What to see in Bangkok in one day


Bangkok (Bangkok, Thai; Krung Thep Maha Nakhon) - The capital of Thailand and the gateway to Southeast Asia. Located in the center of the country 30 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf of Thailand (Bangkok on the map) This is a huge modern metropolis, one of the largest and fastest growing in Asia. Its population is more than 9 million inhabitants.

Bangkok holds the world record for the longest name. Fully Krung Tep is written like this:

  • Thai: กรุงเทพมหานคร อมร รัตนโกสินทร์ ม หิน ท รา ยุ ธ ยา มหา ดิลก ภพ นพรัตน์ ราชธานี บุรี รมย์ อุดม ราช นิเวศน์ มหา สถาน อมร พิมาน อวตาร สถิต สักกะ ทัต ติ ยะ วิษณุกรรม ประสิทธิ์
  • Pronounced: Kroon Thep Makhanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Makhintarayutthaya Mahadilok Phop Nopparat Ratchathani Burir Udomratchanyvet Mahasatan Amon Piman Avatan Satit Sakkattattiya Witsanukam Prasit
  • Meaning: city of angels, great city, city - an eternal treasure, impregnable city of God Indra, the majestic capital of the world endowed with nine precious stones, a happy city full of abundance, a grand Royal Palace reminiscent of a divine abode, where the reincarnated god reigns, a city donated by Indra and built by Visvakarman.

  • Temple of the Reclining Buddha
  • Ratchanadaram Temple

Before the formation of the capital, Bangkok was a small village and a fishing port. In 1767, after the old capital of Ayutthaya was captured by the Burmese, the Bull Kingdom Kingdom Control Center was moved to Tonburi (now it is one of the areas of Bangkok on the western part of the Chaopraya River). But in 1782, King Rama I moved the capital to the east coast on the Ratanakosin Peninsula (now it is the historical district of the city where the Grand Royal Palace, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha are located, the tourist district of Khaosan, as well as other main attractions of Bangkok).

Holidays in Bangkok

Bangkok is rarely visited by tourists as a separate vacation spot. Usually it’s just included in the route at the beginning or at the end of the trip, because here are the main air gate to Thailand - two international airports of Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. It is through these airports that most of the regular flights of long-distance destinations, including from Russia and other countries of the former USSR, arrive. It is especially good to spend a few days in Bangkok at the end of your trip to see the sights, go shopping, and then with your suitcases full of purchases, go home.

In general, Bangkok is a very comfortable and interesting place for a tourist stay: the tourist infrastructure is well developed, there are a lot of attractions and attractions. You can easily find hotels of various categories, travel agencies, excursions. There are several tourist areas, the most popular of which is Khaosan Road. But this is not the only place where the tourist infrastructure is concentrated. There are also areas of Pratunam, Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom. All these areas have their own tourist streets or infrastructure concentration zone, but each of the areas has its own specifics.

A cursory acquaintance with the most important tourist places in Bangkok usually lasts two full days. But if you want to see other sights, do some shopping, have fun and feel the atmosphere of the capital, then you can calmly spend a week in Bangkok, and during this time you will not have time to get bored.

Of course, you will not find any beach holiday in Bangkok, except perhaps only by the pool on the roof of the hotel. But with a great desire, you can go out of the city during the day to one of the nearest beach resorts: Chaam, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Bang Saen, Siracha.

  • Sukhumvit District
  • Silom District

Attractions and entertainment in Bangkok

Sightseeing is exactly what Bangkok is worth visiting first of all. There are a lot of them, perhaps more than in any other capital of Southeast Asia. These are beautiful temples and important shrines, many museums, parks, modern and historical architectural structures. Many interesting places are located near Bangkok, they can be visited in the form of a short day trip from the city. Here are the main attractions that every visitor to Bangkok and even the country should see: the Grand Royal Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha Wat Pho, the temple of the Morning Dawn Wat Arun, the temple of the Golden Buddha Wat Trai Mit, the temple of Sutat and the giant swing of Wat Suthat Thep Wararam, Wat Saket Golden Mount Temple, Bangkok National Museum, Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall Museum.

For fans of entertainment in Bangkok and its environs there are several amusement parks, a zoo, water parks, an aquarium and much more. Bangkok's nightlife is unique in its charm: it includes countless street restaurants that open on the sidewalks in Chinatown (Chinatown), and the most modern sparkling discos, and a huge variety of various bars and entertainment venues. The center for adult entertainment is considered to be Patpong Street (Soi Patpong), but this is far from the only place where bars with girls and boys are concentrated.

Infrastructure in Bangkok

As we have already mentioned, the infrastructure for tourists in the capital is well developed, the main thing is to choose the right place to stay. It is best to settle in hotels in one of the tourist areas / streets of the city, where there is a corresponding atmosphere of eternal celebration, many tourists, restaurants and cafes, massage parlors, entertainment. The most popular area is Khaosan Road, but there are Pratunam, Siam, Sukhumvit, Silom, Chinatown and others. Each of the districts has its own specifics, for example: Khaosan Road - the area with the most inexpensive hotels and bustling tourist life, Pratunam - the ideal place for inexpensive shopping, Siam - the most modern shopping centers are here, Sukhumvit - the most modern area where there is absolutely everything, Silom is the center of nightlife, Chinatown is the most colorful place in the city. Read more about all areas of Bangkok and where it is better to choose a hotel, see here.

But even if you stay in a hotel out of the way, in most cases you can buy excursions, tickets for transport around the country, get tourist information at the reception. Everywhere you can find free city maps or brochures with attractions, metro and other city transport schemes, discount coupons for travel services and entertainment. Consultations, tourist information and assistance can be obtained at one of at least a dozen tourist information centers.

Search and book hotels in Bangkok is best in the following most popular hotel search engines around the world:

Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is a great place to shop. Well, actually, Bangkok is the best place in Thailand for shopping. In the most modern malls, the largest in Asia, you will find the most fashionable clothes, the most modern electronic equipment. In countless private shops you will see the most delicate Thai silk, handicrafts, clothes, souvenirs, furnishings, antiques, paintings and much more. For this reason, it is worth planning a visit to the capital at the end of your trip, so that you can go home from here with full suitcases of souvenirs, inexpensive things, and exotic products. Read more about shopping in Bangkok here. )

Bangkok is famous for its traffic jams, but thanks to the public transport system, including the underground metro, overground metro (BTS –Sky Train), buses, river transport along the Chaopraya River and numerous canals, the city can be navigated quite comfortably. You can also inexpensively travel on an official taxi by the meter, or use the Grab-taxi application, which replaced Uber, which has no longer been working in Thailand since 2018.

The cheapest way to travel are city buses. The fare in them starts from 6 baht. But using local buses is not easy at all: there are a lot of routes, and you can always ask for help from locals because of the language barrier. But sometimes buses are the only way to get to the right place on a budget, because the metro and water transport are far from everywhere.

The metro in Bangkok is new and modern, but its network is not very developed. Mostly the lines pass through the modern areas of the city, while the historical area of ​​the Ratanakosin Peninsula with its sights is not covered at all. And by the way, this is the fastest way to travel around Bangkok.

An excellent and even somewhat exotic form of public transport is water. There are cruise boats along the Chaopraya River, along canals (klongs), and ferry boats to the other side of the Chaopraya River. But the route network, again, is very limited, although in some cases water transport is simply irreplaceable. For example, boats can reach attractions in the historic area.

See more about transport:

How to get to Bangkok

Bangkok is the main gateway to Thailand, and it is through its two airports that most tourists and travelers enter the country. Also, theoretically, there is a land route from Russia to Thailand (by train to Vietnam with a change in China, and then by bus via Cambodia or Laos), but it is not advisable to use it, since it will cost more than air travel.

As for how to get to Bangkok or from Bangkok to other popular resorts of Thailand, in the capital and at the airports there are all possible modes of transport, with which you can easily and inexpensively get to any most distant point of the country and even to neighboring states. From two airports you can cheaply fly to the cities of Thailand and neighboring countries, including low-cost airlines flying from Don Muang. By train you can go to the northern provinces (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai), you can go to the south by train all the way to Singapore via Malaysia, the railway lines go to the border with Cambodia and Laos. By bus you can get to almost anywhere in the country and even to neighboring countries, and this is the cheapest way to travel. Read more about all the ways to get to Bangkok here.

Check prices for cheap flights from Russia to Bangkok:

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Bangkok Time

The time difference in Bangkok and Moscow is +4 hours in winter and summer.

Time difference with cities:
Moscow: +4Samara: +3
Kazan: +4Nizhny Novgorod: +4
Ekaterinburg: +2Novosibirsk: 0
Irkutsk: -1Vladivostok: -3

Security in bangkok

Despite the fact that Bangkok is a large city and capital, it is a fairly safe place. Serious crimes are rare here, most often tourists suffer from traditional tourist routes. The simplest security measures in most cases help to avoid troubles and save your finances:

  • Pass by the tuk-tuker and other molested, which revolve near popular attractions and catch tourists on the way to them and offer free city tours under the pretext of a special day or holiday. Such free excursions will consist only in the fact that you will be brought to a jewelry or other store, where sellers “grab hold of” you with a stranglehold until you buy something from them.
  • Be wary of any "well-wishers" who offer you their help or advice when you do not need it or you do not ask for it. Most likely this is a prelude for tourist wiring.
  • Beware of robberies from passing motorcyclists. Bags and backpacks are best kept in front of you.
  • In no case do you get involved with drugs. For them in Thailand, very severe punishments up to the death penalty.
  • Do not conflict or communicate with drunken locals. They absolutely do not know how to drink and do not control themselves, as a result there were many sad cases when tourists suffered from drunken locals due to a trifling conflict.
  • On Patpong Street, be careful when receiving offers to visit Go-go bars and sex shows at a very low price. The main thing is to lure you to such an institution, and then in fact set a huge bill for drinks or admission.
  • Taxis should always use a counter; trips without a counter are illegal and cost more. But sometimes even official taxi drivers use "twisted" counters. As an alternative to rides on the counter, you can use the Grab-taxi application.

Food in Bangkok, what and where to eat

As elsewhere in Thailand, you can find a place where you can eat cheaply at every step. Everywhere you can find street stalls with fast food, inexpensive cafes for locals, food courts in shopping centers, restaurants. Buy boiled rice with chicken and eat it on the go or on a stool next to the tray will cost 50 baht. Lunch in an inexpensive cafe for locals will cost from 100 baht. A dinner in a cafe for tourists with drinks will cost about 200 baht per person. Bargaining for the purchase of food is not accepted, but sellers do not overstate prices for tourists.

Temples, floating markets, and grilled crocodiles

Bangkok is the colorful capital of Thailand.

In some areas, gorgeous skyscrapers with rooftop pools shine in the sun. In others, tourists observe with curiosity how cooks without gloves cook soup from chicken paws.

Tourists make transplants in Bangkok when they fly to rest in Phuket, Samui or Pattaya. Even through it, it is convenient to get to other cities in Southeast Asia, for example, to Cambodian Phnom Penh.

Bangkok's most popular attractions are nearby. They can be visited in one day. I made a 10 km route that I myself followed in February 2019. The walk begins at the Grand Palace, and ends at the Mahanakhon skyscraper. On the way we will see the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, the temple of the Morning Dawn, Khao San Street and the Temple of the Golden Mountain. Before the walk, stock up on water and apply 50 SPF sunscreen on exposed areas of the body, even if you never burn it: the sun is merciless here.

How to get from Bangkok airports to the center. There are two airports in Bangkok: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. If you have a connection in Bangkok, check the airports of arrival and departure: they may vary.

You can get from both airports by bus or train. From Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center, take the Suvarnabhumi Airport City Line express train. The fare is from 15 ฿ (31 Р) to 45 ฿ (93 Р), depending on the destination station. From the Don Muang airport there are several buses to different areas of the city, an average ticket costs 30 ฿ (62 Р).

Buses run until 22:00, metro until midnight. We arrived at night, so we called a taxi. A trip from Don Muang Airport to the center cost 301 ฿ (643 R). Taxis are conveniently ordered through the Grab Taxi app.

Grand Palace, or Grand palace on the map - the main attraction of Bangkok. Previously, the palace was the residence of kings. Now it is a temple complex, inside of which is an area of ​​grandiose proportions and buildings unusual for Europeans.

A separate attraction of the Grand Palace is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It houses a Buddha statue made of green mineral, which is considered the talisman of Thailand. The territory of the temple is decorated with mythical half-animals, half-people, everything looks very rich and bright.

Thai national currency - baht

I advise planning a trip to the Grand Palace in the morning: it closes at 15:30. Entrance costs 500 ฿ (1055 Р), a ticket can be bought in advance on the website. Even if you paid for the entrance, they would not let you into the palace with bare arms and legs. Near the cash registers they sell cotton trousers and scarves for 200 ฿ (422 Р). You can also rent them in small tents 100 meters from the entrance to the palace for 50 ฿ (105 R).

Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) located next to the Grand Palace. It has a Buddha statue, which is 46 meters long. I liked the reclining Buddha more than all the other Buddhas I have seen.His feet are painted with a mother-of-pearl pattern, similar to fingerprints - it looks grandiose.

Entrance to the temple costs 200 ฿ (422 Р). With a ticket they give a voucher for a free bottle of water, there are drinking fountains with filtered water in the temple. In Asia, it is advised to drink only bottled water, but I drank from this fountain and did not poison myself.

It is said that Thai massage was born in the Temple of the Reclining Buddha - many do massage in the salons located directly on its territory. Prices in the temple are higher than in other places: here an hour of Thai massage costs 420 ฿ (886 Р), and in other salons of the city - 300-350 ฿ (633 - 738.5 Р).

The statue looks like a giant piece of gold shaped like a Buddha. Beautiful stupas, Buddhist structures around which the Thais make a ritual tour, are placed on the territory of the temple On the perimeter of the temple are hundreds of different Buddha statues that were brought from the northern provinces of Thailand.

Wat Arun (Temple of the Morning Dawn) - A tall Buddhist temple in light colors and ornaments. It is located across the river from the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. You can get to it by ferry for only 4 ฿ (8 Р). Entrance to the temple will cost 50 ฿ (105 R). I had to rent a scarf for 20 ฿ (42 Р) to cover my shoulders.

The territory of the temple is very photogenic: it consists of several tiers, and the surface is lined with Chinese tiles with a floral pattern and small statues, as if supporting the tiers. It seemed to me that the temple looked like a huge beautiful scarf.

I want to consider the details of Wat Arun temple for hours

Khao San Street - The most famous and atmospheric pedestrian street in Bangkok. If this is your first time in Thailand, you should definitely take a look here. Crocodile meat is cooked on a spit, ladyboys are walking, and barkers are invited to a peep show. Nearby there is a great night market with delicious street food. If you plan to come off, come to 8-9 in the evening. For a bite to eat or buy souvenirs at any time.

Wat Saket (Golden Mountain Temple) It stands on a hill, with a panoramic view of the historic city center. A temple of 344 steps leads to the temple, adorned with statues, monuments and traditional Thai bells. Entrance to the territory costs 50 ฿ (105 R).

At the skyscraper Mahanakhon meet the sunset and explore the city from a height. This is the second highest skyscraper with a viewing platform. From the Temple of the Golden Mountain to the skyscraper, you can walk or reach by public transport in an hour. Taxi will cost 150 ฿ (316 Р), the trip will take 20 minutes.

Mahanakhon looks very unusual, as if assembled from lego cubes. Visit the roof of a skyscraper is 965 ฿ (1956 R). Tickets can be bought on the site of the skyscraper. We did not begin to go up there, but I already regret it and dream of returning to Bangkok.

Food. My friends and I had lunch at the Thai restaurant Methavalai Sorndaeng with a Michelin star and low prices by Moscow standards - from 100 ฿ (211 R) per dish. The restaurant’s interior was reminiscent of the Titanic movie: white tablecloths on tables and waiters in blazers with epaulets.

I ate red curry with crab for 300 ฿ (633 Р), my friend - rice with chicken for 180 ฿ (380 Р). Everything was delicious. The bill for three with wine amounted to 1700 ฿ (3587 Р) - this is higher than the average bill in Thai restaurants.

Cheap Thai food is available at the night market on Khao San Street or any other Bangkok street. Almost everywhere there are improvised cafes consisting of a motobike with a burner and a pair of plastic tables. In such places, you can eat meat on skewers from 10 ฿ (21 R) apiece, rice dishes or a bowl of soup from 50 ฿ (105 R). Many are afraid of unsanitary conditions, but, as my friend says, the main thing in street food is a lot of pepper and garlic, then everything will be fine.

In such places, I usually take grilled squids or chicken: in my opinion, these are the most “safe” dishes. My friend loves experiments, so I bought skewers with strange balls of fish and soy sausages. Everyone is alive, no one was hurt.

In Bangkok, you should try the crocodile grilled. The steak will cost 300 ฿ (633 p.), It tastes like chicken

Exotic. If you want colorful entertainment and have the time, go to the floating markets near Bangkok. Usually they all move in boats: both sellers and buyers.

The most conveniently located is the Taling Chan Floating Market. From the city center, it can be reached by taxi in 20 minutes and 150 ฿ (316 Р).

The most famous tourist market, Damnoen Saduak, is 100 km from the city. They shot a film about James Bond - this is a noisy and unusual place. You can get to Damnoen Saduak by bus or with a guided tour, and move around the market by boat. The market is focused on tourists, so Thais mainly sell souvenirs, fruits and crafts of local craftsmen.

Amphawa Floating Market is popular with locals. They don’t sell souvenirs here, but there are fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. You can move on it both by boat and on foot along the canal. There are many cafes on the market with local cuisine and seafood.

Heat. In season, the temperature in Bangkok can reach +36 ° C. If you do not tolerate the heat, drop by the Siam Paragon, Aykon Siam or the Bangkok City Library. In the library, visitors are given a voucher for an hour of free internet, however, it is impossible to renew it even for money. Entrance to the library is free.

What to see in Bangkok in 3 days

If I were offered to describe the capital of Thailand in a nutshell, I would say that Bangkok for me is a rubik's cube. You never know how the puzzle will turn out, what a surprise this city has prepared for you at the next step. It is so multifaceted and amazing that every tourist will find in it something interesting for himself. And if you miss a visit to Bangkok when visiting Thailand, you will lose a lot! This city has something to surprise, from fried cockroaches in restaurants, skyscrapers in the style of ala-New York city, ending with urban slums on the water. So, how to make a walk in Bangkok as saturated as possible?

  • Firstly, you need to choose the right place for housing. How much you choose a hotel depends on how many attractions in Bangkok you have time to visit and you will not be a tourist exhausted in the heat with a tongue on his shoulder). If you look at the map of the attractions of Bangkok, then all the TOP places to visit by tourists are located near Khaosan Road or on the Ratannakosin Peninsula - this is the historical center of Bangkok. If you choose a hotel for your stay on Khaosan, you don’t have to spend money on taxis and tuk-tuks, all large temples and palaces can be bypassed. On arrival in Bangkok, we did just that, and we never regretted it. After all, a tourist coming to a multi-million megalopolis for the first time doesn’t really want to understand the city transport system, especially when all the signs on the metro are in hieroglyphs). To book hotels we use, in the parameters you can specify the area, airport or metro station.

  • Secondly, you need to have on hand a map of Bangkok's attractions in paper form, which can be taken free of charge at any local travel agency (travelinformation).
  • Thirdly, download on your phone an application that works offline or something like that. Also, do not forget to take a backpack for a walk in which you can put a bottle of water, put on comfortable shoes and a hat.

1. Khaosan Road

KhaoSan Road is not only the most convenient location for the traveler in the city, but also one of the attractions of Bangkok. The length of the street is only 400 meters, but only here you can fully feel how the life of the city is in full swing. On Khaosan, they offer to try fried scorpions, drink a cocktail with snake venom, here you can buy a ticket to anywhere in SEA for a penny, merge with a crowd of tourists from around the world, dance on the pavement and make the famous Thai massage for only 150 baht. Do not confuse Khaosan Road with the streets of Thailand with “night butterflies,” such as Bangla Road or Volkin Street.

About what else you can do on Khaosan, you can see here >>>

Where it is: GPS coordinates - 13.758858, 100.497377

2. The Grand Royal Palace (Grand Palace) and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha

The top-end attraction, which is advised to visit - this is of course the Royal Palace in Bangkok. And you will understand this in turn from people, in front of the gates of the sights, so it is best to plan a trip to the Palace in the early morning, half an hour before the complex opens.

You have probably heard that the king rules Thailand, but the Grand Royal Palace is not the residence of the current ruler, but of King Rama I and his descendants until 1945. However, despite the fact that today the royal family does not live here, they like to hold ceremonies, weddings and receptions of important guests in this place. The territory of the complex is not just large, but huge, there are many structures in the form of temples, more than 20 attractions in all, including the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha. If you go to the Palace from Khaosan Road, then it will not be difficult to find it, you can recognize it by the high white wall that encloses the territory.

Opening hours: 8.30 - 16.30, ticket office until 15.30 daily. Entrance is 500 baht. Need closed clothing, entrance to the shrines without shoes, rent a sarong and shoe covers - 200 baht. From 10.00 every hour until 14.00 free guided tours in English begin.

Where is the Grand Royal Palace: GPS coordinates - 13.750103, 100.491288

Where is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha: GPS coordinates - 13.751658, 100.492701

3. Temple complex of the Reclining Buddha Wat Pho

Another attraction in Bangkok, which you can visit with a visit to the Grand Royal Palace, because they are located in the immediate vicinity of each other, is the Wat Pho Temple Complex.

That's why crowds of tourists flock here every day - this is a huge 46 meter statue of the Reclining Buddha with feet covered with a layer of gold, under which lies the remains of King Rama I. It is also called a resting, sleeping, meditating and even dying man. He looks the last least of all, since he smiles)

Here, be sure to remember to make a wish and your own to improve karma. To do this, at the entrance to the Temple, you need to give a small donation, take dishes with a handful of coins, and throw a coin behind each Buddha in each of 108 pots.

There is also a Massage School at the Temple, where you can learn the ancient Thai massage technique, as well as massage, the price list for services does not differ much from the street ones.

Entrance - 200 baht, the ticket includes 0.33 liters. a bottle of water. Opening hours are 8.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.

Where it is: GPS coordinates - 13.746560, 100.492591

I personally was most impressed not by the Buddha statue, but by the pagodas located in the courtyard. They are so colorful, made in the form of stepped turrets, lined with colored glass mosaics on all sides. Each stupa was made in honor of a significant event or king.

There are also many original statues, for example, such as these statues of formidable warriors, reminiscent of the captain of the Flying Dutchman, with a beard consisting of tentacles. Those who watched Pirates of the Caribbean will understand what I mean)

For tourists tired of the heat in the Temple there are places for relaxation, such as benches under the trees next to an artificial pond and fish.

4. Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit)

The main difference between this Temple and many other temples is a three-meter Buddha statue made of pure gold with eyes decorated with sapphires and pearls. In times of turbulence for the country, many encroached on this value, and in order to protect it from theft, the monks covered the statue with a thick layer of gypsum. This secret died with those who knew him, so for 200 years, no one knew what value was hidden under the whitewash, until one of the pieces of gypsum accidentally fell off.

The temple with the most expensive sculpture in the world weighing 4 tons of pure gold is located on Tri Mit Rd Street in the center of Bangkok in Chinatown (China town), working hours 9.00 - 17.00, entrance - 40 baht., GPS coordinates - 13.737711 , 100.513569.

5. Golden Mount Temple (Wat Saket)

Golden Mountain Temple got its name not by chance, it offers stunning panoramic views of the city - this is the highest point in Bangkok, not counting buildings, and if you like observation platforms, I advise you to climb to its top.

But in the past its main purpose was still not so pleasant, when the city crematorium was located here, and at the base of the mountain there are not gold deposits, as the name implies, but the remains of 60 thousand people in Bangkok. Another interesting feature of the Temple, at its foot there is a composition consisting of a neck, eating the flesh of a person, I hope that the deceased and statues of people who are watching this feast with interest.

The temple is located in the center of Bangkok, and if you are in the Kaosan area and you have a map at hand, then it will not be difficult for you to walk to it yourself, as we did.

Opening hours from 07.30 to 17.30, entrance - 20 baht.

Where it is: GPS coordinates - 13.753925, 100.506678

6. Temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun)

Another observation point in Bangkok, located on the channel of the Chaopraya River. it looks especially impressive in the morning, when the first rays of the sun fall on its surface, covered with gold and mosaic. If you look closely at the Temple of Dawn, you might think that it is made of broken cups, which is indeed the case. Once on the Chaopraya River, a barge from China sank expensive china. In order not to lose good, Thais decided to get the remains of dishes from the bottom and decorate the Temple with them.

Wat Arun Temple can be admired not only climbing to its top, but also from the opposite bank of the river, for example, having dinner in a cafe, it is effectively illuminated by spotlights at night.

The Temple of the Morning Dawn is located directly opposite the Royal Palace, only from the opposite bank of the river, so it is better to get here by water transport. You need to go to the pier, where a boat runs between the banks, which will transport you to Wat Arun for a penny. The rest of the transport - a bus or a water bus - will go round-the-clock, therefore, before boarding, it is better to inquire and ask how soon there will be a stop at Wat Arun, if you haven’t figured it out yourself, Thais usually advise where to transfer.

Opening hours are from 8:00 - 18:00. Entrance is 50 baht.

Where it is: GPS coordinates - 13.743773, 100.488916

7. Temple of the Standing Big Buddha (Luang Pho To)

For the sake of interest, we nevertheless took a walk to another Buddha statue in Bangkok, but if you have been to all of the above Temples before, you can safely skip it. But if it’s interesting what is unusual in it, we read further. The building is considered the tallest Buddha in Bangkok and has a height of 32 meters, covered with a layer of gold, which slowly falls off and lies right at the foot of the statue. But no one encroaches on these pieces of precious metal, on the contrary, local people carefully rub gold into the feet of the Buddha, and never come to the statue empty-handed, at the foot is full of food, drinks and flowers. By the way, an interesting fact, in the forelock of the statue are hidden relics of the Buddha, which were brought from Sri Lanka. Near the Big Buddha there is a mini market with food, souvenirs and offerings, after a long walk, you can have a cheap meal.

As we walked to the Big Buddha on foot, we walked through such colorful lanes with windows. There was a great desire to look into the courtyard, but did not dare to violate private borders. In order to come to the Big Buddha in Bangkok we did not need public transport, it is quite possible to walk from Khaosan. Since the place is located in another part of the TOP attractions in Bangkok, there are no crowds of tourists here.

Entrance to the shrine is free.

Opening hours - daily from 8.30 - 20.00. Free admission

8. Chaopraya River

If your brain is boiling from a huge number of Buddhas and Temples, then it's time to refresh yourself and take a river walk. There are two types of boat trips in Bangkok, which I will tell you about now.

The first is, I would say, a longer transport trip, which is used by locals and tourists for quick movement without traffic jams, along the channel of the main Bangkok river - the Chaopraya river. It can be done if necessary and just for exploring the city. To do this, you need to come to any pier in Bangkok and catch a river tram. The ticket fee is symbolic - 13 baht, for it you will receive a large-scale walk along the widest channel of the Chaopraya River, see the tallest buildings in Bangkok and modern architecture. And in order to return back, it is enough to board a boat going in the other direction.

Nine.Bangkok channels or klongs

The second boat trip is no less interesting, it will show you Bangkok from its opposite side, and if you are still sure that you know everything about this city, welcome to the most revealing excursion - a river walk through the Klong! No wonder I called it a guided tour, because I won’t be able to see the channels of Bangkok myself, I’ll have to hire a boat together with a boatman. But you will get a lot of emotions and impressions from another Bangkok.

To do this, you need to come to the pier of the Tha Chang pier, which is located directly at the Royal Palace. My advice is to come here in the morning from 8.00, so you have time to capture all the main events. You will immediately see many travel agencies from which you can buy a Klong tour. We hired a boat for 500 baht, and the driver drove us with the breeze for an hour to the most impressive places - the Floating Market, a fish farm, the temple of the Morning Dawn (Wat Arun), the Royal Barge Museum and the slums on water. Most of all I was impressed by the houses standing directly on the water, their residents go swimming in the store, and the children dive into the river from the threshold of the apartments.

In more detail about our route along the Bangkok Klongs, I told here >>>

10. The floating market

If you don’t have enough time to go to the Floating Market while walking along the canals or decide to skip this tour, you can go to one of the floating markets in Bangkok on your own. As you probably guessed from the name, this is the same market only on water. Previously, for farmers from the outskirts of Bangkok - this was the most convenient way of delivering fresh products to city residents, but today the markets on the water have a slightly different function and are more focused on entertainment for tourists. For the sake of what the majority of visitors come to the market, it is to take a photo, to see with their own eyes an unusual trade in water and eat in an exclusive setting. Although they sell here all the same things that you can buy on the streets of Bangkok.

There are two large popular Floating Market in Bangkok - Amphawa, located within the city limits, and Bang Nam Phueng, located in the Bangkok area of ​​Phra Pradaeng. It is best to come to the market on Saturday or Sunday, these are the main days of work. The rest are located outside the city and I recommend getting there with tour groups and a guide.

11. Chinatown (China town)

Chinatown or Chinatown is located next to the Royal Palace in Bangkok on Yarowat Rd Street, the entrance to which begins with a large gate in the Chinese style, so if you wish, you can take a walk after visiting the main attractions. Our walk around the quarter took place in the late afternoon, and I think this is the best time to visit it. Because Chinatown in Bangkok is more shopping and the opportunity to have a bite to eat with the same name than some kind of excursion. True, not every tourist will risk trying what they offer there - shark fin soup or bird's nests, ordinary dishes in China Town)

They sell not only Chinese consumer goods, which are full in our city, but also good Chinese drugs, medicinal teas, and pharmacy products. From food you can buy for pennies dried squid, instant almond milk, Chinese porcelain, fish and seafood, dried mushrooms. If you are looking for unusual gifts for loved ones in Bangkok, then this is the place for him. I am not a fan of wandering around the narrow streets among the numerous stalls, but for those who want to try exotic dishes or buy cheap food, this is a great place.

Where it is: in the center of Bangkok, the main street of China Town - Yaowarat Road, GPS coordinates - 13.741273, 100.508197

12. Giant Swings and Wat Suthat Thep Wararam

The giant swing in Bangkok is a structure of two red pillars 21 meters high, connected by a crossbar. As a swing, they are no longer used, but they are of special historical value to the city. An interesting fact is that they are made using ancient technology from teak and decorated with hand-carved. In the last century, there was a ritual according to which men competed in rocking on a giant swing, but after deaths, this custom was abolished.

Ten minutes are enough to inspect the swing, and then you can continue the walk to the Wat Suthat Temple Complex, which is located next door. The decoration of the interior of the Temple also contains elements of wood carving, hand-painted murals. Particular attention can be paid to the entrance doors to Wat Sathat, made of solid teak with five tiers of carving, according to which you can read the ancient legends of Thailand.

Entrance to the complex Wat Suthat (Wat Suthat) - 20 baht. For tourists open for visiting - Sat and Sun 8.30 - 16.00

Where it is: GPS coordinates - 13.751100,100.501060

My main advice to you is to dilute sightseeing tours in Bangkok with trips to the park. The fact is that in Thailand almost all year round there is a suffocating heat, especially it is felt in urban conditions during long walks. And since there is no sea in the megalopolis and no opportunity to freshen up, the best way to regain strength is to go to the evergreen park. We did so and it always saved us from fatigue, it is especially good to come to the park in the midday heat or after sunset. Damir loved to jog along the tracks, and I just sit on the grass and watch) Parks in Bangkok against the background of tall skyscrapers look especially bewitching.

Also keep in mind that Bangkok parks have opening hours and usually after 21:00 the main gate closes from visitors. And the main difference from Russian parks is that you cannot come here with dogs, smoking is also strictly prohibited.

TOP 3 most visited parks in Bangkok:

1. Chatuchak Park. Here you can not only enjoy the coolness, but also see two-meter monitor lizards calmly walking along the lawns, turtles and squirrels, take a walk along the banana and bamboo groves. Inside the park on weekends there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the history of the creation of the railway in Thailand in the “Railway Museum” (Train Museum).

Admission is free, bike rental is 40 baht.

Opening hours: 4.30 - 21.00

Where it is: this is the most easily accessible park, the entrance is located at the BTS “Mo Chit” metro station, the Chatuchak Park underground MRT, GPS coordinates are 13.808153, 100.555919

2. Lumpini Park - this place is suitable not only for relaxation, but also for outdoor activities, on the territory there are places for picnics, a pool, exercise machines. Lumpini Park is a real corner of nature in the heart of the metropolis, here you can see lizards walking on the lawns, floating in the pond two-meter catfish.

Opening hours: 4.30 - 21.00 daily

Entrance is free, a ride on a catamaran 40 min - 20 baht, rental of rugs - 20 baht, at 17.00 pm fitness training is organized in the park, which anyone can join.

Where is: MRT Silom and Lumphini underground metro station, GPS coordinates —13.731432, 100.541439

3. Queen Sirikit (Queen Sirikit Park). Built in honor of the anniversary of Queen Sirikit, the shape of the pond in the park repeats the initials of the ruler. On its territory there is a fountain, a botanical garden, a children's play center. And most importantly, its advantage and difference from other parks - it is almost deserted.

Opening hours: 5.00–20.00 daily

Where is: located next to Chatutak Park, MRT Chatuchak Park underground metro station, GPS coordinates - 13.807517, 100.550563

14. Night markets

If this is your first trip to Thailand, you should definitely visit the night markets at least once. An unusual action takes place in Bangkok at night, when streets that are not noticeable during the day turn into noisy and busy numerous rows with counters. Huge boilers with a boiling brew appear, the smells of spices mix in the air, rugs unfold on the sidewalks with the most diverse things - from old radios to exquisite jewelry and antiques.

In all markets of Thailand, as in all crowded places, theft is thriving, so be extremely careful and do not put your wallets in the back pocket of your trouser or backpack.

TOP 3 most famous Night Market Bangkok:

1. Patpong Night Market. In addition to shopping, you can sit in a bar and listen to live music, there are also places for fans of strawberries, go-go bars and massage parlors in Patpong.

Opening hours: 19.00 - 02.00

Where is: next to the Skytrain "Sala Daeng" metro stop, GPS coordinates - 13.728866, 100.531827

2. The night market Khlong Lod (Khlong Toei Market). This market is popular with the local population, so they cook very specific dishes that are not aimed at tourists. But there is a lot of fresh fruit at good prices. If you are not ready for the aromas of Thai dishes, I advise you to come here full.

Opening hours: 6.00 - 2.00

Where is: next to the Klong Toey station and Queen Sirikit metro stops, GPS coordinates - 13.718749,100.56027

3. Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market). An unusual market format, which was originally conceived as an auto parts market, but has grown into a flea market. It mainly sells used items, CDs, antiques, vintage clothing.

Opening hours: 5 p.m. - 1 a.m., Thursday - Sunday

Where is: next to the Lad Phrao metro stop, GPS coordinates - 13.766655, 100.568361

15. Oceanarium Siam Ocean World

If you come to Bangkok with children, then the best tour for children will be a visit to Siam Ocean World, the largest oceanarium in Thailand. But for adult visitors, it will seem impressive, especially if you are not a fan of watching fish while swimming in the sea. The oceanarium is divided into seven halls, each of which is dedicated to individual sea inhabitants, a hall with corals, an underwater reef, a rocky shore, an aquarium with jellyfish. By the way, the local inhabitants are not only fish, but also animals - otters, penguins, fur seals and turtles. The most spectacular hall is a glass tunnel, during the passage of which creates realistic sensations of a walk in the bowels of the ocean.

A ticket with a good discount can be bought online on the Siam Ocean World website in the Online Ticket section. It is better to come here on weekdays, otherwise on a day off you will have to lose a lot of time in the queue before entering. The recommended time for visiting the aquarium in Bangkok is the first half of the day, so as not to miss the show and feeding the fish.

Entrance - 900 baht (adult), 700 baht (child), includes a boat ride with a transparent bottom, 7D cartoon, a drink and popcorn.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 22.00, daily

Where is: next to the Siam metro stop, GPS coordinates - 13.746233, 100.535328

16. Skyscrapers - viewing platforms

1. Baiyoke Sky Tower Not the tallest building in the country, but at the same time the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia, therefore it is considered one of the most popular places among visitors. The Bayok Sky Tower is also famous for the fact that there is an elevator with panoramic glazing between the floors and on the top floor there is an observation platform that rotates 360 degrees. Any tourist can come to Bayok, buy a ticket for 300 baht, which also includes a cocktail at the Roof Top Bar, go up to the 84th floor to see all of Bangkok at a glance.

If you want to come to Bayok on your own, then the metro stop is Ratchaprarop. For those who are still uncertainly moving around the city, Baiyoke Sky provides guided tours that can be ordered via the Internet, which includes a shuttle service, dinner in a restaurant and visits to viewing platforms.

Opening hours: 10.30 - 22.00 daily

Where it is: GPS coordinates - 13.754200,100.540230

Despite the hype of the Bayok Sky tower, as Bangkok's attractions, hotel accommodation is affordable for any traveler.

2. Skyscraper Mahanakhon (Mahanakhon). The building takes the second place of honor in the ranking of the tallest buildings in Thailand, its height is 314 meters! It is noteworthy for its unusual appearance, as if consisting of huge pixels. There are restaurants, shops, as well as the most expensive apartments in Thailand. It is best to visit the skyscraper after sunset, the reward will be a 360-degree view through the glass balcony of the city and the river.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 00.00 daily

Ticket price for the observation deck - 965 baht per person

How to get where you are: by metro to the Silom MRT station, GPS coordinates - 13.723222, 100.528167

17. Shopping centers and shopping malls

Bangkok is not only the stuffy rooms of indoor bazaars and street stalls, but also mega shopping centers that amaze with their design. In them you can buy not only things of famous brands and the latest Porsche car model. Top rated shopping centers in Bangkok among tourists:

1. Siam Paragon. For lovers of beautiful and expensive cars, there will be something to do here, because in this shopping center on the 3rd floor there are the latest brands of luxury cars for sale: Aston Martin, Maserati, Jaguar, Rolls-Royce Phantom, MINI Cooper, Ferrari, Lamborghini.

Opening hours: 10.00 to 22.00 daily

Where is: Siam station metro station, GPS coordinates - 13.746626, 100.535220

2. Central World Plaza - a huge shopping center, which takes you a whole day to take a walk, here you can shop - all the brands familiar to you from Russia, such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, h & m, CKJeans, a bite to eat - this is devoted to two floors with food courts, to do Thai massage and ride the largest ice rink in Asia from the height of the seventh floor.

Opening hours: 10.00 to 21.00 daily

Where is: BTS Skytrain metro station, Siam station, GPS coordinates - 13.746826, 100.539125

3. Terminal 21 - Another cool place for shopping in Bangkok, the main feature is the mall with its unusual design, the designers tried to turn the interior of each of the nine floors of the shopping center into countries of the world. Here you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere reminiscent of Italy, France, England, Japan, Turkey or the United States.

Opening hours: from 10.00 - 22.00 daily

Where is: BTS ASOK ground station (exit 1), Sukhumvit underground station (exit 3), GPS coordinates - 13.737574, 100.560233

18. Zoo Dusit (Dusit Zoo)

Another place for a family holiday in Bangkok. Dusit Zoo is the oldest zoo in the city, but its inhabitants and territory are well looked after and annually visited by about two million tourists from all over the world. It is not difficult to find the zoo, it is located next to the current residence of the King of Thailand Chitralada Palace, Phaya Thai metro station.

Since the area of ​​the zoo is huge so as not to get lost, you need to get around it with the card that is issued at the entrance. For the same reason, you should come here in the morning, otherwise you risk not having time to get around all the numerous aviaries with animals. For a walk on the water in Dusit there is a catamaran rental, for a small fee you will get an unforgettable river walk, you will see the monitor lizards in their natural habitat.

Opening hours: from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily, entry - 150 baht, children up to 135 centimeters - 70 baht

Where is: the zoo is a half hour walk from Victory Monument, 3 kilometers from the tourist area of ​​Khaosan. The metro does not go here, but buses 12, 18 go to it, GPS coordinates are 13.770246, 100.516348

19. Museums in Bangkok

In order to get even more acquainted with the culture and history of Thailand, I advise you to visit the museums of Bangkok. The three most visited museums in Bangkok:

1. National Museum. This museum is considered one of the main museums in Southeast Asia, because only in it you can see a collection of Thai art and historical artifacts. Also, its convenient location near the Royal Palace, makes it one of the most visited attractions in Bangkok. The museum consists of about 15 buildings with different expositions, a visitor who will visit the national museum of Bangkok at least once, will learn a lot from the history of this state.

Opening hours: from 09.00 - 16.00, except Mondays, Tuesdays and national holidays. Entrance: 200 baht

Where it is, how to get there: in the tourist area of ​​Bangkok, next to the Royal Palace (Grand Palace), GPS coordinates —13.757404, 100.492310

2. Museum of the Royal Barges. Floating vehicles from the last century are exhibited here - these are huge barges, the control and movement of which was carried out with the help of special people - rowers. Each barge is an impressive size, some look like a full ship and are made from a single piece of teak. By the way, the barges are still in working condition and participate in festive processions along the Chaopraya River during the celebrations. Eight colorful barges are moored on the pier of the museum, which can be seen from a walk along the river and the Klong.

Opening hours: 09.00 - 17.00 daily

Input: 100 baht, photo, video - from 100 baht

Where it is, how to get there: GPS coordinates - 13.761739,100.484645. From the Khaosan Road area, catch the river tram and cross to the other side, stop at Phra Pin Klao Bridge Pier. Or walk along the Phra Pin Klao Bridge.

3. Wax Museum (Madame Tussauds Bangkok). In this museum, such famous and significant people as presidents, including Putin, the Kings of the Chakri dynasty, artists and show business stars, are represented in full growth. If you are interested in this format of entertainment, then you can visit this place, especially since it may well constitute a good alternative to Madame Tussauds in London.

Opening hours: 10.00 - 21.00. Entrance - 720 baht adult, 540 children and pensioners.

Where it is, how to get there: located on the 6th floor of the Siam Discovery shopping center, BTS Siam metro station, GPS coordinates —13.746414, 100.531682

20. Crocodile Farm (SamutPrakarn Crocodile Farm & Zoo)

You can come to a crocodile farm in Bangkok on your own, but it is better to do this with an excursion group, because it is located 10 kilometers from the city. Today, 60 thousand individuals live in the nursery, some of which are rare and endangered species. On the farm you can see not only crocodiles, but also ride elephants, visit a zoo with exotic animals.

Opening hours: 07.00-18.00.

Entrance: 300 baht, entrance fee to the dinosaur museum is 60 baht, photo with monkeys, tigers - from 100 baht.

Where is it, how to get there: by any transport going from Bangkok to Pattaya (bus, taxi) to the Samut Prakan area, GPS coordinates - 13.572066, 100.597675

Of course, one week is not enough to visit all the sights in Bangkok, but if you correctly plan your route upon arrival, and my recommendations help you with this, the impression of the capital of Thailand will remain in your memory for a long time. I wish you all a productive and enjoyable holiday!

What you can see in Bangkok excursions

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