What to see on your own in Taman and its environs

Arriving in Taman with your family you can find a lot of entertainment for every taste. For family and self-rest, the Ataman ethnographic complex is perfect. Volcano Tizdar will also not leave anyone indifferent. In the Lermontov Museum it is possible to book an excursion and learn more about the life of the great poet. The Museum of Viticulture and Winemaking offers tastings and excursions. The Archaeological Museum also offers a tour guide. Excursions are also organized to the lotus valley, the journey to the place takes about an hour.

When traveling by car, it will be possible to cover the nearest surroundings. It is worth seeing the famous Crimean bridge, the structure amazes everyone. The Amazon Waterpark will delight both adults and children. Mini-golf resort "Galant" will appeal to fans of everything new. And the Lukomorye Zoo will amaze you with the number of animals and the hospitality of the staff. A visit to a crocodile and ostrich farm will not leave anyone indifferent.

If you have time, be sure to visit Anapa, Krasnodar and Tuapse, where you can quickly get on a convenient intercity bus.