What to see in Menton


Menton is a famous resort located on the Cote d'Azur in the French Riviera, next to Nice. The city has a population of about 30,000 people. It is known for its mild maritime climate and upscale tourist infrastructure.

Until the middle of the XIX century, Menton (Menton) belonged to Monaco, but then at the request of the inhabitants of the city it was transferred to France in exchange for the independence of Monaco. During World War II, the city was occupied by Mussolini's troops.

Today, Menton lives mainly in the tourism business, the population of the city is engaged in serving tourists. The French Riviera is an ideal place to relax, thanks to the climate, nature, attractions, service, etc.

Menton Attractions Map

Basilica of Saint Michel

This temple was erected at the beginning of the XVII century on the site of an old church. The temple was built in the then fashionable Baroque style, considered a symbol of luxury and grandeur. On the Cote d'Azur, there are many towns with real architectural masterpieces.

Menton residents raised money for the construction of this temple by the whole world. In the 80s of the last century, the temple was declared a basilica. Today it also has the status of a masterpiece of architecture of the XVII century, located in the Old Town.

Every year, thousands of tourists come to St. Michael’s Basilica to admire the exquisite beauty of its architecture and interior decoration. Here you can see old icons, paintings by famous artists, mosaics, etc.

Val Rame Botanical Garden

This is a great place to relax, loved by the townspeople and guests of Menton. Families come here often with their children to explore the beautiful collection of exotic plants collected in the tropics and subtropics of our planet.

The Botanical Garden is famous for the fact that its employees managed to save many rare and endangered species of shrubs and trees, for example, Japanese Sophora. Children like to feed bright tropical fish in the pond, admire the butterflies and listen to songbirds.

You can relax all day on the lawns of this garden, and kids can run around them. Be sure to bring a camera and camcorder with you to make a beautiful photo and video report of everything you see as a keepsake.

Lemon Festival

This wonderful holiday is held in Menton annually in the first two weeks of March to the delight of citizens and tourists. The center of the festival is the Bioves Garden. It creates tall designs, decorated with lemons and other citrus fruits.

During this holiday, at the beginning of spring, the streets of the already beautiful Menton are transformed, become especially festive, the whole city feels universal fun and the arrival of spring, as it happens on March 8.

During the festival in Menton concerts, shows, competitions for adults and children are organized. Tuples adorned with lemon fruits are passing along the city promenade. And the most interesting performance at the festival is a parade of fireworks.

Basilica of Michael the Archangel

The Basilica of Michael the Archangel is one of the many baroque buildings preserved in the Old Town of Menton. It was built in 1653, while in the XIX century several more elegant columns were added to its facade. In niches at the entrance to the church there are statues of the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of the church and other saints.

The architectural appearance of the church is complemented by its two bell towers of different heights. The taller tower reaches 53 meters, it was erected at the beginning of the XVIII century.

The interior of the basilica of Michael the Archangel is amazing - it is made of various types of marble. The temple also holds many paintings and altar images of the XVI-XVII centuries. It is worth paying attention to the church organ - it was made back in 1666 and is still used.

Address: Parvis Saint-Michel

A small defensive fort was built on a cape in the port area of ​​Menton at the beginning of the XVI century. However, this tiny fortress, nicknamed the local bastion, would not have become so popular if not the great artist of the 20th century, Jean Cocteau.

It was Cocteau who was engaged in the restoration of this architectural monument. He painted alcoves and walls of the main hall, and also decorated the exterior of the fort with a curious mosaic made of coastal pebbles.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in 1966 - only three years after Cocteau's death - a special museum was opened in the bastion dedicated to this artist. Here you can see Cocteau's various works - paintings, lithographs, ceramics and even luxurious tapestries, including the famous tapestry depicting Judith and Holofernes. The museum collection changes every year, which became even easier in 2011, as a new Jean Cocteau museum was opened a couple of meters from the bastion.

Address: 5 Quai Napoléon III

"Russian House" and the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The Russian charity society appeared in Menton back in 1880. The fact is that this resort on the Cote d'Azur was very popular with tuberculosis patients, including Russians. Many moved here to brighten up the last days of their lives. Therefore, a special society was established to take care of Russians staying in Menton.

The Russian House, the headquarters of this charity and at the same time a tuberculosis sanatorium, is located in one of the most picturesque city blocks. The four-story building is surrounded by a luxurious orchard - lemons, oranges, palm trees, as well as fragrant roses grow here.

Soon an Orthodox church was added to the house, consecrated in 1892 in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. A small but very elegant church is made in the neo-Russian style - it resembles the style of typical Russian churches of the 17th century. The walls of the church are painted white, and it itself is crowned with a blue onion dome. The iconostasis of the temple is made of expensive marble in accordance with the Byzantine style. However, some icons were painted by the great Russian artist Karl Bryullov.

Address: 14 Rue Paul Morillot

Menton Gardens

In total, there are several garden and park complexes in Menton. The most interesting are the following:

  • Garden Serra de la Madonna is a real jungle. Its author is the famous English landscape designer Lawrence Johnston. The park, located on steep terraces, is divided into thematic sections, and partially merges with the forest. Luxurious tropical palm trees, bamboo, a curious strawberry tree, funny cacti and many other unusual plants grow here.
  • Exotic botanical garden - its name speaks for itself - in this park you can see several tropical, unusual and even almost never found plants. For example, here you can see a typical flora of such distant lands as Melanesia, New Caledonia, Easter Islands. Also, there are amusing Japanese bananas, African aloe, the famous "bottle tree" and many other plants, including those typical of the Mediterranean.
  • Villa Fontana Rosa belonged to the outstanding Spanish writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, who died in Menton in 1928. He surrounded his house with a magnificent garden, decorated with fountains, rotundas and busts of Shakespeare, Cervantes and Dickens - Ibáñez's favorite writers. The walls of the park are painted white and decorated with ceramic tiles. Scented rose bushes, banana trees and several luxurious palm trees grow in the park itself.
  • Villa Le Colombier was built in 1790. It is located on the hillsides and is richly decorated with wooden panels, frescoes and Venetian glass. The villa is also surrounded by a magnificent garden, as if descended from the pages of an ancient Greek myth. Park alleys are decorated with exquisite sculptures, fountains and pseudo-antique amphorae, and various Mediterranean plants grow in the garden itself - olive trees and cypresses.

Carnol Palace

The pretty Karnol Palace is located on the site of an ancient monastery. This Baroque mansion was built in 1717 by order of Antoine I from the family of Grimaldi - one of the princes of Monaco.

The exterior of the palace resembles the famous Versailles Trianon. This small two-story building is decorated with a tiny balcony, graceful bas-reliefs and sculptures - caryatids.

Now in the Karnol Palace there is a Museum of Fine Arts, where you can see many paintings and sculptures, including the beginning of the XX century. And the palace itself is surrounded by a magnificent citrus garden, on the alleys of which some exhibits of the museum are also installed.

Address: 3 Avenue de la Madone

Jean Cocteau Museum

The Jean Cocteau Museum is housed in a luxurious, modern building by the Menton Beach. Most of the museum's collection was donated by a devoted fan of the great artist - Severin Wunderman.

The museum building itself is made in the style of minimalism. Its unusual shape resembles a mysterious plant or piece of ice. In its appearance, the facade is especially distinguished - white columns of irregular shape, separated by black glass, pass into a flat low roof.

The Jean Cocteau Museum consists of 7 halls, in which about two thousand exhibits are presented. In addition to the work of the artist himself, here you can see the work of his friends - Pablo Picasso, Amadeo Modigliani and many others. A separate exhibition is dedicated to the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. A curious exhibition is dedicated to Cocteau's experimental films, among which the “Testament of Orpheus”, which starred Jean Mare, Charles Aznavour and Francoise Sagan, stands out.

It is worth noting that the work of Jean Cocteau can be seen in the Bastion Museum located next door, housed in an old fort. The artist also skillfully painted the city hall.

Address: 2 Quai de Monleon

Russian cemetery "Old Castle"

Already in the middle of the XIX century, Menton established itself as a large medical resort, popular among patients with tuberculosis. Russians, who founded a charity in 1880, began to flock here. In the same year, the first burial places of Russian immigrants began to appear on the top of the hill.

The history of the name of this cemetery is curious. It was founded on a hilltop, where in the Middle Ages a castle towered, giving the name to the city of Menton itself. Back in the 9th century, Count Oton Ventimiglia built his fortress on this site, and this area quickly became known as “Mount Oton” - “Mont Oton”, which later turned into the modern name “Menton”.

Of course, in addition to Russian graves in the cemetery, one can also meet the graves of local or visitors from other countries. Also located here is a pretty Orthodox chapel, consecrated in 1886 in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Mourn”. The facade of this tiny church is luxuriously decorated with stucco and bas-reliefs on the frieze, and the temple itself is crowned with a gilded dome. The main altar image in the church was painted by the famous Russian artist Ivan Kramsky.

Address: Montée du Souvenir

In the vicinity of Menton there are many cozy beaches. Some of them are additionally sheltered from winds and waves from the Mediterranean Sea. Menton even has its own Hawaii - that is the name of the first beach after the Franco-Italian border. Randelli's sandy beach was located right after it, around which you can find several Japanese and Italian restaurants.

There are also several beaches within the city, including near the famous Bastion and the adjacent Jean Cocteau Museum. And the most popular beach is Le Sablett, which is connected to the Old Town by the picturesque boulevard de Garavan.


The village of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin is located just a couple of kilometers from the center of Menton. Now this settlement is divided into two parts: the Old Town of Roquebrune, spread out on top of a cliff, and the seaside resort of Cap Martin.

The old town of Roquebrune is a “stone nest” typical of the Cote d'Azur - a fortified village hiding in the rocks and surrounded by a powerful wall. Among the city's attractions, the medieval castle of the 10th century with the oldest donjon in all of France, and the magnificent church of St. Margaret of the 17th century, inside which you can see a copy of Michelangelo’s famous fresco “The Last Judgment”, are especially notable.

The seaside resort of Cap Martin has been popular for several centuries - it is known that Queen Victoria loved to relax here. This place is famous for its picturesque promenade, named after the great architect Le Corbusier, an old cemetery where the sister of Nicholas II is buried, and, of course, a long pebble beach.

By the way, at the entrance to Roquebrune it is worth paying attention to a huge sprawling olive tree. According to legend, his age exceeds four thousand years.


The town of Ventimiglia is already located in the territory of neighboring Italy, only ten kilometers from Menton. The first settlements on this site appeared in prehistoric times, and in the nearby grottoes and caves the remains of an ancient man - Cro-Magnon man - were discovered. However, the city has many more “modern” attractions:

  • The cathedral was consecrated in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and is made in the Romanesque style. It was built on the foundation of an ancient pagan temple. Inside the cathedral, the ancient baptistery of the 11th century has been preserved.
  • Another medieval church dates from about the same historical period - XI-XII century. It is consecrated in honor of the Archangel Michael and stands out with a strict Romanesque facade.
  • A couple of kilometers from Ventimiglia are the picturesque ruins of an ancient Roman theater of the II century. And on the opposite side of the city, closer to Menton, are the magnificent botanical gardens of Thomas Hanbury, famous for their unusual tropical plants.


Is Menton a City in France or Italy? If you didn’t know for sure, the answer would not be so straightforward. Menton is unique, he is a typical Frenchman, endowed with a special charm characteristic only of French fashionistas, but also not without a sparkling Italian cheerfulness. Responsibility for the uniqueness of the city lies in a chic location: only 11 km to the northeast is the exclusive Monaco, and Italy can be reached in 30 minutes by leisurely walk from the city center.

“Ma ville est un jardin” is written on the city logo. Local residents looked into the water: "my garden city" - an accurate description. The quiet city, in contrast to the noisy neighbors on the Cote d'Azur, amazes with the riot of citrus orchards and olive groves.

Menton Transport

Menton is a small city, with only 30 thousand inhabitants, and its airport has not settled down. Therefore, the plane must fly to Nice, and from there there is already a bus service. Transport runs daily from morning to evening every hour. Also well-run bus service from Cannes, Antibes, Monaco. You can get to Menton faster by train. They ply from anywhere in the Cote d'Azur. There is a railway connection with the Italian Riviera.

Taxi from Nice Cote d'Azur Airport to Menton will cost 85-90 EUR (about 45 minutes on the road). It is convenient to book a transfer on the Kiwitaxi.Ru website, where there is Russian-language support and a choice of cars of the required class and size. If you do not have time to make an order from home, go to the taxi desk at the airport. Will have to explain in French or English.

Menton Airport Transfer Order Form:

Since Menton is a small city, it is best to explore it on foot. But to save time, you can use public transport. The fare is 1.5 euros, it is possible to purchase various tickets at special points or from drivers.

The city has a car rental service and a developed parking system:

  1. The car can be parked in a spacious parking lot near the port of Menton (remember GPS coordinates: 43.775417, 7.510250),
  2. In the parking lot at Quai de Monleon (GPS: 43.775142, 7.507511),
  3. Reasonable prices for parking and in the modern, underground car park Vieille Ville - Sablettes, located on Fontana Square (GPS: 43.775422, 7.508332).

Where to stay in Menton - hotels 2019

Many travelers hesitate to book hotels in Menton for fear of luxury prices. And in vain: if we are not talking about the period of the Lemon Festival or the height of the summer season, then the cost of living here is not higher than in Nice.

Despite its small size, the city has elevation differences. Therefore, if you settle on the "mountain", daily walks will turn into a test. Where is better to stay in Menton? Or in the area of ​​the Old Town, or closer to the port.

#one. Quality Hotel Menton Méditerranée

Quality Hotel Menton Méditerranée (Menton, France)

This is our favorite hotel in Menton. If there are free places, and you are satisfied with the category of “3 stars” - book, without hesitation. It is located in the Old Town, near the promenade and the beach. Each room has a balcony and everything you need. Breakfast, of course, is “French,” but overall not bad.

# 2 Hotel de londres

Hôtel De Londres (Menton, France)

Another cool option is the Hôtel De Londres. It is located on the busy street of the Old Town, among shops, restaurants, cafes. But the beach is much more important - a two-minute walk from the hotel. There are also pleasant things: soundproofing in the rooms, high-quality air conditioning, delicious breakfasts.

# 3 Hotel Napoléon in Menton

Standard Room at Hotel Napoléon (Menton, France)

The 4-star hotel with the ambitious name Napoléon. The option is unsuitable for a one-time visit to Menton, but ideal for a beach holiday. The hotel is modern, with fresh renovation, spacious rooms and a variety of entertainment, on the first line from the sea. For reference, the Jean Cocteau Museum is 700 meters away.

#4. Hotel Vacances Bleues Royal Westminster

Where to stay in Menton: Vacances Bleues Royal Westminster

This is one of the most booked hotels in Menton, among our compatriots as well. A huge hotel complex with rooms of the same impressive size, a restaurant, bars, view terraces, a billiard room and even a library. You yourself can estimate the location by photo.

#5. Hotel Lemon in Menton

Hotel Lemon in the old Menton mansion

If this is a one-night stay, pay attention to this two-star guest house. Its main advantage is its proximity to the railway station. Convenient for those traveling along the Cote d'Azur without a car. There is also a bonus, in addition to the location and comfortable rooms, the very hospitable hosts.

The history of "la perle de la France"

Menton is known as a resort since the mid-19th century. All this time he bears the proud title of “la perle de la France” (“the pearl of France”). The region has been inhabited since the Paleolithic, as evidenced by the nearby caves of Balzi Rossi. In Roman times, crossed the territory on which the Ligurians then lived, the road of Julius Augustus from Placentia (Piacenza) to Arelates (Arles). The first settlement dates back to the 11th century. It was then that the ruler of Ventimiglia erected a castle on a hill northwest of the modern center of Menton.

In the 13th century, the “pearl" fell into the possession of the Republic of Genoa. Later (from the 14th century), as part of the Principality of Monaco, the city was the property of the Grimaldi family.

In 1861, Menton became part of France and its subsequent history is similar to the history of Nice and other cities of the French Riviera.

In the second half of the 19th century, it became a fashionable resort, especially popular among Russian and English aristocrats. An Englishman, a doctor James Henry Bennett, was involved in the growth of popularity. He drew attention to the unique climatic conditions of the area and recommended that his rich clients spend the whole autumn-winter period here.

Menton beaches - where to swim

If you look at the city from a height, then the length of the coastal strip is immediately evident. You can enjoy warm sea water and replenish vitamin D on the "eastern" or "western" beaches of the city. The separation is rather arbitrary, but the size of pebbles plays a key role: the closer to the east, the less or even it turns into sand.

There are six beaches in total: four of them are “western” and two are “eastern”. The “West” are Plage du Borrigo, Plage du Casino, Plage du Marché, Plage de Fossan:

Plage du Marché - one of the central beaches of Menton

  • The first of the listed Menton beaches is Plage du borrigo - The first and from the border with Italy. Unlike pebbles, the coastline from west to east becomes wider. And this beach with the narrowest coastline and larger pebbles is not very popular with tourists, but it is loved by locals who believe that the water is cleaner here,
  • The second beach from the list - Plage du Casino - is the twin brother of the first, taking into account several features: it is named after the Menton Casino and is ideally equipped for people with disabilities,
  • On the third beach Plage du Marché vacationers are becoming more due to the proximity of the historic Old Town. Pebbles are still large, but on the fourth beach it will turn into coarse sand,
  • This feature makes Plage de fossan "Favorite" of city guests, but Menton residents complain that the beach is poorly cleaned.

"Eastern" beaches are represented: Plage des Sablettes and Plage Rondelli. These beaches of Menton are more popular and, as a result, more crowded:

  • The first one from the list is Plage des sablettes - ideal for families with children: the water is shallow, the shore is wide, sandy and well equipped,
  • Plage rondelli attracts tourists and locals alike. There are always many people who combine business with pleasure: they sunbathe and play, for example, volleyball. This beach is ideal for youth.

All Menton beaches are free. You will have to pay only for additional “goodies”: sun loungers, umbrellas and other beach equipment.

Menton Festivals: Chamber and Lemon

The Basilica of Saint-Michel annually hosts participants and guests Chamber music festival. Every July-August, orchestral groups and famous musicians come to Menton. This event is significant for connoisseurs of classical music. For two weeks in the basilica itself, in the square in front of it and even in the Jean Cocteau Museum, the orchestral and solo performances by pianists, cellists, violinists and opera performers delight hearing.

The first concert opening the festival is traditionally organized at square l’esplanade Francis Palmero. Admission is free.

Menton's Lemon Carnival

The most famous Menton event was and remains Lemon Festival. It was first held in 1933 and has since grown so much that now it is a landmark international event attracting about 200 thousand tourists. But this is not a botanical show, and here they are not driven to harvest citrus fruits. This is a kind of tribute to Menton's calling card - lemon. The surrounding area is so suitable for climate that citrus fruits ripen all year round and have a unique taste.

Where are the lemons in Menton? Legend has it that Eva herself chose this place because of beauty and climate, and planted a lemon tree here, which took root and gave rise to a city with citrus orchards. Two weeks of the Lemon Festival take place in February and early March, only the theme changes annually.

* Find out what the next festival will be like on

What to bring from Menton: shopping and souvenirs

Like the fashionable capital of France, Menton is full of luxury brands. There is reason to buy them, if this is one of two annual sales, then designer clothes and shoes can be purchased at a discount of up to 70%.

The main raw materials for souvenirs from Menton are lemons!

Vintage clothes, dishes, books and crafts should be stocked up at the flea market in place aux herbewho turns his ranks on Fridays and Sundays. But from Menton, mainly “the fruits of the earth” are brought, that is, products from citrus fruits: honey, jams, tea from orange and lemon leaves, as well as essential oils and perfumes, because this is where the plantation of fragrant roses is located.

In addition to them, you can buy a bottle of red, pink wine or brut in the liquor store on rue Partouneaux. This is a musthave for a traveler visiting France, like a bag of lavender symbolizing Provence.

It's time to fly a little over Menton. Ready?

Menton History

On the French Riviera of France in the Provence region, the city of Menton, sometimes called Menton, is located. Since it is located on the border with Italy, the air of the city is saturated with aromas of both of these countries. In addition, the climate here is also not usual for other French cities. Therefore, back in the nineteenth century, people with tuberculosis began to come here for treatment. In the second half of the same century, among the Russian nobility, a fashion arose to relax in the resort of the Cote d'Azur.

The territory where Menton spread its open spaces began to be populated in the Paleolithic era. And during the reign of the Roman Empire, it was through this city that the road of Julius Augustus passed. Its counterpart is still held in the old city and is called Rue Longue.

During the Middle Ages, the city of Menton became the property of Count Ventimiglia. It was on his orders that a castle was built on Pepin Hill. And already in the thirteenth century the city passed into the possession of the Genoese, and a new castle was built. This time near the Roman road. Nowadays, on the site of this castle is located the Vieux-Château cemetery.

Menton was first mentioned in 1262. And in 1346, the city was bought by the Prince of Monaco Grimaldi, who ruled the city before the French Revolution. In 1814, the city again passed into the possession of Monaco, and after 34 years declared itself a "free city". March 24, 1860 he was finally annexed to France.

Tourism in Menton began to develop after the publication of James Henry Bennett's book Winter and Mineral Springs on the Mediterranean Coast. After that, the tourist boom began. Aristocrats from England and Russia began to arrive.

Climate Mentons

The climate of Menton is special compared to other cities in France. In contrast, there is a subtropical climate, which is due to the fact that the city is completely closed from the northern winds by the Alps. The weather here is mild, sunny.

January is considered the coldest. This month’s mercury thermometer is -10 degrees. At the same time, in August, the air temperature warms up to 35 degrees. Residents of the city see snow very rarely, and then only a few minutes.

Due to climatic conditions, the city of Menton is famous for its centenarians. For this reason, most Frenchmen after retirement come to live in this fertile corner.

The resort town of Menton in French means "garden city" and this is not in vain. The city has many parks, lemon gardens and a large number of other tropical plants.

And in the palace of Karnol, a whole collection of citrus fruits is growing, which in their taste and aroma are the best on the whole continent.

How to get to the city

Since Menton does not have its own airport, from Russia you can first get to Nice, Marseille or Paris. It should be noted that in winter there are very few flights from Russia in this direction. But in the summer they also add charter flights.

The most convenient flight to visit the Cote d'Azur in France is Moscow-Nice or St. Petersburg-Nice. Aeroflot planes regularly fly out of Moscow to Nice from Moscow, and Russia - from St. Petersburg.

A flight from Moscow will last no longer than four hours. The cost of a plane ticket on both sides will be equal to 80 thousand rubles. Airplane tickets from St. Petersburg cost 20 thousand rubles. But it is worth keeping in mind that ticket prices can vary depending on the season or day of the week.

  • It’s best to get from Nice to Menton by direct bus No. 110. The ticket costs 22 euros. If you buy a round-trip ticket, it will cost you only 33 euros. If you want to save on the cost of the ticket, then after 22.00 bus No. 100 leaves for the same route for only 1.5 euros. It only rides a lot longer than the express train.
  • In addition, the resort can be reached by train. From the nearest train station in Nice, a train leaves for Menton, a ticket for which costs six and a half euros. You can get from Nice Central Station to the spa town for five and a half euros, but you need to get to the station by bus, a ticket for which costs 6 euros. If you go by public transport, then it will cost you one and a half euros.
  • A taxi ride to Menton costs 85 - 120 euros. The cost depends on what time of day you will be traveling.

You can also get to Menton from Moscow by rail. A direct train to Menton leaves from Belorussky Train Station only on Thursday. You will spend about two days on the road and the cost of a ticket for travel is from 250 euros.

Of course, you can go to Menton by car. In this case, you will have to cross several borders along the way: Belarusian, Polish, German, Swiss, Italian. From St. Petersburg it will also be necessary to pass through Lithuania and Latvia.

But do not rely on the fact that a trip on your car will be cheaper. At least 300 euros will have to be spent on the journey. In addition to this, there are also paid sections of the road along the way, where you will have to spend about 50 more euros.

Menton on the map:

The most common transport in Menton is a bus, the fare in which is 1.5 euros. You can purchase tickets: three-day - 5 euros, weekly for 15 euros, monthly - 40 euros. Such tickets can be purchased from the bus driver or at specially equipped points for this.

Using a taxi in this city is too expensive. In addition, it is best to walk around Menton.

French cuisine

The cuisine of France is peculiar. Most dishes are served with sauces, of which there are a large number. What is surprising is that, from completely simple products, the French manage to cook rather complex dishes with an unusual taste and aroma.

Seafood, meat, vegetables, cheeses - these products are the main ones in French cuisine. But in addition, it is not possible to imagine it without frog legs and snails. They are the visiting card of France. Well, with all this, you can not do without wine here.

The traditional dishes of France include:

  • Croissant It is from here that this type of burger originates. The French do not imagine a day that does not start with coffee with a croissant.
  • Frog legs. Most people are skeptical about this dish. But they lose a lot. To taste, this delicacy resembles chicken and has an exquisite taste.
  • Snails in garlic sauce. This dish made by a true French chef is worthy of recognition.
  • Kok-a-vin. To cook this dish, use chicken and wine. But at the same time, only a professional chef can cook it, who knows all the details of cooking this complex recipe.
  • Foie gras. To prepare this dish, geese are fed in a special way and their liver is used.
  • Ratatouille. This dish is made from vegetables such as peppers, eggplant, zucchini.
  • Fondue. The dish is made from cream cheese or chocolate. Prepare it in a special heated dish.
  • Truffles For this dish use special mushrooms that grow in the ground.
  • Onion soup. It is prepared on a transparent meat broth with the addition of onions, cheese and served with croutons.
  • Creme brulee. The real taste of this dish can only be tasted in France.
  • Crepes This is the name of the pancake dish with cream.
  • Profiteroles. These cakes are cooked with custard.

You can try these dishes in the restaurants of Menton. But it is worth remembering that the cost of lunch in such establishments is not cheap. Second courses cost at least 14 euros, pasta costs from 10 euros. Therefore, the best option would be to buy products in stores or in the market and cook on their own.

Being in Menton is impossible to pass by such stores as:

  • Le cave Saint-Pierre. This shop sells a wide variety of wines.The only thing that most visitors to the store to a greater extent only admire the goods, which are not cheap.
  • A shop where you can buy various souvenirs. Here for 10 euros you can buy amazing things that will be an invaluable gift for friends and acquaintances.
  • Fashion boutique. But there are very high prices. For a simple blouse they ask for 79 euros, which is absolutely not worth it.
  • Augusto Ballestra. In this store you can get cheap shoes. At the same time, stylish women's shoes cost no more than 5 euros.
  • La Havane. Here you can buy the most beautiful postcards, which will be an amazing gift for family and friends.

Menton - what places to visit

If you have chosen Menton as your destination on your trip, then you should consider that it is located on the Cote d'Azur, not far from Nice. This fact leads to a high level of comfort and development of tourist infrastructure, but also dictates high prices, so you can’t call a budget vacation in this area.

If this is your first visit to Menton, be sure to pay attention to the following interesting places:

1. The old city.
Almost every European city has a historical part, preserved in the form in which it was rebuilt many years ago. Menton was no exception. In addition to admiring the ancient buildings, you can, walking along the neat streets, visit numerous shops, coffee houses and souvenir shops. If finances allow, then you can book a room in one of the local hotels.

2. The festival of lemons.
Menton is unique in that only here, unlike other European cities, lemons ripen all year round. That is why in the period from February to March a world-famous festival takes place here, where lemon juice flows like a river, and fancy sculptures are installed on the streets and squares, the main building material of which are these citrus fruits.

3. Museum of Art.
Great place for all lovers of beauty and sophistication. The place where the museum is located is also interesting, it is the palace that used to serve as the summer residence of the royal family. Around the palace is a beautiful garden with fruit trees, in the shade of which you can hide in the heat.

4. Defensive fortress or art museum?
Walking past the walls of a defensive structure located on the seashore, you won’t think that its premises became a repository of fine arts. The fact is that the local artist - Jean Cocteau - once participated in the restoration of the bastion, and then located here a collection of his paintings. So the fortress became a museum of fine art.

5. The Cathedral of Saint-Michel.
You definitely won’t walk past this building, it can be seen from almost anywhere in the city, due to its height. The building is beautiful not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The decoration of the cathedral is rich - the walls, floor and ceiling are made of precious stone, the results of the work of famous artists and sculptors serve as decoration.

What else you need to know about vacation

To visit the resort in Menton, you must apply for a Schengen visa. To do this, you need to submit the following documents to the consulate:

  • Foreign passport, the expiration date of which should expire no earlier than three months,
  • A new passport in case the old one is canceled. But at the same time, a photocopy of the canceled one must be presented to the new passport,
  • Photocopies of a Russian passport,
  • Photos measuring 3.5x4.5 cm.,
  • Completed form,
  • A document confirming the financial situation of a person,
  • Photocopies of tickets,
  • Hotel reservation confirmation
  • Medical insurance.

To travel with your children, you need the following documents:

  • Copy of birth certificate certified by a notary,
  • The child fits into the passport of the parents
  • Permissions of the parent staying at home to take the child out of the country.

The visa fee is 35 euros per person. At the same time, children also have to pay.

Vacation with children

A trip to Menton with children will bring kids a lot of fun, because there is a large number of fresh fruits and vegetables. At the same time, there are a large number of beaches where children can build sand castles and bathe in soft waters. The hotel offers discounts for tourists who come with children. But their territory employs nannies and animators.

To entertain little tourists there is the Coalendus park, where admission is free. There are rides, trampolines, citrus groves, pools, video games and a pirate island for children.

No less interesting for children will be the amusement park "Maryland", where there are a large number of attractions on the water.

The main cellular operators in France are:

The leader in the country is the operator Orange. Its coverage is the best in the country and it is used by almost all the indigenous people. To connect to this operator, you need to contact the official store, where they will help you with activation and settings. It will cost only 4 euros. In this case, 5 euros will be deposited into your account. To access the Internet, you need to ask the seller of the company store to connect the most favorable tariff.

The second company SFR worthy competitor Orange. And the cost of a SIM card is similar. The only difference between these operators is that the SFR does not have 4G speed.

Other operators are less popular, but their services are similar.


Europe has always been considered the standard of security, but at the same time minor thefts happen here. Therefore, you can not leave your things unattended. But besides this, fraud often occurs here. Therefore, in no case should you enter into dubious transactions with strangers.

Menton is a resort that attracts tourists with various interests and expectations from the trip in 2019. Young guests will not be bored here either.

Lemon Festival

Menton's unique attraction is the Lemon Festival held here annually. It takes place over two March weeks. The center of the event is the Bioves Garden, where they build tall structures that are decorated with citrus fruits.

The streets of the city take on a festive look. Concerts and colorful parades, fun contests and children's shows are arranged. The atmosphere of joy and fun reigns in the city for two weeks. There are motorcades along the promenade, decorated with lemons, flowers and oranges. An unforgettable fireworks display completes the festival.

Jacques Cocteau Museum

This museum arose thanks to the American businessman Wunderman. For many years he collected a collection of artworks by the famous French director, artist and writer Jean Coco. It has many artworks, including the famous artists Matisse, Modigliani and Picasso.

Museum of Fine Arts

In 1997, the Museum of Fine Arts was opened in the very beautiful Carnole Palace. In addition to contemporary artwork, it presents paintings by famous artists of the last several centuries. There are icons from Greece, paintings by Italian primitivists, Flemish and Dutch masters, and unique tapestries. Previously, this palace was the summer residence of the family of Prince Monaco Albert.

Monument to the victims of military conflicts

In 1928, a monument to those killed in military conflicts was erected on Victoire Square. On the pedestal is a column with a bronze sculpture of a woman with wings, symbolizing victory. The monument was created in memory of the natives of the city who died in world wars, armed conflicts in Algeria and Indochina. At the foot of the memorial plaque with the names of the dead. Above it is the inscription "The city of Menton thanks its children who died for France."

Old city

This part of Menton was founded by the Genoese in the 13th century. Later it was the property of Monaco, in the possession of which it remained until 1860, until the transition to France. Since that time, the development of tourism begins in the city. There are narrow and picturesque streets, one of which allows you to climb the mountain, where the Basilica of Saint-Michel is located - one of the main historical monuments. From this place, the magnificent landscapes of the city and the harbor open.

Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

At the end of the 19th century, Russian subjects lived in Menton, who ended up here for various reasons. To support them, a charity was founded in the city, which decided to build a church. In 1982, it was consecrated in honor of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow" and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. This is a small church 22 meters high, built in the style of Russian churches. Above it rises a dome decorated with colored tiles and columns, crowned with a cross.

Church of the Sacred Heart

The Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart was built in the Romanesque style in 1910. It is characterized by a combination of light yellow and ash gray colors characteristic of the city. There is no excessive luxury in it. There are four columns at the main entrance to the temple. It also reproduces the plot depicting Jesus Christ, who at the well is talking with a Samaritan woman. The interiors of the church are made in bright colors and create an atmosphere conducive to prayer and pacification.

Chapel of the Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary

High above Menton in the Russian cemetery "Old Castle" is an Orthodox chapel. She is often called the Sorrow Church in memory of the sister of mercy A. Teplyakova, who distinguished herself during the Russian-Turkish war.

The chapel has a rectangular shape. Its design is made by famous Russian artists. It contains a crypt with the remains of demolished Russian graves. After many years of neglect, its restoration began in 2010.