Detailed map of resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the Black Sea coast


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Map of resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

For convenience, you can see all the main resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the coast map. Click to enlarge and read about each resort separately.

Map of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory detailed with villages: climate

On the Black Sea coast, the climate varies like nowhere else. So, in the western part in the Anapa region, climatic conditions are close to the Mediterranean with some elements of the continental and the lowest air humidity. In the region of Gelendzhik and further to the southeast, the Mediterranean climate is becoming more distinct. Approaching Tuapse, the humidity and temperature rises, and the subtropics become more noticeable. The subtropical climate officially begins to take over about 10 kilometers after Tuapse. Here in the natural environment palm trees begin to grow, citrus fruits ripen, which cannot be said about other resorts to the east. Palm trees, of course, are found in some places, but they are simply brought and planted artificially.

The first resort we went to was Anapa. And a detailed map of the Black Sea coast with cities and towns helped us. This is one of the closest resorts to the sea. We left Moscow at around 3 p.m. and having successfully overcome the Moscow Ring Road, we left onto the M-4 Don highway. My wife was driving, so that after midnight I could replace her and we could continue our movement towards the south without stopping, spending as little time as possible on the road. In total, it took us 27 hours, and we covered 1,500 kilometers. At the same time, they stopped three times to have a snack and take a rest.

Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory: a map of the coast, Anapa

We arrived in Anapa at about 6 pm. Booked in advance rooms in a small but very comfortable hotel "Atlas", which is located in the village of Dzhemete. This village, in fact, is Anapa, since there are practically no borders on the detailed map of the Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory between the settlements and those who come to the resort by train stay here. The hotel is very comfortable and beautiful. It has a small pool, a relaxation area, a playground for children and a cafe.

We got a very spacious room with a balcony, in which there was a large TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, safe, etc. It is believed that this is a 4 star hotel, but it looks like all 5 stars. But just because the hotel is not suitable for the highest rating in its size, it has only 4 stars. Our number was 2500 rubles. for the whole family of 4 in June.

The beaches in Dzhemete are considered one of the best in Anapa. They are sandy and very wide. The beach has water activities, inflatable towns for children, the infrastructure is developed by five points and there is no such a heap of frame awnings as on the beach in the center of Anapa. The most important advantage of the beaches in Dzhemete is that there is less algae in shallow water, and swimming here is much more pleasant than on the central beach of Anapa.

Anapa has a lot of entertainment. In the evenings we walked along one of the best promenades on the entire coast. There is an amusement park for children with a wide selection of entertainment. We also visited the dolphinarium and penguinarium. We went to the resort village of Sukko to the Lion's Head castle, where we got a lot of impressions from a real knightly tournament. We arrived at the evening show after visiting the castle and visiting the shooting gallery of Robin Hood, in which we with pleasure learned to shoot from the bow. We also rode the bike along the coast to the Anapa lighthouse, which offers picturesque views of the sea and the city itself. Then we needed a detailed map of the Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory in Russian to go further.

Abrau – Durso

The next item was the resort village of Abrau-Durso. We reached him in less than an hour and arrived early in the morning. Here we planned to spend only one day. We stayed in the guest house "Chocolate" in the village of Durso directly on the beach. Abrau-Durso itself is located on the shore of Lake Abrau a few kilometers from the coastline, and the village of Durso is right on the shore. There are several beaches, including those with small estuaries that quickly warm up and are ideal for bathing children. In the morning, a swim on the central beach of Durso. Pebble beach, wide with developed infrastructure. In the afternoon, leaving the car in the guest house, they called a taxi and went to the very center of wine tourism in our country - the sparkling wine factory Abrau-Durso.

This is a truly unique place, which was founded by Count Golitsyn in the late 19th century. It shows huge areas with vineyards and talks about the art of growing grapes for the production of sparkling wines. We looked at the production process, relatively recently it has been completely modernized under the clear guidance of Moet Chandon specialists. Perhaps that is why the usual champagne "Abrau Durso" is no different from the legendary French. Visited huge cellars with wine vaults and tasting. You can buy products at factory prices in the company store, and some rare vintage types of champagne can only be bought here.

In the evening we walked along the embankment of Lake Abrau - one of the best promenades in the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the coast map. The embankment is lined with colored pavers, with many flower beds and lawns and a rich infrastructure. They rented a boat on the promenade and rode an hour along the coast. Having had dinner in one of the cafes, we returned to the village of Durso in our guest house by taxi, so that we would go to the next city early in the morning. A detailed map of the Krasnodar Territory - the Black Sea coast helped us to get directions.

Detailed map of the Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory: Gelendzhik and Divnomorskoe

The next morning we went to the city of Divnomorskoye, located in Greater Gelendzhik. The distance between them on a detailed map of the Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory is only 10 kilometers. Therefore, we decided to stay in Divnomorskoye, as the water in the sea is the cleanest, and in the afternoon after lunch you can go to Gelendzhik for entertainment and sightseeing.

A detailed map of the Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory helped us get to Divnomorsky. We arrived there early in the morning and stayed at the Alpina guest house, the room rate was 2300 rubles. for four in June, though I had to bargain a bit. The beach is very nice and well maintained, there is a lot of entertainment for both children and adults. Children joyfully rode on inflatable slides, miniature electric cars that can be rented on a chic promenade. I took a jet ski, after which, having lunch in one of the cozy cafes, we went to Gelendzhik in a safari park.

The safari park is located right at the foot of the mountain slope, the route along the sea runs near it. At the entrance, we immediately purchased tickets not only to the safari park, but also to the cable car, to climb to the very top, to the observation deck and visit the terrarium with reptiles. Not only children liked the safari park, but adults as well. He is very well-groomed, and the number of rare animals and especially predators is simply amazing.

There are also territories fenced with durable plexiglass, followed by shooting ranges a few meters away. There are also cougars, leopards, jaguars, grizzly bears and Himalayan, ostriches and wild boars, monkeys. At the entrance you can buy dried fruits to feed the animals. The most notorious "beggars" were bears. They stand on their hind legs and tirelessly "beg" for a treat. Many people buy ice cream for them, for which animals were very grateful.

The views from the observation deck are magnificent, and the Gelendzhik Bay, like the city itself, looks like in the palm of your hand.

After visiting the safari park, we decided to take a yacht ride. We had a choice: take a ride on a private sailing boat or a large yacht with a group. We decided to ride on a large yacht, where during a boat trip there is an entertainment program, and tickets are cheaper. A two-hour walk from the bay to the open sea is very fun, on the way back you can watch the red sunset and take wonderful photographs as a keepsake. They decided to spend the evening on the promenade of Gelendzhik. This is the busiest place on the entire coast. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of various cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos. You can walk until late in the evening, as the promenade is the longest and most beautiful. Its length is about 10 kilometers, with many flower beds, lawns, decorative figures. We had dinner with the whole family in an excellent restaurant on the territory of the Primorye Hotel, after which we visited the amusement park on the promenade near the stadium. Having walked a little more to the steep cliff “Krucha”, which is 16-storey high, we decided to return to Divnomorskoe to our guest house, since the next day we had to go to the largest water park in Russia.

The next day, while everyone was sleeping, I went to the beach and took a swim in the clear sea. Then around ten o’clock in the morning we went to Gelendzhik to the Golden Bay water park. The water park is really cool. On the territory of 17 hectares there are 17 pools, 69 runs, 49 slides, about 10 water attractions, many bars, cafes, pizzerias. Ticket price - 1400 rubles for adults, 650 rubles - for children. Free entry only for children whose height does not exceed 106 cm.

While we were in Divnomorskoye and Gelendzhik, we visited the Old Park in Kabardinka, and rode an SUV into the valley of dolmens. If there were no children with us, then of course we could visit one of the most famous and largest clubs in Russia, “Formula”, but we could not do this. Having stayed in this place for 4 days, we went on. We studied the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the coast map, and chose the village of Loo.

From Gelendzhik to Loo we got about an hour and a half and stayed at the mini-hotel "Dolce Gusto". The hotel is located near the sea. We rested on the central beach of the village, which is about 150 meters wide. It has a well-developed infrastructure, with many water attractions and entertainment for children. They rode electric cars along the promenade, jumped on trampolines and played on inflatable towns. My wife and I took turns taking a ride on a banana, which the organizers dragged on a jet ski at high speed along the beach. The water in the sea at this resort is very clean and swimming in it is a pleasure. Before dinner, we rested and relaxed on the beach, and after that, having a snack, we went to see something of the village or its environs. We visited the ruins of an ancient Byzantine temple, which is located on the territory of the village, 33 waterfalls, rode horses in the Ashe river valley. The whole family ate in cafes and canteens, of which there are a huge number, the average bill for four is no more than 600 rubles. After resting at this place for 3 days, we set off further towards the southeast of the Black Sea coast. A detailed map of the Krasnodar Territory, the Black Sea coast, helped to lay the route.

Dagomys, Sochi, Adler

These resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the coast map have no borders. The private sector has grown so much that in fact it all makes up one settlement in Big Sochi. To save on living, we rented a two-room apartment in advance for 2000 rubles a day in Dagomys. The apartment had a kitchen, we decided to cook it ourselves.

We had a car at hand, so we could go to any beach we liked, and after lunch go to any place of interest. For a week stay in this part of Greater Sochi, we rested on the wide pebble beaches of Dagomys and the Riviera beach in Central Sochi. At first, we went only to the Riviera, but because of the huge traffic jams in Sochi, we preferred the central beach of Dagomys. On all the beaches of Greater Sochi, the situation is the same. There are many attractions, the infrastructure is well developed and in most cases the width of the beaches is 20-30 meters.

For a week they visited the amusement park in Adler, the aquarium in Adler, the Olympic village. We got to these places by public transport, by train. They often go and this is the only way to avoid Sochi traffic jams in the daytime. I went on a rafting trip alone, taking a tour. He overcame several rifts along the mountain river Mzymta. We visited Sochi Sky Park with many attractions, here is the highest point for jumbo jumping. We walked along the longest suspension bridge in the world, and this is an unforgettable experience. We went to the mountains in the nearby village of Uch-Dere. From here, not only wonderful views of the sea and mountain peaks open, but also there are old tea houses where you can taste various varieties of tea from the herbs of the Caucasian foothills, many varieties of honey that are collected from local apiaries.

Apart it is worth highlighting an excursion to Abkhazia. We bought a tour for one day - traveled to all the main cities of this republic. The route includes a visit to Gagra, Pitsunda, Mount Athos, a mountain cave next to the monastery, mountain lake Ritsa, Stalin's dacha and travel through many mountain gorges, including driving along the edge of a cliff at a height of several hundred meters called "Farewell to the motherland." To get the route further, I needed a map of the Krasnodar Territory with cities - the Black Sea coast.


The next resort of the Krasnodar Territory on the coast map was Lermontovo. We had only a few days left, and having left Dagomys early in the morning, so as not to get stuck in traffic jams, we drove back in the direction of the big land. After an hour and a half, we were in the resort village, not far from the M-4 Don highway. Lermontovo is one of the very first and very well-maintained villages on the Black Sea coast, where vacationers get to, having overcome their way to the sea along the M-4 “Don” highway. On the contrary, we decided to stay here and spend our last day at sea. We stayed in a very nice guest house called Eden. A room for four in the standard category in June cost 2,000 rubles. There are quite comfortable living conditions, but for us it was most important to get a cozy and quiet place where you can spend the night, since the most important activity on the last day of our stay at sea was relaxing on the beach. The promenade and the beach in Lermontovo fully comply with the basics of an aesthetic and relaxing beach holiday. The infrastructure here is very well developed and there is a lot of entertainment. First of all, it is the Chornomor water park, horseback riding, ATV riding, a visit to the African village of Lim-po-po, a trip to Tenginsky waterfalls.We just spent time on a great, sandy beach and were completely satisfied with the time we spent on the Black Sea.

We went to Sochi by car, downloaded a map to the phone. In Sochi, everything is very civilized, there are signs to the sights, the roads are more or less normal. Liked the mountains. Very beautiful mountain serpentine, it is a pity that you can not stop. We arrived from Moscow in 2 days with an overnight stay at a hotel near Rostov.

To go on a trip by car, you need the actual detailed map of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory with villages. There are many cities on the coast, the distance between some of them is only 1-2 km. A detailed map of the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory on the Black Sea coast helped us plan our trips. We reached Moscow in the same time as from Moscow to Anapa, in about 27 hours, regularly replacing each other at the wheel and making stops. Our plan was to visit the mountain resort of Lago-Naki, on the way back, but in the end we abandoned this idea and left a visit to these places until the next time.



Map of resorts of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory (Russia)

Almost the entire Russian coast Black Sea suitable for spa holidays. Therefore (as you can see by looking at map of the coast) the number of resorts is simply huge, the quality and price of the services provided can be selected according to your capabilities and wishes in a wide range - from inexpensive rooms in the private sector of a small resort village to luxury suites in the best hotels of the largest Black Sea cities on the coast, such as Sochi , Gelendzhik and Lazarevskoe.

Crimean peninsula

Holidays on the Black Sea coast of Russia are possible on the Crimean peninsula, and the most popular among tourists is the Southern Coast of Crimea (South Coast). The most famous resorts of the South Coast are Yalta, Alushta and Yevpatoriya. Crimea map, which has a rich historical heritage, is literally speckled with a huge number of natural attractions and historical monuments. Currently, resorts are actively being restored, monuments and attractions are being ennobled, the peninsula is becoming one of the most attractive holiday destinations on the entire coast. On black sea map in Crimea you can find the following resorts:

Coast of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is an amazing place, locals and tourists deservedly considered Abkhazia at the end of the last century the "Pearl" of the Caucasus. And, despite the fact that in the dashing 90s the resorts of this unique place were abandoned or destroyed, natural sights are still accessible to tourists today, and the resorts of Abkhazia are recovering and developing at an accelerated pace. The main resorts on the map of the Black Sea in Abkhazia: