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Aksaray is the capital of the province of the same name, which is part of Central Anatolia. Once this ancient settlement was of great importance in the trade relations of Europe and Asia and was the most important strategic point of the Great Silk Road.

The typical resort city of Aksaray cannot be called because it is remote from the sea and stands away from tourist routes. However, there are historical sights interesting to visit, many hotels, shops and restaurants for a fun holiday. A lot of tourists are attracted by the surroundings of Aksaray - Cappadocia and the Ihlara Valley.


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The easiest way to get to Aksaray from Istanbul is by using a variety of modes of transport: taxi, bus, subway.

From Ataturk Airport to Aksaray passes Metro line M1. Metro tokens can be purchased at JetonMatik special terminals.

The cost of the token is about 70 rubles.

A trip by bus 96T of Ataturk Airport to Aksaray is suitable for those tourists who want to see a little of the city.

Taxi - The easiest and most expensive option to get to Aksaray.

Taxis and transfers

Taxis and transfers are conveniently booked on - this is an online system for finding a taxi and booking individual transfers. From the pros:

  • fixed cost
  • meeting with a nameplate
  • round-the-clock support

Taxi drivers offering their services immediately upon leaving the terminal can announce the amount of the trip 3300 rubles. In fact, the cost is much lower.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport It is located far from Aksaray and the road takes an average of 2.5 hours. You can get from the airport to the city by Havatash or E10, E11 buses to the Kadikoy station on the Bosphorus pier. Then, take the ferry to Eminenu station, after which you need to transfer to the T1 tram, next to Aksaray station.

The cost of the trip is about 650 rubles.

Traveling with children and lots of things is much it is more convenient to rent a car for self-driving. This can be done even at the airport, where there are racks with appropriate services.

Seasonality - when is the best time to go?

Since the city is remote from the sea coast, weather conditions here are slightly different from many resort regions:

  • The average daily temperature in the summer months here rarely exceeds + 30 ° С and is about + 23 ... + 25 ° С.
  • The average temperature in spring during the daytime is about + 18 ° C.
  • In autumn, the temperature is usually at + 21 ° C. Precipitation in moderation falls from November to April.
  • In winter, in Aksalar it’s a bit cool, the average daily temperature is + 8 ° С.

Any time of the year will be successful for exploring the city and its environs; orientation will no longer have to be based on weather, but on pricing.

Holiday Prices

Holiday prices are slightly different from prices in neighboring tourist places and vary depending on the season.

Approximate average prices for accommodation in city hotels (in rubles):

  • Ahsaray Hotel 4 * - from 2100 rub.
  • Kuzucular Park Hotel 4 * - from 2700 rub.
  • Meryem Otel 3 * - from 1900 rub.
  • Agacli Tesiserli Ihlara Hotel 3 * - from 2400 rub.

Prices for accommodation in the private sector (in rubles):

  • Separate room with 3 beds - from 700 rubles.
  • Apartment with 4 beds - from 6800 rubles.
  • Separate room with 2 beds - from 1500 rubles.
  • Entire home with 6 beds - from 4200 rubles.

The average bill in a cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1 person is 230, 330 and 420 rubles. respectively. The average restaurant bill is 350 rubles. for breakfast, 600 rubles. for lunch and 700 rubles. for dinner.

Prices for food sold in retail outlets on the street (in rubles):

  • Shawarma with a drink - 55
  • Popcorn - 25
  • Serving of mussels - 28
  • Milkshake - 70
  • Pomegranate Juice - 140

  • The cost of travel by public transport is not more than 45 rubles.
  • The cost of 1 km when traveling by taxi is 35 rubles.
  • A liter of gasoline - from 70 rubles.
  • Car rental - 1400 rubles.

Recommended cafes and restaurants

A large number of establishments with local cuisine are located on streets such as Bankalar Caddesi and Turizm Caddesi.

  • Among restaurants serving traditional Turkish cuisine, you should pay attention to Kurtuluş Börek Salonu at Kurtuluş Mahallesi, 3873. Sk. No: 8 and Antepli Hasan Usta at Taşpazar Mahallesi, Ebulfeyz Elçibey Cd. No: 37, where you can order antipasti and excellent meat dishes.
  • At Van Kahvaltı Sarayı Turkish cuisine and fast food are also provided. The restaurant is located at Taşpazar Mahallesi, 859. Sk. No: 7. Among the fast-food establishments, McDonald’s, Grand Garden, Burger King are popular.
  • The best among steakhouses is the establishment Kampus et mangal at E-90 karayolu üzeri 7 km with a cozy veranda.

Ihlara Valley

The valley is a stone canyon of volcanic origin, located 40 km from the city. The length of the canyon is about 14 km, the depth in some places reaches 150 m. In this unusual natural place there are more than a hundred carved in the rocks of ancient churches of the 9th century. About 20 of them are available for visiting.

The price of a ticket to visit the valley is 140 rubles.

Popular activities and excursions

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  • Especially popular among sightseeing routes is direction of cappadociaknown for its stunning landscapes of volcanic origin.
  • Several mosques are located in Aksaray, which are worth a look at the city guests. Among them - the 1409 Ulu Cami Grand Mosque, located on Bankalar Caddesi Street, the Karamanoğlu Camii Mosque in the center.
  • Ideal for a quiet, relaxing holiday. Kukturpark Recreation Park. There is a large pond where you can rent a boat.
  • The place to visit in Aksaray is amusement park "Hünkarland", where artificial waterfalls are created. The park is good for families and walks.

Reviews of tourists about the rest in Aksaray

Due to the fact that Aksaray is not a sea resort, it remains aloof from the nearby tourist places of Cappadocia, but at the same time it is visited due to the large number of attractions.

Vacationers celebrate.that all the iconic places of the city are located within walking distance from each other, which is very convenient for those who are poorly oriented in the city. According to tourists, you can visit Aksaray at any time of the year, thanks to its pleasant climatic conditions, but it is advisable to avoid trips in the midst of summer heat.

Among the minuses of the city, vacationers do not recommend going to Aksaray with young children, because there is no entertainment for the kids here, and getting to the place is not very convenient.

Top Attractions (306)

Troy - the city described by Homer in the poem "Iliad", is an ancient fortified settlement of Asia Minor, located off the coast of the Aegean Sea, near the entrance to the Dardanelles. While resting in Turkey, do not miss the chance to see this grand city and once again recall the events described by Homer.

Mount Olympos is considered one of the most romantic mountains, which is better known in Turkey under the name Tahtali. Mount Tahtali is a visiting card of Kemer. It is an integral part of the mountain system of the Western Taurus.

Hagia Sophia, or Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, is a well-known architectural monument from the time of Byzantium and a symbol of its heyday. For almost a thousand years, Hagia Sophia was considered the largest building in the world. It is located on the site of the ancient acropolis, on the hill from which the history of Istanbul (Byzantium, Constantinople, Constantinople) began.

The city of Manavgat is located on both sides of the Manavgat River in the valley of the same name. The Manavgat River originates on the western slopes of the Taurus Mountains, and then, flowing along the mountain slopes, flows into the reservoirs - Manavgat Barazh and Oimapynar.

The Blue Mosque is considered the first largest and one of the most beautiful mosques in Istanbul. The Blue Mosque is the greatest masterpiece of not only Islamic, but also world architecture. The mosque is located in the historic city center on the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara.

In Side, the remains of the Roman theater, which seats almost 20 thousand spectators, have been preserved. It was built in the middle of the 2nd century A.D. There are elements in the building that distinguish it from other theaters built earlier.

Between Antalya and Kemer is the Goynuk plain, known for its pomegranate and orange orchards, whose lowlands are covered with exotic southern vegetation: cacti, palm trees, oleanders.

In the south of the Side Peninsula, in a picturesque area right on the seashore, two temples were once built. One of them, the eastern one, was a temple of worship of Apollo, and the western one was dedicated to Artemis. These gods were considered the main gods of the city.

This main palace, from where 25 sultans ruled the vast Ottoman Empire, spread over an area of ​​more than 700 thousand square meters. meters, in 1923 it was turned into a museum. The palace consists of an external palace - official and public buildings - Birun, and an internal palace with the private chambers of the Sultan - Enderun.

The Second Bosphorus Bridge or Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge is the second suspension bridge over the Bosphorus. The bridge connects the Rumeli Hisary district in the European part and Anadolu Hisary in the Asian part of Istanbul.

Oludeniz in translation from Turkish - "Dead Sea". This famous resort is so beautiful that many call it "God's gift to the world." A beautiful bay that amazes travelers with its beauty is surrounded by pine forests.

Turkey’s unique natural phenomenon is the “fire-breathing Chimera,” located on the top of Yanartash Mountain. Mount Yanartash itself is located near the city of Kemer, at a distance of 7 km from the ancient city of Olympos.

Cesme is a recognized spa resort. The name "Cesme" is translated from Turkish as "source". The peninsula is actually the location of a large number of mineral water springs.

The fortress of Alanya is considered the hallmark of the city, personifies its ancient history, and is also a reminder of how difficult and bloody the historical past of Turkey was. The fortress is one of the largest and most magnificent of many others in the country.

The ancient city of Termessos is located at a distance of 34 kilometers from Antalya in the western part of the Gulluk Dagi Natural Park, on a plateau 1050 meters high. It is one of the most significant ancient cities of Turkey and occupies a very large area.

Mount Tahtali, also known as Mount Olympos, is the hallmark of the Turkish resort of Kemer and the highest peak of the Olympos-Beydaglari National Park. The height of the mountain is 2365 meters above sea level, so it can be seen from almost anywhere in Kemer, in addition, it is perfectly visible from the sea.

The oldest part of Antalya is called Kaleici. Originally it was a Roman city, then it became Byzantine, and later passed to the Seljuk Turks, and finally to the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Visitors to the old city have the opportunity to touch the history that has reached us in its original form.

The Sharavsinsky caravanserai or Sharapsa Khan was built in the middle of the XIII century (1236-1246) on the Great Silk Road, on the initiative of Giyadzdin Keykhusrev II - the son of Sultan Alladin Keykubat I, with the aim of joining Alanya to the capital of the Seljuk state Konya.

Yuruk Park is located on a small peninsula in the northern part of Kemer. The park is an open-air ethnographic museum. The exposition of the park tells about the culture and life of Yuruk (nomadic population of Turkey).

14 km from Kemer are the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis. It was founded in the VI century BC and quickly turned into a rich port city: its inhabitants successfully traded citizenship - for 100 drams any resident of Asia Minor could become a citizen of Phaselis.

How to get to Aksaray from Goreme on your own

To get to Aksaray from Goreme on your own, you can use the intercity bus in many directions (about an hour). Buses to Konya, Antalya, Istanbul, etc. are suitable. You can also first get to the city of Nevsehir, and from there to Aksaray by local bus. In the first case, the fastest way is to get to the New Bus Station (see Yeni otogar on map No. 1). In the second case - to the Old Bus Station (Eski orogar - on map No. 2).

Keep in mind that if you are traveling by a long-distance bus, the bus may not go to Novy Otogar, but drive through the city. Check with a steward or conductor.

Between the New and Old Otogars go dolmushi.

History of Aksaray

The first settlements in the area of ​​modern Aksaray appeared about 10,000 years ago. The first mention of Aksaray as a city dates back to the Hittite times. Then the city was called Nenessa. In Hellenic times, the city was called Garsaura, including part of the Byzantine period - Archelais (in honor of one of the kings of Cappadocia). Since the time of the Seljuks, the city was called Aksaray. The city has always been rich enough due to its position - trade routes have long passed through it. During the reign of the Seljuks in the Aksaray region, many caravanserais were built. During the reign of Sultan Kylicharslan II (12th century), the city becomes the second capital. In the 15th century, the city fell under the udomancy of Ottoman. A large part of the city is being relocated to Istanbul, where an area is formed, which is now called Aksaray (so do not look for traces of the White Palace there, it has never been there). Today, the city of Aksaray (population about 130,000 people) is the center of silt (province) Aksaray with a population of 250,000 people.

New Museum of Aksaray (3)

The museum is located half a kilometer from the New Otogar towards the center (Hacılar Harmanı Mahallesi 5. Bulvar Konya Caddesi No: 51 AKSARAY). The reason for the creation of the museum was the numerous finds found during excavations in the Aksaray region in 1997, especially in Aşıklı Höyük (this place will be discussed later). Today, the museum has more than 6,000 artifacts. These include stone axes, cutting tools of their obsidian, jewelry, figures of people, dishes, etc. As well as the remains of people who lived in this area more than 10,000 years ago.

The museum also has a lot of finds from other areas of the Aksaray region: for example, from Acemhoyuk, which will also be a separate story. There are exhibits of Hellenic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman times - coins, stamps, swords, etc.

The museum also has an ethnographic department where you can see local clothes, carpets, etc. folk art.

Mosque Kızıl minare (6)

The Mosque "Red Minaret" got its name by the color of the minaret, and was built in 1221 - 1236. But more often it is called Egri Minare, that is, “Curved Minaret”. The fact is that the minaret does not stand straight, but at an angle of 27 degrees, and is on the verge of destruction. Therefore, in 1973 it was strengthened with cables. The minaret itself is decorated with mosaics

Madrasah Zinciriye (7)

The exact date of the construction of the madrassah is unknown. But the analysis of the construction suggests that the madrasah originated in the 13th - early 14th centuries. One version is that the madrasah was built in 1337 - 1338, according to the inscription on the doors.

Until the beginning of the 20th century. Madrasah performed its direct function. Until 1940, madrassas were used as a prison. After restoration, a museum was opened here in 1969. Today it belongs to the New Museum, being part of it.

Next to the Old Museum is the Pasa Hamam, which was once part of the madrasah. The hamam was built in the second half of the 19th century by order of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. To this day, the hammam performs its main functions. There is not only the male, but also the female department.

Tomb of Kılıcarslan II

Sultan Kylycharslan II - Seljuk Sultan, was the founder of the city of Aksaray. More precisely, he radically altered it, rebuilding it on the site of the Byzantine city. Including built and the White Palace, which gave the name of the city. Literally, “Ak Saray” is a white palace.

Old mansions of Aksaray

Speaking of Aksaray, one cannot forget about civil architecture - about ancient stone Turkish mansions. Unfortunately, to date, most of the houses have disappeared, but something remains. Some houses continue to collapse.Some have been restored; various organizations, museums are located in them, people just live. These buildings are located in the Old District, i.e. in the vicinity of the Ulu mosque.

Nearby Attractions: Ihlara Valley, Helvadere, Guzelyurt, Gaziemir Underground City, and Red Church

By bus

From many major Turkish cities, Yeni Aksaray Seyahat buses arrive in Askaray. From Istanbul (ten hours and a half), Izmir (ten and a half hours) and Antalya (eight and a half hours) night buses leave, the cost of a ticket for any of them is 85-100 TRY.

Seven buses depart from Ankara to Askaray during the day, the journey will take three hours, and the ticket will cost about 40 TRY, depending on the flight you choose. Private buses from Ankara arrive in the city, which also takes three hours; they will cost you 50 TRY. In addition, buses from all neighboring cities arrive in the city.

Buses and private minibuses run throughout Aksaray, but the city is not so large that you often need to use public transport.

Prices on the page are for November 2018.

Aksaray Hotels

You can stay at Gunes Apart if you don’t want to spend a lot on accommodation. It may be a little noisy, but the rooms are comfortable and the hotel is located near the main square. Room rates are an average of 80 TRY to 150 TRY. Hotel Gold Vizyon will cost a little more - from 100 TRY to 230 TRY per night.

In the four-star Grand Saatçioğlu Otel, accommodation will cost you 145-210 TRY per night, and in the five-star Grand Altuntas Hotel - from 270 TRY to 557 TRY.

Restaurants and cuisine Aksaray

Aksaray has several local dishes that deserve attention. Yufka - buns from a thick piece of puff pastry fried in a pan. They are eaten as bread or as a separate dish, if the rolls are stuffed (most often with cheese or meat).

Tarhana soup made from wheat flour, spices and yogurt, despite its rather specific composition, has a rather pleasant taste. Also in the city, many desserts are prepared, mainly prepared on the basis of flour and butter, for example, pelte, höşmerim and kaygana. In addition, the city has several types of its own dishes from various pasta and couscous.

On Bankalar Caddesi and Turizm Caddesi, you will find many small restaurants with Turkish cuisine. In Harman, on the main square of the city, they are excellently prepared, the service is of a high standard, a beautiful view of the city opens from the terrace, and the invoice amount will certainly surprise you.

The Üçyildiz's rooftop restaurant mentioned above also offers wonderful views, and there you can also enjoy live performances by Turkish musicians during lunch.

Attractions and Attractions Aksaray

Aksaray Museum is open daily from eight in the morning until five in the evening, admission is free. The museum is worth a visit already for the sake of one design, but the exposition in it is also extremely interesting.

Ervah Cemetery houses the graves of 14th-century Islamic leader Somuncu Baba and the scientist Cemaleddin’i Aksaray. Zincirye Medresi - the school of the Koran, built in 1345 by the bek Karamanoğlu.

There are several beautiful mosques in the city that are worth a look. Ulu Camii, the Great Mosque on Bankalar Caddesi Street, built in 1409, Karamanoğlu Camii - a mosque in the very center of the city and Eğri Minare - a minaret built by the Seljuk Turks in 1221–1236, during the reign of Aladdin Keikubat I. In addition, you can Look for a crooked minaret on Nevsehir Caddesi Street.

Maps of Aksaray

In the canyon of Ihlara, located 40 kilometers from the city, there are several ancient churches carved into the rocks, built in the 9th century and earlier. Also in the vicinity of Aksaray there are three large caravanserai (caravan houses where travelers and shopping caravans stayed). The most famous, Sultanhanı, is located in the village of Sultanhan, 40 kilometers from Aksaray. This is the largest caravanserai in Turkey and one of the best examples of Anatolian Seljuk architecture.