Kebili (vilayet)


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Lake Chott El Jerid

Lake Chott El Jerid is not a very familiar lake. Because on its surface there is a salt crust capable of withstanding even a car. However, we note that in certain places under the crust there is a swampy slurry, which poses a danger to motorists. But it doesn’t matter here. read more

Ain Essebat Camp

Deserts are a beautiful, exotic place. Their huge canyons and endless sands are beautiful in their appearance. This is an amazing sight! Deserts are unpredictable. Here you can see how groundwater breaks through the thickness of sand. Ain Essebat camp, located in the southern part of the country, will give. read more

Not far from the salt lake Chott El Jerid is the city of Kebili. Local figs and dates are considered the best in the country. Since Roman times, this city has been the busiest place in Tunisia. It is not surprising - after all, caravan routes crossed here. It also housed the largest slave market, which lost its existence with the advent of the French.

Kebili is the hottest section of Tunisian Sahara. The air warms up to +55. Most days of the year, strong winds reign in the region.

Just a couple of decades ago, Kebili remained a village. The status of the city gained only at the end of the twentieth century. Now in the city there are not a dozen hotels. The best of them - a five-star - is made in the form of a Moorish palace.

The main attraction is that salt lake, the surface of which is completely covered with salt crust. Here you can observe a frequent and beautiful phenomenon - mirages. True, an essential condition for its appearance should be a temperature of more than +30 and clean, without a single grain of sand, air.

Administrative division

In the north-west it borders with Tauzar vilayet, in the north with Gafsa vilayet, in the east with Gabes and Medenin vilayets, in the south with Tatavin vilayet, in the west with Algeria.

In the northwest of vilayet is the drying lake of Chott el Jerid.

Administrative divisions edit |

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