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Croatia, Split, Zadar, Croatia

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In the city of Zadar, the man-made sights of Croatia harmoniously combine with the natural. “Singing Embankment”, which is a unique instrument that uses architectural inventions and the power of the elements to achieve an incredible result.

Architect Nikola Bashic invented a special stone staircase with holes in the ends of the steps. The staircase is located on the seashore. The complex design of plastic pipes and resonating planes follows the structure of the organ. Wind and waves drive air into the holes in the steps, from where it comes out, creating a unique sound depending on the speed and strength of the vibrations.

It is noteworthy that the initial plan of the local administration did not include “Singing Embankment” - they wanted to ennoble the coast, which suffered during the Second World War. But the idea of ​​the architect Nikola Bashich allowed to make this place attractive for tourists. The marine organ is considered one of the most visited attractions on the coast of Croatia.

Getting to Zadar is most convenient from Split or Zagreb. Buses run from the bus stations in these cities daily.

Photo and description

The marine organ in Zadar is located near the port. It is part of the embankment, but it is easy to recognize by the cascade located “surface profile”, which was done in order to expand the nature of the sound.

Stone stairs descending to the water itself extend 70 meters along the coast. A marine organ is a sound system of 35 polyethylene pipes of various lengths and diameters located at different angles. The pipes are fixed under the steps of the embankment, and the outlet openings output the sound directly onto the sidewalk.

The strength of sea water pushes air through these pipes, which causes a combination of unusual sounds of different lengths and strengths. In general, it resembles the sound of many wind instruments.

Predicting the nature of the sound is quite difficult, because the waves are constantly changing direction, strength and size. The organ is tuned so that each of its pipes delivers a sound of a certain tone. In this way, countless musical variations are created, authored by air and sea water.

This place has become very popular among citizens and tourists due to its unusual sound harmony, it is great for contemplating the sea landscape, leisurely conversation, meditation, etc.

This tool was designed by architect Nikol Bashich with the help of several experts. The architect chose this particular beach for a wonderful view overlooking the sea. In the evenings, a large number of people gather here to enjoy the sunsets of incredible beauty.

It is interesting that initially the goal was not to attract tourists, the Zadar authorities wanted to restore the coast, which was badly damaged during the Second World War. For a long time, the coast was in a dilapidated state and in recent decades has even been surrounded by a concrete wall. Currently, it has become one of the brightest and most respected by travelers attractions in this small Croatian city.


The Sea Organ is an architectural structure created by the architect Nikola Bashich in 2005. Located in the city of Zadar (Croatia). It is a system of 35 pipes, measured in the manner of an organ, located under the steps of the city embankment, with holes for sound output on the sidewalk. The movement of sea water pushes air through the pipes, causing outlandish combinations of sounds of various strengths and lengths. This structure can be called “musical instrument” conditionally, since it excludes the participation of a person (musician-performer).

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  • es: Órgano de mar
  • hr: Morske orgulje

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