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Tuapse is a bright, sunny city, attracting many vacationers. This amazing place is ready to boast not only natural beauties, but also a rich historical past. It is this combination that makes it so distinctive and popular! Below are the most significant and main attractions of Tuapse.

1. Rock Kiseleva

Speaking of the natural attractions of Tuapse, this object can rightfully be called the most famous. Rock Kiseleva familiar to many thanks to the shooting of the film "Diamond Arm". It is really very beautiful here: a steep rock rises above the open sea surrounded by old trees. Due to slow erosion, the cliff gradually collapses, turning into a sheer stone wall. Looking at her, it’s hard to believe that this is not the work of man! Many travelers not only arrange large-scale photo shoots here, but also relax in nature with tents. Despite the fame and popularity of the cliffs, it is rarely crowded here. At the foot there is a narrow sandy shore, and clear water is great for snorkeling and video shooting.

2. Quay Tuapse

Fans of the sea expanses of Tuapse have many attractive attractions. One of those is the famous city promenade. Any guide will certainly advise the guest to walk along it during the day or evening in order to fully feel the spirit of the sea. Calm seawater, ships and jet skis for visitors are just a small fraction of the local panorama. After a recent reconstruction, the view of the embankment has changed significantly: sparkling tiles appeared, neat and lush flower beds appeared, and nearby amusement attractions spread out. In addition, within the embankment there is a high observation tower of the pilotage control, and a ship-cafe is waiting for hungry holidaymakers.

3. City park of Tuapse

Those who want to relax and unwind should definitely visit this wonderful Tuapse landmark. The park is relatively small, but a great many different plants grow on its territory. Here you can see huge pines, numerous flower beds with variegated flowers, sprawling shrubs and neatly trimmed trees along small, clean alleys. Strolling through this splendor, guests of the city can sit on numerous benches and just relax. In addition, there are equipped playgrounds in the park, so a walk with a child will never be boring for the baby!

4. Anastasiev Dolmens

This place of Tuapse has long attracted a large number of tourists from different parts of the world. Fans of conspiracy theories, all sorts of secrets and mysticism seek to touch this ancient stone ensemble. A staircase that goes straight along a steep mountain slope leads interested travelers directly to the dolmens. Many of them surrendered to the effects of time and collapsed, but there are still whole sculptures. Huge blocks produce a lasting impression, and local residents offer guests to buy numerous souvenirs and magic charms. In addition to the stones themselves, a person will surely enjoy a walk through the beautiful broad-leaved forest, as well as views of the mountains and clean air!

5. The Museum of Local History and Defense of Tuapse

To make their stay in Tuapse not only interesting, but also informative, guests should certainly go on an excursion to the city’s local history museum of defense. The rich exhibition contains items of military and pre-war life, numerous photographs, diaries, books and letters, allowing you to feel the bygone, but not forgotten era. Experienced guides are ready to talk in detail and interestingly about the difficult wartime, without turning a trip through the halls into a boring lecture. The low prices and enthusiasm of the staff make the visit very vivid and memorable: each visitor will leave with a lot of pleasant emotions and new knowledge!

6.33 meter waterfall

Tuapse's top natural attractions include a 33-meter waterfall. This creation of nature cannot but enchant everyone who manages to get about it. The path to the waterfall is not short and not the easiest, however, everyone who reaches the destination on the trail will be rewarded. A pillar of water from Kazenniy stream crashes with noise from a 33-meter height. At the top of the waterfall is an observation deck where you can arrange a luxurious photo shoot. The surroundings of this natural monument are no less impressive: huge boulders, various trees, creepers and flowers give the impression of a truly exotic corner. Especially for residents of the Middle Strip. You can visit it even in winter, when it turns into a huge ice pillar.

What to see in Tuapse

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Where to go with children in Tuapse

Without leaving Tuapse, you can organize a cultural vacation with children: go to the Museum of Local Lore, where the most complete exposition on the nature of the surroundings is presented, visit the military-historical Museum of Defense of Tuapse and thoughtfully see an art exhibition in the house-museum of the Wanderer A. A. Kiselev.

Several times a month, the Tuapse Theater for Young Spectators gives performances - one of the best youth theaters in the Krasnodar Territory. It will be interesting for children and adults to attend theater performances: the repertoire has universal performances.

A hit of the spa holiday in the hot summer is water parks, without which it is difficult to imagine a family trip to the Black Sea resorts. While relaxing in Tuapse, do not miss the chance to visit modern water parks and dolphinariums. And although all the large amusement and amusement parks are located outside the city, in the nearest resort villages, transport links with them are regular, it’s convenient to get there.

The two most popular destinations from Tuapse for the sights of the surroundings are Nebug and Dzhubga. The Aqua Mir dolphinarium closest to the city and the Dolphin water park spread out in the open air work in Nebug - it’s worth allotting to visit them all day, the children will definitely be delighted. In Dzhubga, there is another water park of the Tuapse district, best known for its vibrant and extreme attractions that teenagers enjoy.

Natural attractions of Tuapse and the surrounding area

The picturesque sights of the Tuapse district, located within 35-50 km from the resort, attract the attention of independent tourists traveling by car. At the same time, some places can be reached at minimal cost - on passing buses or on foot as part of hiking.

The real natural symbol of the city of Tuapse is the sheer cliff of Kiselev (or the Rock of Tears - according to the Adyghe legend), not only immortalized on the canvases of the artist, but also managed to "star" in the cult Soviet film - in the fishing scene in "Diamond Hand". You can even get to the famous rock cliff on foot - 4 km along the coast northwest of Tuapse.

Not far from the resort (about 10 km), near the village of Krasnoye, there is one of the highest waterfalls in the Krasnodar Territory - Perun, the most spectacular in April and May, when the flow of water is powerful and noisy, falls from a height of 33 meters. On the way to the waterfall, do not miss the dolmens on the slope of Mount Bogatyrka. From Perun, you can continue the tour of the region’s waterfalls: for example, drive through Anastasievka (where there are also ancient dolmens) to Shpichatsky stream and overcome the route to Skazka Falls.

Interesting, but more distant excursion destinations are the Guam Gorge with equipped walking and climbing routes, the green farm Altubinal (Six Glades).