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Bad Wildungen is a city in the district of Kassel, Germany. Rich in attractions, it is divided into 10 districts, while having an area of ​​120.05 square kilometers. The administration of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is located in it, and in the building of the Kaiserhof hotel, popular between tourists, since 1912 and for two years, the Holy Prince Vladimir Brotherhood contained a Russian Orthodox church.

The history of the city is quite interesting, since it was in it that the local authorities fought fiercely with witches. So, in 1532, the first trial was conducted on the witch, who was considered Gertrude Muck. After 30 years, the hunt resumed and lasted for 3 years, for which the townspeople managed to sentence the death penalty to nine women. Since 1629, it was led by Count Christian von Waldeck, who sentenced 29 people to death. The city dweller Maria Roerig, who suffered torture for almost a whole year, after which she was nevertheless released, fell into this period. Two decades later, her daughter was called to court.

Visiting such a mystical city of Bad Wildungen, you should take a look at the Snow White House, located in its very center, the military and hunting history museum located in the city museum of Kassel, the Living Museum, which displays exhibitions on agriculture and much more another.

Location: Bad Wildungen, Germany

Coordinates: N 51.11688600, east 9.11968200

Neighboring communities

Bad Wildungen is located on the spur of Kellerwald, in the so-called Waldeck spa area (Waldeck Land). Through the city, extending east of Mount Homberg, flows the Wilde River, which flows into the Eder in the urban area of ​​Vega. The Vega and Mandern districts lie on the Eder River. Upstream on this river, 10 km from the center of Bad Wildungen, is the Edersee reservoir. Urf flows through the southwestern areas of the city (Hundsdorf, Armsfeld and Bergfreichait).

The next major cities are Kassel (about 45 km to the north-east), Marburg (about 60 km to the south-west) and Korbach (about 28 km to the north-west).

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