Burgas Lakes


I remember when I was going to visit Bulgaria for the first time, meticulously searched for the sights of cities ... including Burgas ... its environs ...
I remember that on the Internet mostly some ruins, excavations, ruins appeared ...
Everywhere about the city it was said modestly and crumpled. What to really see in Burgas?

How to say. Hm ...
Have you been to Rome? Or in Budapest?
Have you seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Cologne Cathedral, Charles Bridge? Or do you prefer the towns of the German Romantic Road? Or do you really enjoy the nightlife of Pattaya?
If you answered yes to at least two questions, I can say with confidence that there will be nothing for you to watch in Burgas.

- What are you saying? - Ask me admirers of the city, of whom I know quite a few. -And what about the archaeological museum, and the historical one, and the Temple of St. Cyril and Methods?

Let’s be honest. Museums are not outstanding, the temple has been blocked by scaffolding all year (for the next photo they are not visible).

Lakes of Burgas? Fire yourself if you are not an ornithologist.
Ruins, ruins, excavations? Roll better in Sozopol.
For me personally there are no attractions in Burgas.
So go or not waste time on it?

If you rest closely, I would advise. Because:
- in Burgas, good shopping for people with average salaries,
- anyway, the resort is annoying,
- in Burgas there are cool restaurants with the same prices,
- everything is many times cheaper in the city than in the resort (at least the same souvenirs).
But if the rest goes far from Burgas, then I advise you to drop by. Why? See paragraph 1.
I’ll clarify that by saying “far” I mean the distance is not more than 60 km. I definitely do not recommend going to Burgas from the Golden Sands resort.

So, let's finally begin the tour with photos, about the beginning of some fresh.

No-no-no, wait a second!)
Well, excuse me for another tiny lyrical digression.
You know, today I distinguish several types of travelers. And the most common one is the “ordinary tourist”. I also consider myself to this species. What do we need?
As a rule, and especially if you do not cheat, it is:
- resort,
- tours,
- restaurants / establishments are scarce.
It is desirable that the first was with beautiful sand / snow and good infrastructure, the second was memorable, and the third was not unprofitable and tasty.
I have not forgotten about shopping and entertainment, but they are a bit secondary.

And what do we have.
And the fact that we didn’t go far from the ancient Romans. Bread and circuses remained untouched under the wheels of progress and the cultural development of society. The culture could be hidden in quotation marks, but oh well, let’s drop it ...
I will be glad if one of my readers goes abroad to contemplate unremarkable nature reserves, "catch" the atmosphere and get in touch with the life of ordinary cities. And why are you traveling?

About things that I call minor, I will tell you next time. In fact, there are not so few of them.
But let's go to the city!

Burgas is small, its center is compact. I do not advise you to climb into residential quarters - there is nothing to watch there.

I want to offer a short route through the city center. It will only be panoramic.
All the way you can go on foot even to an untrained person.

I propose to start from the Burgas railway station (aka the bus station). Transport connections to nearby resorts are very well established, especially in summer. Also, the city can easily be reached from the capital and other major cities of small Bulgaria.
Tourists vacationing in the area of ​​Sunny Beach and the surrounding area can save on transport by getting a free shuttle to the Gallery shopping center. From the shopping center to the center by taxi or bus 10 minutes.

If you arrive early in the morning, I would advise you to go first to the Marine Park.

Walking is not long. In fact, having passed 100 meters from the station, we immediately fall into the park.

Beautiful, large, long promenade, you can even swim (the sea is nearby).

But you need to be very careful when traveling with children. The park is full of children's attractions, you can hang there for a long time)
It makes no sense to go to the end of the park, the picture does not change much. Better, reaching the middle, turn into Bogoridi street, and move towards the center.

It is advisable to do this before the heat of the dinner, since there is no vegetation on Bogoridi that would protect passers-by from the sun.

The whole street in shops and souvenir shops mixed with cafes.
Again, if the day turned out to be very hot, I do not advise to “land” there for lunch.

It is better to walk to the street. Aleksandrovsk, it is shaded by trees, it is more or less cool there.

In Aleksandrovsk I can advise a "delicious" restaurant "Ethno". In general, I wrote reviews about several places in Burgas. If interested, they are in my profile.

Here, in fact, is the very center.

It just so happened that the pedestrian streets of cities are such a mixture of shopping and dining.

Bogoridi and Aleksandrovsk are no exception.

For the sake of justice, I’ll say that if anyone can have a tasty meal there, not everyone can make purchases. And the point is not at all the prices (they are just democratic), but the offered product.

For the most part, these are Turkish replicas of famous brands, Bulgarian shoes and clothes. Good shops with European clothes can be counted on the fingers.
If brand shopping is very interested, it is better to go to Burgas malls (there are also reviews in my profile).

Burgas is a relatively young city. I will not “load” the history of occurrence, it is not outstanding, and you can always turn to Wikipedia.
As I mentioned, there are no sights in Burgas. The city center also does not shine with architectural delights. Style ... European mixed with ours, Soviet.

The city is changing every year. For example, two years ago the central square was intended only to break heels. And now it is.

But, not far away from the central streets, you can meet nice courtyards and one-story houses.

Therefore, to call Burgas a modern European city somehow even the language does not turn. Nevertheless, there was still a lot of “scoop” and lack of condition in it.
Although it is clear that the authorities are trying. But I don’t even know for whom - residents or tourists)
Well, at least I definitely like this solution with drinking water for people and animals.

Well, I’ll round up, I gave all the recommendations above. I hope that at least a little helped to decide on a trip to Burgas for an excursion. Or, conversely, dissuaded her.

Practical information

It is most convenient to get to any of the lakes by car: along Todor Alexandrov Boulevard to Burgas, which is located in the west of the city, along Dimitra Dimov Street to Atanasovsky, in the north or south-west, along Highway 79, to Lake Mandra.

Hours: Poda Reserve is open daily, from April to September - from 9:00 to 19:00, from October to March - from 9:00 to 17:00.

Entrance: entrance to the reserve for adults: 3,60 BGN, for children: 1,20 BGN. You can get to the reserve only by prior request.